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Six reason for an unsuccessful career in professional life

Six Reason for an Unsuccessful Career in Professional Life

Not every job can be the one…

Unfortunately, probably that doesn’t stop you from overthinking every single interview. Whether you’re wondering what you did wrong, or you’re just looking for some closure – finding a way to deal with the rejection can often be the best way to move forward.

We’ve already covered five things that you should never do if you don’t get the job – but to stop you from beating yourself up, here are six reasons you didn’t get the job: There was any chemistry Let’s face it; you can’t get along with everyone.

And although you and the employer might seem like a perfect match on the paper, you might not click as well in reality. Maybe the foundations are there, but there’s just no spark. Whether it’s that your work ethic that is too different, you’re looking for a company culture that they can’t offer, or you just couldn’t nail a smooth back and forth conversation – there are many reasons why an employer questions your suitability at an interview.

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After all, your CV doesn’t tell them everything. 

But don’t take this kind of rejection personally. If the employer doesn’t think that you’ll fit in with the company, they might be doing you a favor by not giving you the job. Eight signs an employer is not the one they didn’t believe you. So you are just giving an interview – and you thought it went well. You have all the relevant skills and experiences, and you felt like you really hit it off with your interviewer. So why didn’t you get the job?

Chances are, they may not have believed in everything you said. Even if you’re fully qualified, having essential requirements is only half the battle. To convince the interviewer, that you actually have to prove how capable you are –as well as take pride in what you do.

The perfect candidate will be aware of what they're worth of, able to provide examples for their skills and show a high level of confidence in their abilities. Someone with self-doubt (and the tendency to sell out for any job) will only signal a big red flag for recruiters.

Remember: confidence is far more impressive than desperation.

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