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Ways to ask for a job on call

Ways to Ask for a Job on Call - Tips and All

If you see in today's era, the person spends their at least 15 to 18 years of his life only studies, then after the completion of his studies he applies for a job to make his career, and to get his dream job he starts uploading his cv and resumes on job portal and hence his hunt for the job begins. For his job search, he gets help from various job portals, recruiters searching his resumes in job portals as he has to be very cautious in his job search as his talking over the interview opportunity call is very important because many times thinking more about the job, he makes some mistakes when they look out for the job. If our way of talking is not good on the phone or our voice gets up and down a little bit or if you are not able to show your confidence to the employer over the job call somewhere we should understand that the job has gone one step behind us.

Let us see through this article that if you are talking on the phone for the jobs then what should be kept in mind or how should we talk so that our interview is being scheduled by the prospective employer over the calls. In Interview, most of the time face to face discussion and telephonic discussion gives different results. At the time of job searching, we need to understand how to ask things on call and how it will help you in the job search. While going before the interview if you have a discussion on call it will help you with the interview preparation for the scheduled time and date or if any changes in the schedule of interview. In these blogs, we are also going to discuss with you what you are expected to say on the phone when asking for a requisite position in job in a respective company.

Tips for asking for a job on the phone call.

Let's see here, each one has their own attitude to talk to each other over the phone, but you also have to pay attention to whom you are actually talking to and what you are talking about.

If you are talking about the job then it should be a good use, here we will explain some good things which you should adopt on the phone.

It's very simple when you call in any organization for a job inquiry at the time you have to follow some basic etiquettes of calling in the corporate sector. You have to be very professional while speaking with the hiring manager or HR of the company. It would make a good impression on the hiring manager and they could give you confirmation for an interview. Here I have explained some tips for “how to ask for a job on call”. 

  • We should carefully read the job descriptions before apply - when you are going to apply for a job you should always make a list from where you can get the response. After the listing of the job, you can make the call to the interviewer. At that time you should go through the contents carefully and check the dates and time as well, and make a job inquiry phone call script then make a call to the respective or other places where exactly you looking for a job.
  • Your communication voice should politeness and respectfully - when you make the call to the hiring manager with them should be politely, respectfully and in your call, the respect should be there. The way you will talk with the employer where you should make a good impression at employer end and as we know asking about the interview on phone call is an important step before going to the interview.
  • Always keep your communication very point to point - whenever you talk with the employer regarding job description or interview date-time or anything that time you should talk on very point-wise discussion and that makes a good sense when you communicate with other people.  Every employer is busy in their daily routine work and they do not much time that you expect from them for that you have to explain your points in a very short manner. When you talk point to point then that time they might have a focus on the call.
  • You should behave professionally - Here your first impression can make you a good impression towards the employer over the call. So, your interaction with the hiring person should be very professional, however, if they found you have not behaved on professional things in you then there might be very little chance to give an interview call letter over the phone. 
  • You should prepare a list of question at the time of follow-up – Doing preparation of the list of question, it could make your confidence high over the call, You cannot make the call to the employer again and again because of the busy schedule, or it could give the wrong impression towards you even if you have been shortlisted for the position. So, with the help of the preparation list, you can be asked every answer from the employer on a single call will give you a positive attitude towards you.

Small scripts for how to ask job vacancy in English

Basically every language is necessary to speak but nowadays, the English language is a must in every field. People consider your communication is good when you speak good English. So, Let's discuss with the script where I have explained how the candidate can ask for a job vacancy in English.

This can help the candidate for interview process, at very first time when you get the number of a person who is responsible for hiring, you have to tell them about yourself, from where you have taken a reference, then later you tell them about your qualification that you have, ask them for interview if opening and job regarding then turn up discussion with very smooth way. Below I have mentioned how to ask job vacancies through phone samples.

For an Example Script as follow as,

Hello, my name is (your name) and I got your number from the job portal. I am MSC pass out. I am calling you regarding the job. Do you have an opening for MSC pass out? Then the hiring person will respond if they have openings or any else.

What to say on the phone when asking for a job?

When you are going to search for the job you have to face so many difficulties because most of us do not know how to communicate while searching for a job. Whenever the call is coming people get nervous because they didn’t have knowledge about what to say on phone calls. If the people will get the knowledge of how to call and which things need to take care while asking about a job interview with the employer of the organization then we will get easy to understand to the recruiter. Your some ratio of work is completed at a time telephonic discussion regarding the interview and your tone of voice while talking also makes an impact on the hiring person so that your voice tone ought to very soft and polite while asking about the job.

  • Give a short introduction about your profile -  Ask always permission before talking employer over the call and it shows your good manner while doing the call, at that time they will respect your wordings and might have they talk you at the same time. So, In between of duration over the call, you should give a short intro about you due to the limitation of timing.
  • From where you got a reference - Here, after giving your introduction tell them from where you got the reference. It might be referred by a person or a job portal or posting. If the person knows a person who referred you then might have definitely considered you.
  • Ask Interview job details - You can ask about the interview from where you got the job description and here you can ask about which designation hiring details and roles, other additional details which you have not found on the job description. If there is no vacancy for the required position then you can ask them for an informational interview, where you can take information about other openings and departments how they are work. If they find better skills in you they can remember your details when new openings will be there then you have the chance for that.
  • Always give thanks to them for time - At the time when you go for at any call discussion, that time you ought to close it to a very simple and good way. You ought to behave very positively, might have in the future you will get a good opportunity from their end.


Your telephonic communication creates an impact on the hiring manager. So, before you are going to search for any job over the call then that time this article will definitely help you. Also, we have tried to mention some tips tricks that will help you a lot.

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