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Highest Paying Jobs in India 2019-2020

Finding the right job is very challenging for everyone.

Here’s the reason, because everyone has a degree but not aware of the right position/profile as per education, even don't aware of the highest pay scale for the desired profile.

In this article, we would see jobs which are the highest paid in sectors such as government jobs, commerce, and science. Also, we'll see the highest-paid job profile with no degree in India.

Most of us people in India are interested in knowing the details about the highest paying jobs.

Why not?

We should enthusiasm because the highly paid jobs provide financial security as well as a good lifestyle and social status. The money engaged with the activity is one of the motivating factors for understudies other than work fulfillment’s let us look at the most generously compensated occupations in various fields.

Highest paying jobs in India for fresher

In this paragraph, we will discuss the highest paying jobs in India for fresher. In India securing the most generously compensated profile for fresher is quite difficult. But once you will get a job it will help you to understand what you should concentrate on. So let’s see what the highest paid jobs are for fresher in India.

  • Machine learning experts Job Profile

For this profile, the salary provided to the machine learning profession and the skills are more close to a job in this field. Nowadays, the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (IT) is giving rise to millions of job postings in machine learning.

The salary for the machine learning profession is more than 5 lakh per annum and it is increased based on your experience, technology, and skills. For this profile, you should good in machine learning programming, with good mathematics strategies.

  • Data scientists Job Profile

Data science is one of the most elevated developing divisions nowadays; therefore the people who have their qualifications relevant to it are in high demand for MNC companies.

For this profile role, we ought to be strong technical skills, statistical skills, programming skills, and calculation skills as well as knowledge regarding data mining, data computing, and a good data scientist.

If you are a fresher candidate, then the salary package is about greater then 5, and up to 7 lakh per year.

  • Merchant navy professional’s role

If you are looking job profile role in the merchant navy, then it is the highest pay salary job in India. And if you are getting more experienced in the same profile then there is no limitation to earn monthly good pay packages.

On average the salary can be the range of annual from Rs.8 lack to Rs.10 lakh per annum. Or the pay structure may differ from company to company, and state wise.

You should good at your Ocean engineering qualification and the diploma training should be grade rank.

  • Proficient Doctors Profile

If you are a fresher degree doctor, then you can expect a good earning. The pay is depending on your qualification specialization in the medical Industry. If you are specializations like cardiologists or Neurosurgeons are more in demand these days.

Fresher doctors can earn up to Rs.70, 000/- to Rs.1 lakh per month and it can increase up to 12 lakh per annum.

  • Civil service officer Profile

It is one of the most attractive fields among the crowd of youth these days. For this, we need to crack the UPSC exam, which is known as one of the toughest exams in India.

A fresher civil service officer on a good post can earn up to Rs.50000/- to >1 lakh per month. If we talk about the annual package it is around 12 Lakh per annum. There are many services included in this field like IAS, IPS, etc.

Highest paid jobs in India in the commerce field

Let’s do discuss the highest-paying jobs for the commerce field.

  • Marketing Managers Profile

If you are good at marketing an analytical mind and have excellent business strategies, then you will be a race of marketing manager proficient job role. Nowadays, marketing is in a more demanded platform which is everyone's employer is looking at their organization.

In 2020, many organizations are there who need sales marketing manager profile candidates. If we talk about the earning value for a marketing manager in India it has round average Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.12 lakhs or it depends on their profile responsibilities work.

  • Investment banker Profile Role

If you have skills in capital markets and investors planning in various services, and if you are good at assisting the organization in their acquisition activity group then you have a good earning pay scale for the profile job role.

If you are an entry-level investment banker in India then you may expect to earn average total compensation up to Rs.7 lakh to Rs.10 lakh per annum. (Including all the bonuses, with many benefits).

Hence, you need to have knowledge of financial and stock analysis, and good in quick decisions in Investor banking.

  • Corporate secretaries

In every organization, the corporate secretary usually helps to assist the employer, and providing details for their project set the expectations of companies for corporate opinion. Also, it helps to deal with personnel, finances, and administration. If you are looking profile role in a corporate secretary, you must good in your communication skills.

Payscale for CS in India is up to Rs.5 lakh to Rs.12 lakh per annum (including the bonus/profit sharing, other components).

  • Financial Advisors Professional Role

In the current scenario, it is a more demanding job profile in India a financial advisor, who helps the client for compensation. If you are good with taxation planning, Investment management work, and more advisors for the MNC organization business, then you have more opportunities in your career. 

For example, the highest job profile role is here - Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst, and Financial Manager, etc. On average the pay scale for financial advisor Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh in a month.

Highest paying government jobs in India

Let's move ahead in this article, will see the highest-paid government jobs in India.

  • IPS (Indian Police Service) Profile

It is the most honorable government job in India. They help central as well as the state government in their responsibilities work. IPS officers help to keep the public peace. To become an IPS officer we need to crack the UPSC exam.

