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Top 10 IT Skills in Demand For 2020

Top 10 IT Skills in Demand For 2020

The IT area is a fast-moving area, and it also called information technology in simple words, and nowadays there are many technologies, innovation features are coming with the help of it. Due to the help of IT, our life has become quite simple and well. In everywhere, its skills matter a lot, and also one in the IT sector has an importance of its skills.

Nowadays, skills are only demanded these days, and IT has lots of directions. Also, you all are aware of the thing that technology is changing day by day and according to that, we all should have to mold ourselves into these technical skills. So it is necessary for software engineers to stay updated with these upcoming technologies. So let’s have a talk on some top skills which are in demand in the year 2020.

Top 10 IT skills in demand for 2019

Let do start by discussing what IT skills that were in demand in the year 2019.

  • Information/Knowledge about Machines - Machine learning is one of the most important and it is also innovative fields that have a lot of demand in the future. It is the most powerful skill according to various IT, and the companies which looking. You should aware of the thing that the demand is increasing day by day from this field and you should take up these skills. Most of the companies insist that machine learning, as well as artificial intelligence, is among the top initiatives in 2019. So you can use your skills of machine learning in the job or role that will be good for your interests.
  • Knowledge towards mobile phones/updates – Here, first of all, you should know how many users in the world which phone uses and if we check then there are billions of Smartphone users in the world. That’s why the company has enough demand for its mobile development skills to good build applications for smarter phones and customer needs. If you have mobile development skills you can develop your own application and you could sell it to others and you can upload with play store on the basis of approval. This can be also helpful for user/customer requirements. Therefore you ought to good at mobile development skills. 
  • Good in data visualization/Representative - Let’s see what data visualization is and why it is important. Data visualization helps people understand the significance of data by presenting it in a visual context. so, you should need to good data represented, and need to use various types of tools, charts, and graphs which will help people to easily understand the data. In this, you just need to collect the data by analysts and make it into a very simple form where anyone can understand. So you can adopt data visualization skills.
  • You should have knowledge of network and cybersecurity – It is most important of cybersecurity nowadays. As IT moving nowadays then hence security is also going to a demanded. It is very critical for companies to secure data because it can cause huge losses to the company. Hence cybersecurity is one of the most needed jobs and important technical skills in demand in 2019. Companies need people who have good knowledge of network and data security. Hence this is an opportunity for you to fill this gap, so you should good at this skill.
  • Must be aware of cloud computing - You should adopt this skill. cloud computing jobs fast huge importance because most of the companies are switching from their existing servers to cloud computing-based only. It includes featuring content delivery, database storage networking. As this skill has huge demand in the market it is the most profitable skill and you should learn this.
  • Must have knowledge regarding blockchain – If you have these skills then you have the chance to prove yourself and deserving of a career in it because most of the companies these days seeking people who understand blockchain. It is a skill like a database design, networking and good in programming languages like C++, Java, Python,  javascript you should know.
  • You should aware of data analytics – Most of the companies these days are using advanced features analytics to increase their decision making and to bring greater truthfulness data. Therefore you ought data analytics skills.
  • Need to aware of artificial intelligence – In short, it is related to machine learning but the key is different here, In basic concept and it includes designing machines that act like intelligent like humans.
  • Knowledge regarding quantum computing - why it is an important skill in the IT sector. We would like to tell in roles in quantum computing include experimental scientists, software engineers, and programmers. To ought this skill requires knowledge of complex numbers and linear mathematical. It is very profitable technical skills which will help you to set your career goal.
  • Must be aware of IoT - Here we will discuss what IoT is and how it is a useful skill. IoT means the Internet of Things. The term IoT involves everything related to the internet, but it focuses more on the objects that “talk” to each other. So, here you should try to learn this technology and keep your skills update to date to get the opportunity in IoT.

 Top 10 technical skills in 2020

 In this, we will discuss the top 10 technical skills in demand in 2020

  • You should strong in adopt industrial design skills - You must be able to design various industrial products for a large number of audiences. Each and every product we use every day are designed by these industrial designers. They mainly focus on improving the lifestyle of people by designing these products effectively.
  • You ought natural language processing – In short we would tell you it’s kind of process which involves communication between the computer system and human-readable languages. Here you should familiar with computer language and programming of it as well, so it is an important skill you should adopt.
  • We should adopt business analysis skills - For this platform a huge demand for people who have business analysis skills so you should show this skill because there is a rise in demand for business analysts.
  • Software testing is an important skill you must adopt - Nowadays everyone uses phones and doing the project as per client needs. Hence the software testing involves testing phases to finding bugs with the help of various tools and test cases. So that it will help to run any kind of software in a proper way. You should adopt software testing skills as this skill is ahead esteem.
  • Digital marketing is an important skill that you should know – In shortly digital marketing involves the marketing of various ranges of products on the internet. Nowadays companies are selling their products online and not using old mechanism offline marketing. Online selling is becoming important for companies because people also prefer online shopping these days so if you are good at digital marketing it will help you to get a good job, and it is a good career path for you as well.
  • Virtual and augmented reality – It is very good and widely used in entertainment, education, health, manufacturing, and many fields. Because most of the companies have adopted the technology. So in the year 2020, there will be a high demand for this technician.
  • You should good in the development of mobile applications - This is an important skill which is in demand these days. Mobile apps are fast huge popularity and for everything, there is an app available for example there are apps for shopping, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and furniture, food apps, dating apps, cab service apps and many more and we all depend on them for various purposes and because of this demand for mobile app developers is increasing.
  • Web designing of UI/UX – There are many demands for UI/UX developer for many websites, images, and high-quality designing are also increasing. If you have good creative skills then there are many reputed companies that need such a creative mind of people because designing software applications are gaining popularity these days.
  • Strong in core database management skills – You should good in structured query language and its new version of core management language which helps to keep the management of the database of any web application in a very proper way without any further kind of exceptions. Like, SQL it is a domain-specific programming language and used to manage data in various types of database management systems such as Microsoft’s SQL, Oracle's MySQL. We must learn a structured query language. In software industries, there is a huge demand for SQL professionals. This language helps to manage data or search for any data we require.
  •  You should good skills in Amazon Web Services – Nowadays they are the market leader in cloud computing and offer a wide range of services like storage, analytics, computing, developer tools, etc. they allow customers to use Amazon cloud for data storage. According to this technology, you need to develop skills in this. 

Most in-demand freelance skills 2019

In this, we will discuss freelance skills that are in demand in 2019. Freelance skills are the skills that allow us to work from wherever we please.

  • Web designing & Graphic designing skills
  • Writing profession Contents and editing skills
  • Good Photography Skills
  • Strong Accounting Skills
  • Online sale Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and SEO expert skills
  • Mobile Application development skills


We have discussed the top 10 technical skills which were in demand in 2019 and which will be in demand in the year 2020. Also, mentioned the freelance skills. There are so many technical changes are happening every day in every industry so we have discussed some of the important skills in demand. These kinds of skills will help you to highlight today’s trends in the IT sector, its influence, and improvements in the digital era. So we should invest our time and money wisely in learning these skills that will be best suited for you.


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