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Salary Negotiation via Email All You Need to Know

Salary Negotiation via Email - All You Need to Know

If you see, salary negotiation you could also do with other ways of communication as well. Then why is the email way is important and if it is suitable then what mandate things you should keep in your mind while sending an email or Salary negotiation via email and how to negotiate the salary on email. It is a better way of communication, where you have enough time to prepare your email draft on very well. You have much time to think and write in email, also you have a chance to get into the situation while having a talk but you could not think of the things you want to discuss while having a phone conversation. Asking salary discussion over the phone may be awkward for some people but emails give the ability and time to think and compose the thoughts you want to express. So let’s discuss how to do salary negotiation via email.

 When to do a salary negotiation via email?

 Let’s discuss when you can do a salary negotiation. You can negotiate the salary after the impressed the potential recruiter before joining the office.  First, you all should aware of the thing that most of the send job offers via email so that you can consider the best time to discuss the terms and conditions of their salary package.

 While negotiating the salary or writing emails for that you should use polite, positive, and impressive vocabulary over the email. If you have good qualifications, certification, and excellent communication and you deserve that then you need to mention it in the email why you are doing negotiation in salary. Additionally, you should try to convince the employer over the email by highlighting the skills, qualities, and experience you have which will help them to grow.

 How to take follow up on your salary negotiation email?

 If you are taking a follow up on your interview then would be a positive method.  Many times this happens that when you make calls or messages to employers but they might not receive a call or give the answer to your message due to busy in their work but employers are always active on email because it is the most professional way to connect with. So you can follow up on your salary negotiation via email.

 Here you can write an email requesting a salary review- first, and need to understand the purpose of writing this email and think about to whom you could write this email or who will be the right person to address. You should keep the email on point. Need to write clear and powerful, attention word in the subject line with a simple introduction which will explain the purpose of the email.

 Follow up on your salary negotiation- you must understand that writing an email for follow-up on salary negotiation is the best opportunity to highlight our experience and qualities you have but for that, you should know your worth and value. So salary negotiation via email can be beneficial for the candidates because they can get a chance to think before saying anything to the employer. So make sure to keep it professional.

 What are the etiquettes for salary negotiation email?

 When we get the job offer we should compare it with other options and the most important thing is that we should negotiate. Here are some examples of etiquette we must consider while doing salary negotiation via email.

 Firstly, you must thank the employer for the job offer - the employer need to know whether you are genuinely excited and thankful to take this offer.  You should write an email in such a manner which will express that you are excited about working together at the company and you are also looking forward to work in a company to find a salary package which will be best suitable for both the employer and you.

Secondly, you need to state your salary offer - after thanking the employer for his offer you should start our oppose offer. It is not necessary that you get as much salary as you can in salary negotiation or they will be offered to you by them asked package. So while writing this part of email use a tone that is respectful, polite and professional.

 Best templates for salary negotiation email

 Here we have tried to mention some sample templates which you can use while writing email for salary negotiation,

Sample email requesting salary review,

 Subject Line - Request for the salary discussion

 Dear Sir/Ma’am or (Recruiter Name)

 Thank you for offering me the role of HR manager at your company. With my experience, I am sure I can contribute a great deal to the company or the team.

 As you know, I have strong experience in this field for my previous five years. While I am very grateful for the initial salary you have offered me, but I would like to discuss the amount that may give justice to my skill set and experience.

 So would request you, let me know if you are open to the Idea I have shared and look forward to meeting/connecting.


You’re Name,

Contact Details, 

Sample - If you are you existing employee of the company and want to discuss a higher salary here we have mentioned the sample email that you may refer it,

 Subject Line - Discussion regarding salary

 Dear Sir/Ma’am or (Recruiter Name)

 I am enjoying my role as a business development executive at your company. Over the previous years, also we have gained so much experience in this field.

 Now my role has been adapted basis on my performance work that I have done, here writing this email to request with you to discussion on my current compensation. I am looking forward to bringing extra improvements in our future projects assigned me and value my position in the team.

 I would like to meet you to discuss a salary increase. Please let me know when you might be available for the same. I appreciate your consideration.


You’re Name,

Contact Details, 


Tips for writing salary negotiation email

  • After receiving the job offer email we must thank the employer first and need to read entire email content carefully.
  • While doing salary negotiation you should make sure you will express yourself in a polite, professional and respectful manner over the email.
  • You need to do research before negotiating a salary with the employer. You should know different companies offer what amount of packages to the candidate for the role we have got selected for.
  • You should be able to write a quick, simple message after receiving a job offer email.
  • You should ensure via email that you are very demonstrating and thoughtful, and you have done your basic research, and you are aware of the number of salary packages other institutions provide for this role.
  • Always try to state the reason why you deserve a higher salary, and why you deserve with the basis of your skills, qualification, and work experience basis.


We have discussed how to do a salary negotiation via email. We have discussed some salary negotiation sample emails to get a better understanding. You should know the salary negotiation always forces the recruiter to spend their time and effort into a suitable candidate and it will help to increase the chances of getting high salary packages. So you should know how we can do a salary negotiation in an effective manner. In this article, we have discussed examples of best templates for salary negotiation email, etiquette for salary negotiation emails. Because sending the right type of email will help you to secure a higher starting salary package, so you should write these emails in an effective manner. This article will help you to get a better understanding of writing emails for salary negotiation.


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