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What is Your Management Style How to Answer

We all know that our resume is the first step to achieve our dream job. And after the resume screening, the interview process is the main thing. Or Have you any idea about, what is management? What management style is? If you don't know, there's nothing to worry about, because here we'll talk about it - how to answer questions about management style.

Generally, the types of management styles are categorized into various types.  If some ask you what the four basic management styles are, you can answer like a creative thinker; independent, transformational, training is the basic management work styles,

In this article, we are going to talk about, one of the interview questions which are frequently asked in every interview. And why an interviewer is eager to know the answer to this question from you.

Why the interviewer asks - What is your management style?

Have you ever thought about it?

So let us tell you that it is really necessary before answering any interview question, we should know the reason behind asking this type of question. And there can be a lot of general interview questions that you can be faced during the job seeking. One of them is what’s your management style, or the interviewer may ask what management style do you prefer questions.

  • Generally, as we all know, the working style of each organization is different, and not every management style works in every organization. Therefore, the employer would like to know from you how you can be best for them.
  • With the help of this answer, the employer tries to find out whether you would be a right and good candidate for their organization or not.
  • Commonly it is a behavioral question whose aim is to try to figure out how you would act in an assured circumstance, and how would you handles the situation.
  • In general, they want to know, what type of management skills will you use to maintain management, and how do you try to achieve your situational skills.

How to answer - What management style do you prefer?

While answering any question, it is really important how to answer that question. So now we are going to discuss How to answer. However, to answer the question that you need to encourage the employer with the help of your communication, you need to show your honesty.

You should always take care of it! As there are lots of best management styles. Always you will have to expose your capability to be aware of prospective issues that may possibly take place while you are a manager and you as well require indicating how you would go resolve them. And more you may describe your management style in three words, for you who will be effective for you.

So let’s go ahead and discuss how to answer the question. Below are some suggestions to answer the question, you should take care of during the interview.

  • Whenever you would answer this type of question, always demonstrate your capability to work together with others and tell how you are valuable in the workplace between team members.
  • Explain how you are adaptable and responsive at work style. And you can give an example of a situation and explain to the employer that you understand the difference of circumstances very well.
  • Highlight and tell how you are in team build-up skills, and try to explore the characteristics, which would help to give a better understanding of your job profile.
  • Try to always give examples of your real-life: that will help you able to tell your answer very clearly.
  • Show your honest conversation at the time of your interview.
  • Before going for an interview, you need to find out the organization's needs, and accordingly, you should prepare the answer to it.
  • Always, take your own time then start an answer on it. It would increase your confidence during the interview.

Sample answers to these questions

Finally, in this section, I am going to tell some examples of what are management style answers. Here are sample answers for this question which would give you a better understanding. So, let’s go through it:

You May Answer - I think the work style for every management is different. And I always keep compassionate thinking towards my work as well as I try to think personally about each colleague. With my work goal, I also take them forward.

You May Answer - According to my, management style is the best way to bring revolution work in every organization. So I am always happy to help everyone because they need to take responsibility. And honesty and skill are very important for this work. So according to me, this is the best way of management style. This is the best way to answer.

You May Answer - I know that this type of job is suitable for my profile because I have managed things in my previous organization in a good way, and provided a lot of work support to my team members during the work. Also, I would give my level best to show my additional work management style.

You May Answer - here I will not be able to give you more confidence with my words, but my management style depends on the situation team members. And always I give them courage and courage for my work and I like to convince my employees.


At the end of this article, we will try to understand that management working style is the way to handle or manage many things or people. And through which managers go about accomplishing goals and keeping tasks in order.

In the above, we have seen some suggestions that would help you to prepare for such a question-answer and grab the attention of the employer during the interview.  You people may take reference from the internet and take preparation with the help of what is your management style quiz and refer the management styles in pdf.


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