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10 Golden Rules Of Responding To Recruitment Executive

10 Golden Rules Of  Responding To Recruitment Executive

While working with a recruiter is really a good option for both passive and active job seekers. Recruiters might have to access any of the jobs, market information’s regarding jobs, insights, tips, and connections that many of the candidates or peoples don't. If you haven’t worked with a recruiter before there are some ways to get the most of out the experience.

Here are the 10 golden rules (for candidates) how to work with a recruiter according to Celarity’s recruiters

1. We should be Honest :

Speak loudly, clearly, boldly and slowly From start to finish always be honest with your recruiter what you’re looking for, your salary needs, and other opportunities. A good recruiter will return the favor.

2. We should be responsive and Available:

If your recruiter calls you, call them back! Incase the recruiters call you, it’s obviously for a good reason. It may be a job offer, update, or a new position that needs to be filled yesterday. we should be available and responsive at any time while working with a recruiter.

3. We should be Respectful and Well Behaved:

Recruiters are working for their clients, but they also want to help you in your job search. Be respectful of their valuable times and speak to them when you have any updates or questions or problems. They usually do not have a lot of time to give suggestions on your resume or where to look for positions. However, a good recruiter will coach you on their client's process and be an advocate for you.

We introducing yourself to a recruiter it's a way to look like a break the ice is by. Always Starts with a handshake and tell them first your full name, what you are studying or pursuing, and year in school. Tell them you are glad to have the opportunity to talk with them about your career interest, and how your experience might fit in with their companies.

4. We should be Unengaged and Available:

Recruiting is a very time-sensitive industry. A client could call and asked to interview you that day. Keep in mind that you must need to make sure that you are arriving and ready to take the phone calls about 10 to 15 minutes before the given interview time. and please make sure that the phone is not busy or engaged about 10 to 15 minutes before the given interview time. Have a pen or marker and paper or notes ready to take notes of information during the interviews with your updated resume and verify that updated resume experiences. Be calm and composed before and during the scheduled interview time. Be Respectful during the interview. They can identify and hear it in your voice or sound.

5. (a)Be Energetic, Bold and Dynamic:

If you’re unemployed or need a new job Asap. Provides direct and complete solutions or answers to all questions or problems that are asked of you during the time of interviews. Always research the client's Company's website by googling it before the interview time to get an idea or information about the client's business process. The interviewer starts the conversations with "How are you doing?"...and You need to respond back for that with "Fine. How about you?" and finally You should need to conclude or end the interview with. "Thanks for your time. It was my pleasure and nice talking to you and I am looking forward to being a part of your valuable project."

(b)Introduce yourself

Tell them you are glad to have the opportunity to talk with them about your career interest, and how your experience might fit in with their companies.

(c) Be confident

No matter what happens during your conversations, be confident. First impressions always count and it is a great thing to show that you believe in yourself and what you can achieve!

Realize the employer is not up to your street? Here’s how to politely end that conversation.

(d) Don’t lie!

The recruiter often has a bad reputation for telling lies to candidates. Now, if you’re ever-so-slightly guilty of this, you may think it’s no big deal because they’re only little ‘white’ lies. The reality is a lie and candidates really don’t appreciate them! So, when you speaking with a candidate on the phone, don’t feel the urge to embellish any of the details about the job as a way to lure them into agreeing to have the second conversation with you. It really won’t do your employer’s or your reputation any good. So do yourself a favor and be honest. Trust us, candidates will thank you for it in the long run.

(e)NEVER ask when’s a good time to talk

Asking the Gatekeeper when’s a good time to call back a good idea. Asking the candidate when’s a good time to talk again a bad idea. Quite simply because it’s just a too complex question to ask. By leaving it wide open, the candidate has to think about what gaps they have in their calendar, which could potentially leave them feeling flustered. They might not have their day planner to handle, so it’s far easier for you to give them concrete details, like ‘Tuesday at 10:30 am’ from there the answer can only be a yes or a no.

(f)Be conversational and friendly

There’s no need whatsoever to get into the final details during the call. Now, if a potential candidate is happy enough to ask you questions about the role, by all means, you should answer them. Otherwise, it’s just a casual chat about how you’ve found them and how you feel that they could be a good fit for a role that you available. Your tone should be friendly and conversational. Remember, you don’t want to scare with candidate away by getting into the nitty-gritty. Chances are, they won’t be taking those details in if they’re talking to you while at work anyway!

6.(a) Stay in touch :

The recruiter works with hundreds of candidates at a time and won’t always know when you’re available so stay in touch.inorder to maintain long-lasting relations.

(b) Smile :

Of course, a job interview is a high-pressure situation, and also but freezing up and looking like shy or nervous will lose you points and confidence level in the few magical moments you have to shines. naturally, Smiling might make you appear self-confident, hard work, dedication, friendship, and a high level of approachable. Even if you do not feel it, or fake it. A smile may convey that you are someones who can get with other employees.

(c)Take the Water :

If a glass of water is offered by your interviewer, you must take it, even though if you are not thirsty. These can help buy you time to formulates a solution or answer difficult problems or questions.

