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Good Reason for Leaving the Job

Leaving a job is not so easy as u have to keep answers to their questions ready. Before joining any company
you just don’t go blindly, you go with preparations the same as that while leaving any job you must be prepared with reasons for leaving the company. Some have certain rules and regulations before you leave that company. Before joining this company I had a reason behind so as to learn something that this company is good at and reach a certain limit where I will be satisfied with myself and now that I have learned and reached that level that I thought of I have completed my goal and so I would like to shift from my current position to some other position where I get to learn something new. There can be many reasons why one is looking for a job change and should explain to your employer as well as why you’re looking for a new opportunity. Since professionals grow in their careers through the workplace, so there is a natural flow from one job to the next as people are looking out for new learning opportunities, career development, new environments, and other factors are also involved. Let’s look at a few

Examples of good reasons for leaving the job that you might be looking for:

  • That you are being given a lot of work and have to complete it within a very less period of time.
  • Getting very less salary according to your post.
  • Got a job outside of the same post with a good salary package.
  • Nothing as new that you are getting to learn in that company
  • The company is going in losses in still they want you to work as their employee.
  • I want to try my career in some other field.
  • The company itself is not clear about what it expects from the employee.
  • Not anymore interested to work with a company that is constantly going in losses.
  • Looking for an abroad company.
  • The reason for leaving this job is that I want to take some break for my own self.
  • Poor company culture.
  • A lot of workloads.
  • Unhelpful feedback.
  • No guidance.

How to Prepare & explain your reason for leaving the job

Before leaving the job preparation is a must so as to ensure that while leaving the job you have a rough idea of what all you might have to face through. While you are explaining your reason for leaving your current job you have to be very clear and should not talk about any negative point about that particular company. Though it’s very important to fully answer all your interviewer’s questions in explaining why you want to leave your job and ensure to keep your response to around one or two sentences so that the employer can understand the essence of your points. Then, point the conversation back to explain your answer. Preparation might include:

  • Looking for new opportunities which I am not getting in your company.
  • Wanting to shift from this line to some other line for my better growth.
  • Willing to learn something unique and way beyond my imagination something creative.
  • Accepting a rise in my salary.
  • I am uncomfortable with my job timings.
  • No pickup and drop services provided.
  • Whatever you do it is never enough for the company. It always wants more and more and yet you are being told that you do nothing.
  • The alternative reason can be that the company itself might have been going in losses and is hiding it from you and you get to no and so you want to leave that job before they remove you.
  • I didn't have room to grow with my previous employer.
  • Not good staff.
  • Health issue.
  • My hours were reduced and I want a full-time job.
  • I have plans to travel to different cities.

Tips for answering - why do you want to leave your current job

First and for most be clear with what you want and why you want to leave your current job. Now that you have finally decided the best reason for leaving the job should contain exactly why do you want to leave your current job. Do not get scared while speaking and also do not lie too much. One of the most common which the employer ask is, why do you want to leave your current job. Most hiring managers in the corporate Mnc want to know why you’re leaving so they can learn more about what’s important to you in a job and how are you going to handle undesirable situations. Though I’ve learned a lot at my company, from my research about this opportunity, I can see that the position I am currently at does not fit for where I want to take my career specifically, since I am looking for a particular more exposure in the desired field which I am unable to relate at my current products for your users. The job was a good fit for who I was when I initially accepted it, but as I have worked there, I have realized that where I want to go and where the company is going don’t align. Few tips can be:

  • Got a permanent job.
  • Getting hectic day by day with your workload.
  • I am leaving because I am looking for a better opportunity.
  • I am leaving because I  am wanting to learn something new.
  • Leaving this job because I have found a better-qualified job.
  • Shifting your location place is the reason for leaving this job.
  • My Family issues have arrived on this job that is the reason for my resignation.
  • Transferred to some faraway location.
  • I think I have reached my limit of learning in this company and I am ready for a fresh challenge.
  • Found that the Human Resource executive was not good at communication and would not solve any difficulties due to which I was getting scolded.
  • You were not given so much importance to the company.
  • Your point of view was not so important.
  • I have to build a great relationship with my co-workers and also learned professional skills but that’s not where I want to stop. I want to go further in another company and learn far more different from this current company for my better skills
  • I want to work in an industry I’m more passionate about.
  • Would like to work for a bigger company.
  • I want to leave this job because of my health issues.
  • The nature of work is not what was promised to you.
  • Salary not being paid on time and always delayed.
  • Your supervisor does not support you.
  • There is shady stuff going on which is illegal or can be unethical.
  • Not anymore willing to see me ahead as a part of this company.
  • The job is making you sick
  • I feel  I have more to contribute elsewhere.

