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Why Need of Hobbies and Interests on Resume

Why Need of Hobbies and Interests on Resume

Firstly we have to understand what is a hobby and what his interest in order to know the need for hobbies and interests:

Hobbies for Resume – some good examples

A hobby can be simply defined as the frequent activity which we do especially for own satisfaction, happiness, fun, pleasure and that activities are especially carried in free time by that individual.

Hobbies are the activities that you pursued regularly or frequently or hobby is something that relieves you from the tension and gives you more energy to do more and more activities or to complete your tasks.

According to human psychology if we go on doing some activity at least for twenty-one days so by doing that activity frequently one might starts loving to do that activity which can be further become his/her hobby and if one continuously get involved in doing any activity which is his/her hobby that person can extraordinary skills and knowledge in that area. [ How to work on Presentation skill ]

 Some of the parents may restrict their children’s from getting involved into activities they like because they think that these activities are wasting their children’s study time or precious time in which their children can do study, they do not see hobby as tool for development of their children but actual thing is that hobby is one of the important self-development tools which can be further converted into profession as if we develop our hobby as our profession we will spend more time on working as you like to do that thing so it serves two purposes i.e. keeping your hobbies and simultaneously profession which enables you to earn something for yourself. So it can be understood that hobby is one of the important self-development tools which always used to push us in a forward direction towards our goal in this era of cut-throat competition which causes stress to individuals. The only thing we need to do is that we need to recognize what are our hobbies and have to focus on those hobbies as they are the best self-improvement tool.

One of the questions arises is how do we find time to keep our hobbies? The answer is given in the following points:

1. Build Discipline

Hobbies are all about discipline and discipline is the thing that you need in your entire life. Maybe you are trying to build your business, maybe you are trying to get good grades in exams, maybe you are trying to be an artist for which you require discipline. Hobbies are the number one thing that you can use for becoming being disciplined. While thinking about hobbies as yourself improvement tool first challenge arises in front of you is to be disciplined and you can build on it you did not have to be a hundred percent discipline from now onwards but you can start trying to be more disciplined. Set time yourself that every day at least for five minutes I am going to practice on my hobbies, every week I am going to spend five hours on my hobbies.

2.  You need a schedule

The second most important thing while keeping your hobby is that you need a schedule. You need to put it down a schedule like this week I am going to spend five hours doing this kind of activities and you can split this by doing a schedule like I am going to give half an hour on Monday, an hour on Tuesday and likewise. So you need to do a schedule in order to make things happen in a way you have thanked. Your friend might come in town or you may find your favorite movie show on your TV so you may get attracted to it but if you have a proper schedule, you are likely to do activities as given in the schedule. [ Interview preparation tips ]

3.  Begin small

For example: If you want to be a blogger you do not have to post all day, you can post the blog once in a week. If you want to keep your hobby of photography you did not necessarily need a DSLR camera, lenses but go outside with your mobile phone and you can click good photos.

Also, you did not have to wait for the right time rather you should think that this is the right time and you have to begin from now with whatever necessary thing you have in order to keep your hobby.

4. Find something you really like :

You do not necessarily have to like all the things that are around you. Meditate and find what you really like but the thing is that the answer will not come directly which means you will think that I will do meditate now will immediately find out what I really like but you have to do that at least for a week or more than that. You cannot find your hobby if you have never done it before so in order to know what you like to do it is important to do various kinds of things.

Some of the benefits of hobbies:

5. Reduces stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems in today’s world because of our lifestyle, because of what we see on social media, because of what we see in college, because of what we see in our job. We are extremely stressed and attracting a lot of bad diseases and bad kinds of choices towards us. Having a hobby can help you to reduce that stress and it is scientifically proven. You can Google it or you can go through various researches in order to know that.

6.  Learn to be more patient 

Hobbies really teach you to be more patient because you are trying to learn a new thing and there is a learning curve to everything and just working on it gradually makes you a more patient person.

7.  Help to develop self-esteem/confidence

Your hobbies also develop your self-esteem and make you more confident. If you have various kind of hobbies so that it is obvious that you may have knowledge in various kind of fields because of which you might not fear to do public speaking or you might not feel nervous while interacting with others i.e. you can talk on any topic with anyone as you have the knowledge about various things so in result this different kind of hobbies may develop your self-esteem and makes you even more confident.

8. Reduce Boredom 

One might think that we have a lot of social media platforms so how we can anyone can feel bored but even having lots of social media platforms one might feel boredom. If browsing through Instagram is making you sad you really need a hobby that really makes you feel good and doesn’t get you bored. Hobbies are like a challenge to yourself, to your brain and hobbies makes you focus on discipline, learning and on so many things. So hobbies are the number one thing that you need for your improvement. Whatever you achieve in your life you can use your hobbies to achieve those things, you can spend time on your hobbies to make that thing happen.

Interests in Resume – some good examples

Interest can be defined as that some kind of feeling that always forces us or pushes us towards knowing or learning some things or about someone. If any individual has a strong interest in doing some things or in some subject, he/she may turn that interest into his/her hobby. All the persons are different and all the persons may have different interests but every person every interest cannot become his/her hobby. Usually, a hobby may come out as a result of the interest of one.

Interest is something that you like or want to do something in life but we don’t do interests regularly it might be exercised occasionally.

Like you want to join NGO or you want to work for poor people.

For example, a person who is interested in literature might read novels, a person who’s interested in adventure might take up an outdoor hobby such as climbing, hunting, etc.

Hobbies and interests must be:

1. Innovative

Hobbies and interests should look innovative that means the interviewer must think that yes this good thing and you are doing something new.