7.(a) Be ethical :

Highlight any other special or additional training or certifications you have done or completed. Please Never discuss any other personal problems with the clients. Keep in mind that Choose your words at the time of the interview carefully because A recruiter is likely to spend approximately 30 seconds or less to scanning or viewing your case, If the right words might jump out, your applications will be more worthy for further attention. Where it's possible to use the same words and the languages that may be used in the key criteria. Make someone to Valuable your responses. A fresh set of eyes is the only best to ensure that you have to be answered to all the questions or problems and it's used to correct all the spellings and grammar mistakes. later Asking if that person would employ you based on your valuable replies to the key criteria.

(b) Do Your Research :

The first step is to review the organization's websites and Google it to get some information. the second step is to Finds out who you are be interviewing within and learn some information about them, reference the valuable information during the time of interviews.such as “I see the company or organizations has expands into several markets in the past years.” You will project the images of someones who is really interested and pays attention to details to achieve their goals.

8.(a) Be prepared :

Before you even start connecting with a recruiter have your best resume prepped, practice your interview skills and know what you’re looking for. The more prepared you are the faster a recruiter can get you in process for an open position. Assume what the interviewers are looking for and provide them intelligent answers or solutions to satisfy the interviewer's questions or problems. incase If you have not worked on a particular software or versions, please do not answer just saying "No". tell that you have worked on similar or related products or that you are a quick learner and listener. Don't use or say the words "we". please Always use or say "I". These clearly show that you did the work or task. If the lines are you can't hear, don't keep saying "Hello". just say "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. could you please repeat the questions?

(b) Ask Questions :

The job interviews are a two-way or multi-way process Keeps in mind that. It’s an important chance or opportunity for you to showcase your talents or to sell yourself to the company's

productivity and profitability, and but also to learn more information about the workplace, culture, environment, policies, and processes to see if the positions and environment are comfortable or good fits for you. At the same time, Go in with a few valuable questions, such as details information about the type of works or jobs that the positions entail, the corporate workplace culture, and the typical career path of someones who holds the positions of an organization.

And, also don’t be scared or worried to speak up to convey something not asking questions can might signals that you are uninterested.

9.(a) Be conclusive and significant :

Before an offer come, be prepared to accept or decline it. One of the most detrimental things you can do to your opportunities is waiting to make a decision. The clients can get conclusive at waiting or another candidate for joining the processes and so that your offers will be expired soon.

(b) Send a Proper Thank You :

Sending a thank you message via email or SMS or any other Social media like.., WhatsApp, Messenger, etc..., is fine when the decisions must be made quickly and fastly, at the same time but always be follows up with written correspondences. Expressing your thanking for all the interviewer's valuable time and for the opportunity to learn something more about an organization.

And finally, When it comes to interviewing time, practice makes everything perfect, for these be prepared, be confident and energetic, and be yourself, and you’ll shine or rock. Best of luck..!

10.(a) Be open :

Your recruiter might share the opportunity you hadn’t initially pictured yourself interested in. Be open to new opportunities so that your recruiters may not rules you out before you even getting to hear about the roles.

(b) Respond to everyone who applies:

Most recruiters have access to an ATS system, so use the automatic responder when an applicant submits a resume. Even though the email is likely the standard “thanks for your application, we’ll reach out to you if you’re a good fit…” it’s still something. Acknowledge the candidate, and you’ll see that it goes a long way.

(c) Know what you want :

if you are looking for someone to replace directly an individual who is leaving Or is there could be more values in recruiting someones with wider skills and knowledge? Is this is a new position? , as well as about filling the immediate need to Think long term. Define what the job involves and what sort of person you need. What experience and competencies are non-negotiable? Where can you afford to be more flexible?

(d) Set clear expectations :

will soon they will be disappointed Anyone else recruited on that basis. The more honest and accurate the job description, the less time you spend dealing with unsuitable candidates and the more focused you make your final shortlist.

(e) An efficient process for weeding out the unskilled candidates :

With the help of the questionnaire method, you can easily and fastly eliminate those candidates who do not have the skills, knowledge or experiences you are after. later, use telephonic interviews to cut down your final shortlisted candidates.

(f) Create a list of standard interview questions that are relevant to the jobs :

When you ask the same questions to each person, your interview becomes a fair, accurate and objective. and If the candidates give good responses, you may develop the conversation further in a god manner.

(g) Give candidates tasks to do :

Easy tasks can tell you lots comparing more than interviews alone. Interviewing for customer service staff? Ask them to write an email in response to a customer complaint. Looking for line managers? make all the candidates together as a team or group, ask them to make some discuss how they could handle people's management scenarios. Then listen to what they say and watch how they interact with each other.

(h) Involve more than one person in the interview process :

A second important perspective is invaluable to helps to make sure that you pick the best or suitable persons for the job rather than simply the persons you get on with the best. incase, If you did not have an HR department, involves in other members of your team or group, or a management colleague.

(i)Show shortlisted candidates around :

Let peoples see the workplace of the company and later they meet the peoples they will be working with. This helps them to decide whether this job is right for them. It definitely allows you to assess the impressions that the individuals make on your existing team or group.

(j) Give feedback after an interview :


Whether you are looking for your first jobs or you are a professional, Follow these rules for responding to recruitment executive and making all the rights to moves before, during, and after the job interviews, and you are sure to shine and build your carrier to achieve your individual goals and targets.

If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below!

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