They earn up to newly starting packages Rs.7 lakh to up to Rs.12 lakh per annum (and there are more TA, DA, and HRA components also)

  • IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Profile

In India government job is the most renowned job and it is not easier to get it. IAS officers involved in various administrative, and matters of the government. In other words, we can say that IAS is a branch of the Indian Civil Service. IAS officers get benefits like accommodation in government and rest houses, telephonic services, etc.

They earn package starting Rs.7 lakh to up to Rs.12 lakh per annum.

  • PSU (Public Sector Undertaking)

In the Indian government, this job has an amazing salary structure as a good work environment, security due to this reason most people get attracted to this job profile role.

PSU people who are earning up to 12 to 20 lakh per annum or the package may differ according to the profile job role.

  • Navy, Army, and Air force (Defense Services)

In the Indian government, the jobs in defense services not only provide a good salary but the government also gives various benefits to them.  The average salary they earn (commandants) is 15-25 lakh per Annum.

Additionally, the government provides healthcare facilities with hospitalization and other plans.

Highest paid jobs in India in the science field

Here are some examples of the highest paid jobs in the science field in India.

  • Biotechnologists Profile Job

Let’s see what biotechnologists do and how much they earn. The job of a biotechnologist is based on the laboratory. A biotechnologist does a study on pharmaceuticals genetic, attributes on chemicals, and the process of physical products human life.

For this, we need to get a degree in the biochemical field. They earn an average package starting Rs.12 lakh to up to Rs.24 lakh per annum.

  • Physicists Profile

In general, if we talk then physics is one of the most popular fields of science. At least you should become a physicist we need to get a post-graduation degree. You should good at practical physics along with various maths equations. Hence physicists have a good pay scale. The average salary package for physicists is starting Rs.7 lakh to up to Rs.12 lakh per annum.

  • Biologists Profile

Above we have discussed the role of physicist in this we will discuss what exactly biologists do. Like physics, biology is another popular field in science. Molecular biology, marine biology, and immunology are gaining huge popularity these days. We need to have a strong educational background in any biology-related field to become a biologist.

The average salary package for biologists is starting Rs.4 lakh to up to Rs.10 lakh per annum.

  • Chemical engineers Job Profile

Here, we will discuss why this job is the highest-paid and the roles of chemical engineers. Chemical engineering is a good career nowadays, and if you more interested in maths, and you good at calculations. It would help you in expert chemistry work. You people have to try to enter into this profession with the help chemistry field.

Here, you people can take pay scale an average from Rs.5 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh per annum.

Highest paying jobs in India without a degree

Let's move to the last paragraph of this article, here we will discuss the highest paying jobs in India for people who do not possess any degree. It is very important to have an education. But it is not always necessary to have a degree. People without any degree can earn money.

Also, we would discuss the highest salary jobs in India per month without any degree.

  • Real estate agents Profile Role

Year in 2020, the real estate division is one of the most comprehensive areas. The profession in real estate is gaining more popularity these days. In general, if we talk then a real estate agents act as a mediator between client and buyer. To become a real estate agent it does not require any degree.

The average salary for real estate agents is up to R.3 lakh per annum. Additional an agent here gets benefits of commission on their target.

  • Sales Representative Profile

Let’s see what the sales representatives do. In general, selling anything is a unique skill for every human life. Only here we just need to have good communication skills, convincing power skills, and active listening.  If you want to earn a good amount of money then here you do not require any degree.

The average salary for real estate agents is up to R.2 lakh per annum. Additionally, you people can earn more attractive Incentives for your sales product target.

  • Modeling Profile

If you people have a good physique can choose, the modeling profession. Nowadays every people want to have good looks and some acting skills.

However, if you choose your career in modeling a job profile, then there is no need to require any degree. But here you should more aggressive hobbies for this profession. The average salary for a modeling job profile is the start of Rs.7000/- to 10,000/- per show.

Fitness Trainer Profile

Let’s have a discussion about the personal trainer profession. Nowadays people are concerned about their fitness and health so the experts in fitness, as well as personal trainers, are gaining more popularity these days. For this, we don’t need to have any degree we just need to have appropriate training in this field.

The average salary for this profession is starting from Rs.15000/- to Rs.20000/- per month.

Here the earning package may change based on experience.


In this article, we have discussed the highest paid jobs in different fields such as government, commerce, and science. We also discussed the jobs which do not require any degree. The jobs we have discussed are both governments as well as private.

In the year 2020, you people will find the more difference if you will do the comparison between the highest paying jobs in India 2019 and the highest paying jobs in India 2018.

We have also mentioned professional courses which we need to learn to get these jobs. So we can use these details to know about the highest paid jobs and what we need to do to get the job.



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