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How to restart your career at the the age of 35

How to Restart Your Career at the Age of 35

With life expectancy growing, and the retirement ages being increased... it's time for owners and the like to reconsider the 50-55+ age bracket as being 'too old'! I believe most senior management in their respective domain is at the peak of their career in this age bracket and the wealth of experience which they have can only enhance any property if they have any. There are very few countries that will also accept seasoned GM's over 55, as their policy prevents employers from hiring. It's time for many to rethink and reconsider!!! 

As many organizations continue to struggle with leadership at many levels, so-called leaders do lack the Courage to do what is right. They stick to the status quo and refuse to change.  Since most of the competitive organizations avoid hiring seasoned professionals because of age, salary requirements or benefit compensation simply shows a lack of character. The good news is that as I prefer to believe is that leadership is changing. Slow as it may be.

While it is in my opinion, important for leadership to allow today's' youth an opportunity and seat at the table, there is also a need to exhibit innovation in the recruitment process. Organizations that want to prosper must exhibit courage, leaders should hire like-minded individuals ready to jump in and take the organization to new heights. These are the experienced, managers who have been there and experienced all aspects of the industry. While it's important to train people to think like the CEO's, why not hire those comfortable with a P&L or balance sheet. Growth might happen sooner and profitability accelerated.

Organizations can grow quicker by taking advantage of weaker competition when they have experience working for them. Unfortunately, I see a slow recovery in good-paying positions, as leaders struggle to identify what the future holds. I 'm bullish on the future and planning for the business of tomorrow, hopefully, more leaders will accept change.

Dye the Grey, get updated with the technology and out-produce the youngish. I was told by a dear friend that I need to be the 40-something in the employer's eyes.

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For some employers, even 40 plus is too old, let alone 50+. By employers, I mean their HR and sometimes the management and HR don't even see it eye to eye with regard to employee age.

That is why I've been a "consultant" for the last few years. And even then it's tough to convince some clients older than me and in my own age group to hire me, even though I have great connections and experience that could help them avoid the obvious mistakes and pitfalls I know they will probably make with a young inexperienced kid.

Young and inexperienced employees are cheaper and more manageable. Employers also think they can treat them as they wish, often disrespectfully. With older employees, they have to be more careful and it's harder for them as they can't boss them around. If they respected each of their employees, age would no longer be such an issue. 

HR departments also believe that people of the age group 50+ can't use more advanced and sophisticated applications, and also they are not fit enough to work long hours. 

You might be at least considered for highly specialized managerial positions, though.

Most of what employers think about older employees is untrue by the statistical facts. 

They only seek something for the next 10 to 15 years, but how long will the young in commit as they seek advancement and increased experienced?

If turned 40 you stop being eligible for a new job. I've soon noticed that I don't stand a chance with the big HR departments of big companies, so I started looking elsewhere. 

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HR departments don't see it this way. And if you are 50+ and a woman, you are doomed. Very discriminatory! 

There is a lot to given reasons as to why seasoned hoteliers (male or female) are discriminated against. But what I see and experience is the ego factor that 45-year-olds in senior roles are uncomfortable with experienced hoteliers with the young and competency level that is beyond theirs. 

It takes a boss with self-confidence and the understanding to overcome the management weaknesses that are currently in play today. Most of the decision processes are influenced by HR Directors who have learned their skills by working the regulations but have no understanding of management skills except what they have learned in theory!

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