How to find good reasons for leaving a job?

The reason for a job change arises when you are not happy working in that company. You are not anymore willing to work ahead. Willingness and your will to do is a very must in any company that you work with. If that is only not there then there is no point in just working for the company's sake. While working for the company if you are the only person who is giving and giving to the company and in return getting nothing from the company side then there arises a question of leaving that company. It is always a give and takes process. Another reason can be that hard work is done by you and the company is taking away the credit every time.

Every job comes with a responsibility as no one has the freedom to take leave in his job as per the desired will. This gives us frustration and steals away our peace of mind. We sometimes need a sudden break in life from our work. Even after giving my 100 percent I am not getting satisfaction. Would like to give some time for my family and be there for them.

  • You very often have to travel.
  • Want a change in career direction.
  • No traveling expenses provided.
  • Want to study further.
  • Company if bankrupted.
  • Favoritism to selected employees.
  • I was hired for a certain role, but over time the role has changed and I am no longer being given the opportunity to do the work I have interested actually while I joined for the job
  • No seriousness being considered while taking any decision.
  • Salary being delayed every month.
  • I have to work on the night shift.
  • I want a change in career and also want to get some learning experience from some other field.
  • While I’ve gained and learned  important skills in my experience with this current  role, like communication and time management, I want to focus more on my leadership and team management skills in some other field too
  • After several years in my last position, I am looking for a job and culture where I can contribute more and grow in a team-oriented environment.
  • For a family issue, I had to leave that job.
  • The company started a new business side by side for which they wanted me to be a part of that which I was not comfortable working with that post.
  • Would like to grasp some new opportunities and in a team and would like to assist them.

Sample reasons for leaving the job

Leaving any job is not that easy. I have re-evaluated my career goals and I am determined to find a position that better fits with my long term objectives and where I can contribute to the best of my ability. Try keeping it positive and stick to the fact. I am looking for a position that is closer to my home and that provides the opportunity to fully utilize my skills. Looking for better career prospects and professional growth in work opportunities. Reasons are many if you go to see and in that process students and people tend to do something wrong. So be truthful and try to be as much honest as u can.

  • I personally don’t like working under pressure or under someone who constantly is bombarding me to tell my work.
  • I feel that timings are not working for me as I have to reach there on time if in case you get stuck in some problem and reach office late your given a late mark and in a month three late marks are an indication of deduction of your payment at the time of salary.
  • Apart from job timings given you have to also sometimes have to work overtime and for that, I am not being paid with which I am a concern.
  • I would be more interested in working as a team member other than my current position in your company profile.
  • Before joining I was told that I would be given a salary hike after a few months of my working days in the company but didn’t receive yet.
  • No, leave given for an occasion other than government holidays.
  • Every work should be repeatedly told twice or thrice then and then only it would get completed.
  • A lot of pressure given for my position.
  • I would not be able to put forth my opinions, my view if I work in a team as a member.
  • I would come out more if I get to work in a team and this will not happen if I work here as I am currently working as an individual.
  • I want to give an opportunity to work in big companies where I will get challenges.
  • The company is struggling.
  • I don’t feel the job was using my abilities to its fullest for challenging me enough.
  • I did not have the right skill set to succeed in that kind of role, so now I am considering opportunities that would play better to my strengths.
  • Your work conditions are not what you were promised.
  • Boss does not allow to work flexibly.
  • Management lacks people skills.
  • Would like to explore me with some new skills.
  • Bad environment and lack of corporate culture.
  • Would like to open my own company.
  • Would like to take a break from working.
  • There is not enough work at the firm.
  • Lack of coordination amongst everybody.
  • Your work goes against your beliefs.
  • You were burnt out in your previous position.
  • No meetings held so as to know where are we lacking.
  • Lack of proper training.
  • Lack of promotional opportunities.
  • Some of the reasons for leaving a company can be that the employee might not be satisfied with his job or might be not willing to continue further. 

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