2. Unique

It is quite obvious that everyone is writing playing cricket, listening to music as their hobbies, watching movies but the interviewer thinks that no I don’t want that, interviewer more likely to impress by you if you have some unique hobbies.

3. Interesting

Hobbies and interests should look interesting; it must not be boring actually. If you write the hobby/interest which is written by every second student then the interviewer might not be interested or motivated to ask more questions on your hobbies/interests to you as it is a common hobby/interest.

4.  Specific 

 Specific is a very important word and specific means do not keep your hobbies generic i.e. Do not say I like to watch movies instead of that say what kind of movies, do not say I like reading say what kind of books you like to read, do not say photography but tell what kind of photography did you like, do not just say I like listen to music rather you should tell what kind of music did you like to listen, do not just say dance but tell specific type of dance you like to do so you need to go to specific and once you add specific word that gives individuality to you.

Below are some examples of Hobbies/Interests for resume are given:

  1. Listening to music
  2. Cartoon making  
  3. Making wall hanging
  4. Repairing household gadgets  
  5. Cooking
  6. Photography
  7. Traveling
  8. Bonsai
  9. Driving
  10. Reading newspaper
  11. Interior Decoration
  12. Clay modeling  
  13. Aeromodelling  
  14. Letter writing
  15. Diary writing
  16. Writing poems
  17. Making models from waste
  18. Tree plantation
  19. Sketching
  20. Paintings  
  21. Collecting cuttings
  22. Playing table, flute, guitar, mouth organ  
  23. Playing video games
  24. Jogging
  25. Reading periodicals
  26. Driftwood
  27. Stamp collection  
  28. coin collection  
  29. Teaching
  30. Singing song
  31. Internet browsing  
  32. Watching TV/movies
  33. cycling
  34. Swimming
  35. Horse riding  
  36. Bodybuilding
  37. Woodwork
  38. Keeping pets
  39. Bookbinding
  40. Teaching mobile handling to senior citizens
  41. Operating you-tube learning channel
  42. Purposeful Social networking
  43. Practicing meditation
  44. Standing comedy
  45. Inspirational talks  
  46. Reading Epic bibliography, inspirational quotes, inspirational books

Now we will come towards the question that why to put hobbies and interests on resume or CV?

Many students who are going to be interviewed have some hobbies like they like play cricket or like they like reading this is the things that they really like to do but hobbies and interests actually are domain from which we can understand you as an individual, how you will differentiate yourself from rest of the crowd that is what this domain is. [ What motivates you ]

If I want to know uniqueness in your character, why you are interesting character or personality or if I want to find out what are you, innovative person, who is curious or who likes to innovate or discover new things, are you investing your time in a particular domain which can differentiate you from others it is like that if in the class of fifty students lets say thirty students have the same name and one student has the unique name then it is more likely that teacher will individually remember the student whose name is unique and teacher will not remember the students which have the same name. Nowadays parents are going for the more unique name, they are trying to give their baby a name that is unique and which is not used by most of the parents. Exactly like the case of name as we have discussed hobbies and interests are same as the unique name i.e. if you have some hobbies/interests that differentiate you from rest of the crowd then you are likely to pull interviewer in your direction but for pulling interviewer in your direction don’t tell him wrong hobby or don’t lie to him otherwise he will catch you, you just have to find out what you really like to do and did you have more interest towards that activity.

If you have some unique kind of hobby or interesting hobby then the interviewer may get further inquisitive or he may like to further discuss your hobbies with you that is what our purpose should be i.e. seating in the driver seat of the interview

For example, If you have hobby which is more likely to be possessed for the post for which you are applying then interviewer might be more interested to talk more on that and because of the thing that you like to do that activity most and you have knowledge about that activity as you have exercised it many times before you can talk more on that and give positive impact about yourself to interviewer because of which interviewer might get more interested in you to hire you that means you are in the driving seat of the interview i.e. you are giving the things to interviewer to ask an interviewer is more likely to ask more about what things to you in which you are more confident.

While putting your hobbies in resume or CV you must have to first find out the activities that you are more interested in and have to give a more interesting name to that activity in order to make it more unique and interesting.

While we are giving importance to writing hobbies in resume we should understand one thing that all the hobbies/interests are not required by interviewer but the thing is that interviewer is only interested in that hobbies which can help candidate while actually performing duties and obligations of his job position for which interviewer is hiring or interviewer is interested in that hobbies/interests which can give some kind of relief to candidate or hobbies/interests which keeps candidate tension/stress-free so that candidate can give his hundred percent in the tasks for which he is being appointed as a result of which productivity of the candidate will improve and which will enable and help the entire organization to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Thus by going through all the points which are mentioned above we can clearly see that hobbies/interests are self-improvement or correction tool which can be strengthened or developed with the time by exercising or working more and more on that activity and this hobbies can be determined by exercising meditation which will enable you to know yourself but the thing is that this hobbies/interests cannot be identified with an instance i.e. if you have decided to recognize your hobbies/interest now then you cannot recognize your hobbies/interests instantly as it requires time to identify. Also if we used to do some things for twenty-one days or more than twenty-one days then it is a more likely situation that we started to love doing that things/activity.


Thus we can conclude that putting hobbies/interests on resume becomes a crucial part as with this you can clearly differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd for which the interviewer is looking for. Also by putting hobbies/interests on the resume, you are giving interviewer a chance to ask more questions on that for which you will be prepared as you will have more knowledge of that activity so that you can easily take driver seat of interview and you can make positive impact on interviewer by putting some innovative, interesting, unique and specific activities as your hobbies/interests. If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below!
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