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Self-Creation mode
  • Create resumes for candidates
Login Credentials
  • Admin login credentials only
Resume Building
  • Bulk resume creation for candidates

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Resume Self-Creation

Create ATS-enabled resumes in bulk for candidates, clients, and customers. Download in a number of formats

Charge a premium

Use our software to create professional resumes for your clients and charge a premium for the services provided by you.

Unlimited Resumes

Beneficial for placement cells of colleges, universities, training institutes, and resume writing companies, you can create unlimited resumes for your clients.

Togglman Thinking

Tired of manually creating resumes for each candidate?

With JobsCruze resume builder, you get a hassle-free process that enables you to create multiple resumes quickly and easily.

Self-Creation Mode

Create bulk resumes quickly with JobsCruze Resume Builders 50+ templates and autosuggestion phrases.

Auto-Creation Mode

The auto-creation process lets you create auto login ids and credentials for candidates and earn a premium from new and existing customers.

Infographic Resumes
Cover Letters
One-Click Website

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JobsCruze Resume Builders Saas Reseller Partnership guarantees 100% revenue. Use our service to create resumes in bulk for your clients, candidates, and customers and charge a premium

Login Credentials for Administrators

Your administrators have complete control over the software. They can create, download and send an unlimited number of resumes.

Customizable templates

Find several customizable templates for Resumes, Infographic Resumes, Cover Letters, and One-Click Websites to build resumes quickly.

Boost your brand’s visibility

Attach your logo to professional resumes you create with our SaaS services for your clients and enhance your brand recognition.

Generate 100% revenue as a SaaS Reseller

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