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Why do you want to join our company

Why do you want to join our company?

Everyone, looking for good opportunities and they want to achieve their career goal. All we always keep great attention to our interview; you all should keep attention on your wording of answer whenever the interviewer would ask such questions in the interview process. Most of the interviewers always like to finish their interviews with the help of this question only. So if you all people want to reach near your career goal with your dream company then you should try to give the best answer from yourself. So, that interviewer should somewhere think positively on your profile role when you would come outside the interview cabin after done for your interview.

You should remember getting a job in today’s era is not that easy there are lots of competitors they are also doing the interview. To work with Dream Company first you have to crack the interview first and for that, you have to prepare well. There are so many questions at the time of the interview that you have to answer.

When you are going for an interview any interview then first, you have to study the company or you have to collect all the information about the company and the position for which you are applying? The most important question the interviewer can ask is why do you want to join our company? Or why do you want to work for this company? Or why should we hire you, for this organization?

There are many ways to give the answer to this question and it depends on your past experience or the fresh knowledge do you have in your expert field. Here below, we have tried to mention some of the sample answers to this question; with the help of these samples, you will get the ideas to give the answer on it. You can take a reference of this answer to crack the interview.

  • If you are fresher in any field then you may give the answer to this question like this, I am a fresher, so I have to grow professionally in my career and I can grow myself if I get a chance to work with you. Also, I have heard about your company and I have gone through your company profile where I found it is best for freshers where we could find career growth as well.
  • There are some interview hacks for giving the answer like this is my dream company with whom I always want to work. Working for an organization where I would like to start my career also helps to build me the confidence to build my career and develop my knowledge.
  • You have to answer this question with confidence like - I can be successful in this position of Java Developer in this organization because I have completed a project in Java and PHP in the last year of my college. I also have full knowledge of Core Java and Advance Java and Database like Mysql, Oracle, and MongoDB which I have learned in my Computer Science batch. The projects of this company are into java only.
  • If you are experienced then you have to tell them your previous experience, Sample of it - As I have told you I have three years of experience in the same field which I have applied for the position in this company. In my three years of experience as a graphics engineer, I have successfully worked on many projects, learned so many basic things in previous organizations. I have been awarded and appreciated for my design, creative skills, and my knowledge.
  • I have completed my graduation in commerce. After completion of graduation, I worked as an intern under a charted accountant. So I have complete knowledge of account details. In my internship programming, I have learned so many things like accounts payable sheets, accountants, systems, applications, products, and used it in my daily work particle. I will use this knowledge and developed skills while working with your companies for my personal growth as well as the company’s growth. This opportunity I will get while working with your company. I am much interested to work towards your company and I will use my skills to provide the best efforts in my work.
  • I have 1.4 years of experience in the human resource recruiter profile. At the previous organization, I handled so many clients. I have done recruitment for PAN India. For that, I have done a free job posting and generated my own data. This will help with the recruitment of this company also. I think your organization will help me to build my career and my knowledge and I will also help with the growth of this company. I also have knowledge of job portals so there is no need to provide basic training on it.
  • According to me I am an individual and always like to love and interact with people with a new people group. I have good communication and a strong knowledge of teamwork. I can do the work in this company because I have strong leadership qualities in which the company is looking for a good candidate. I have a chance here to grow my skills. I hope this company also provides employee satisfaction.
  • I have done some research on the company website and job description before coming to this interview and I am too interested in this field in which the company is working. I also have knowledge of the services of the company. I am confident and patient so I believe that I can work smart instead of work hard and can give my best to increase the performance of the company. I am aware of the market and the services of this organization.  


This article will help you to give the Ideas a proper answer at the time of the interview. It will be easy to crack the interview and could get a good opportunity for a job in the company. Also, it will help you with the interview preparation or this will give you advice at interview preparation.


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Manish Bhumar
Sep 04, 2020 at 01:59PM

Good Article..

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