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Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 NLP model.

GPT-4, an autoregressive language model, harnesses the power of machine learning to generate text that closely mimics human expression. Despite concerns about its predecessor's potential risks, you can now leverage its capabilities to effortlessly craft your cover letter. Experience it yourself and witness how GPT-4 can swiftly generate an impressive cover letter within seconds

AI Generated Cover Letter

Great for people who don’t like to write.

While the AI Cover Letter Writer boasts remarkable capabilities, it's essential to recognize that no artificial intelligence can fully capture your unique identity in a cover letter. The essence of who you are can only be authentically conveyed by you. However, if you're unsure how to initiate the writing process, this AI tool can assist you in crafting an excellent initial draft for your cover letter. Remember to fine-tune and personalize it during the editing process

  • Generates a satisfactory cover letter effortlessly .
  • With just a simple button press generate AI Cover letter

AI Resume Writer

The AI Writer can make resumes too If you encounter challenges with your CV or resume, feel free to employ the AI Writer for assistance. Our AI Resume Writer utilizes the same advanced technology and is equally proficient. Moreover, it can assist in creating a visually cohesive resume that complements your cover letter. Still uncertain? Explore more about the capabilities of the AI Resume Writer.

  • Cover letters? Resumes? The AI Writer can do it all
  • Generate a first draft, edit it later
Explore AI-Generated Cover Letters and Examples

Wondering how an AI-generated cover letter looks?

Take a look at the examples below! Each of these cover letter samples has been created by our AI Cover Letter Writer


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AI Resume Builder

AI Resume Builder

Let artificial intelligence craft your resume. Our AI Resume Writer, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 language model, can generate your first draft within seconds.

AI Resume Builder

AI Cover Letter Builder

Struggling to find the right words for your cover letter? Try our AI Cover Letter Writer to create a strong cover letter in seconds. Let AI do the work for you.

AI Resume Builder

50+ ATS-Ready Templates

Choose from over 50 customizable, ATS-friendly resume and cover letter templates. Designed by a team of professional typographers and recruiters to suit your needs.

AI Resume Builder

AI Career Coach

Experience AI-as-the-coach, where AI takes the role of the coach, providing guidance with little to no human interaction. This coaching relationship exists between AI and the coachee.

AI Resume Builder

AI ChatGPT Features

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, utilizes natural language processing for human-like conversational dialogue. It can answer questions and generate various written content, including articles, social media posts, essays, code, and emails.

AI Resume Builder

Resume Checker

Evaluate your resume against successful ones in our database. Receive a personalized resume score and tips on how to enhance it.

AI Resume Builder

Website Builder

Transform your resume into a personal website with a single click. Choose from customizable templates and make it easy for potential employers to find you online.

AI Resume Builder

Infographic Resume

Convert your experience into easily understandable visual data with our Infographic Resume feature. Enhance your CV with charts, text, icons, and images from our infographic resume template library.

AI Resume Builder

AI Generated Interview Questions and Answers

AI can play a role in interview preparation, real-world interview experiences and human interaction remain crucial aspects of effective preparation. Always consider the context and relevance of the generated questions and answers in relation to the specific job and industry.


AI Cover letter writer FAQ

Although we've aimed to simplify the usage of this tool, it's completely normal to have questions. If you can't find the answers you're looking for here, feel free to reach out to our customer support.

The AI Cover Letter Writer by JobsCruze harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 natural language processing model. It crafts role-specific cover letters that closely resemble those composed by real individuals.

However, it comes with inherent limitations. Artificial intelligence lacks personal knowledge about you and cannot narrate your story in your unique voice.

Exercise caution when using this cover letter writer. While it can generate a satisfactory initial draft, it is crucial to recognize that it cannot fully capture your individuality. Therefore, it is advisable to edit the AI-generated cover letter to reflect your personal touch.

Discover more about the AI cover letter writer or try it yourself to generate your personalized cover letter.

Input your current job title, click the 'Use AI Writer' button, and let the AI generate a cover letter for you. If you're not satisfied with the initial result, just press the button again, and the AI will either produce a new set of sentences or entirely rewrite the cover letter.

  • The premier AI Cover Letter Writer is JobsCruze AI Cover Letter Builder, and here's why:
    • JobsCruze AI Cover Letter Builder leverages the formidable OpenAI's GPT-3 neural network, renowned as the world's most potent natural language processing model.
    • It has the capability to craft role-specific cover letters that closely emulate the style of cover letters composed by actual individuals.
    • Every cover letter generated by our AI Cover Letter Builder is distinct and tailored specifically for you.
    • Explore more about the AI cover letter writer or experience it firsthand to generate your personalized cover letter.

Regrettably, the AI Cover Letter Writer is not available for free. However, each JobsCruze premium subscription plan includes a substantial number of uses (or credits).

The reason for the non-free access is that JobsCruze incurs costs from the OpenAI corporation for each utilization of its GPT-3 model. Consequently, every instance of the AI writer consumes a credit.

Should you exhaust these credits, you have the option to either await the next billing period or reach out to our customer support for assistance.

To fully unlock the extensive capabilities of JobsCruze, you can upgrade to a Premium subscription at any time through our Paid Version Plan.

GPT-3 stands for OpenAI's autoregressive language model, utilizing deep learning to generate text that closely resembles human language. In simpler terms, it's an AI with the ability to proficiently write various types of texts, including programming code.

This model, GPT-3, represents the third generation and is highly powerful. Notably, even its predecessor, GPT-2, was deemed too risky for public release. The concern stemmed from the potential misuse by motivated internet trolls or spammers.

Despite these apprehensions, the current iteration of this language prediction model has been made available to the public. Now, you can leverage its capabilities for various tasks, including the composition of your cover letter.