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23 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

Are you looking for a job in the field of data science? Are you going for an interview for a Data science job? Do you know which type of important questions can be asked by the employer at the time of the interview and how to crack the interview?

If you have any concerns in your mind about the interview, don’t worry about this interview; we would help you to prepare for this interview with the help of a list of various important data science interview questions and answers. 

Before we start talking about the interview questions and answers, first we should know about what is data science actually. If I say in simple words, data science is data mining. Or you can say, data science is a combination of a variety of tools techniques, instructions, and programs machine learning ethics, as well as the purpose of detecting unknown data solution methods from unprocessed data.

And now as per our discussion, it’s time to talk about interview questions and answers. Below are the commonly asked data scientist interview questions and answers which are able to put together you to prepare for the interview:

So let's go ahead with this article. Please read carefully these questions and their answers. 

Q.1. please confirm what is sampling in data science?

Sample Answer – You may answer this is an important analysis technique used to analyze very close types of trends and one type of raw data points.

Q.2. Please tell me about, logistic regression and what it is?

Sample Answer - It helps to know the result of statistical technique instruction in a very simple way and to show the combination in logistic regression.

Q.3.Can you explain the R and Python Programming?

Sample Answer - You can answer this question in the following way:

Here the "R" - Is the open-source basis tool and it is used to know the research group of people. In another way, it helps to know the statistical calculation, estimation, prediction, graphical representation, and reporting.

Another "Python" - It is a programming language and with the help of its predefined functions we can perform the various operations.

Q.4. please describe the deep learning concept?

Sample Answer - You may answer like, as deep learning phase is used to configure or work on gathered data in regression or in the set of instruction algorithm. Here it is also works as artificial intelligence in machine language programming.

Q.5. why we can't use unsupervised machine learning, please tell about it?

Sample Answer - I would like to tell you, the Unsupervised machine learning never predicts an accurate and not give exact match characterize information about the data analysis. Hence majorly the Supervised Machine learning is used. 

Q.6. Do you know what is a recommender system, please confirm?

Sample Answer: According to my knowledge - It is one of the more outstanding and well-known appliances of machine learning technologies in business. A Recommender System helps to find out techniques that are proficient in anticipating the potential partiality of a set of things for a user and suggests the top things. Or in general, it comes into view on a lot of e-commerce data reference sites for the reason that it helps to improved conversion rates as well. 

Q.7. what are the more important components we need to know in data analysis?

Sample Answer - There are the major things we need to know are as follows -

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Distributions testing
  • Inferential statistics
  • Hypothesis testing

Q.8. Please tell me about the LSTM, of data science?

Sample Answer - According to me, the full form of LSTM is (Long Short Term Memory), it always helps to know the network define data processing output.

Q. 9. How you can predict the outcome in the confusion matrix?

Sample Answer - With the help of matrix predict class and actual class true and false basis condition we can predict the outcome.

 Q.10. Tell me the outcome produced by the classifier?

Sample Answer - You can answer like, the probability of outcomes produced by the classifier, which is below:

  • True-positive  — Help to find an accurate positive prediction
  • False-positive  — Give an incorrect positive prediction
  • True negative  — Help to find an accurate negative prediction
  • False-negative  —Give an incorrect negative prediction 

Q.11. How you can define the standard deviation, what it's the formula?

Sample Answer - It would help to know the find the data vector with the help of formula as or the equation as, [(?) = (?(?(x-µ)2 / n))]

Q.12. please illustrate what selection Bias is?

Sample Answer: Selection bias takes place when illustration acquired is not an agent of the population estimated to be examined and resolute the statistical result. You can answer this way to these types of questions.

Q.13. what is the G-A-N in data science?

Sample Answer - G-A-N is a generative adversarial network in data science.

Q. 14. Please tell me about, the statistical interaction concept?

Sample Answer - This will be very helpful in showing us the specific types of inputs and outputs to assess the data in our statistical data interaction.

Q.15.Please describes, what do you mean by the descriptive statistics concept?

Sample Answer - In the data science concept the descriptive statistics are used to describe the data velocity and types of data representation.

Q.16. Do you know what the different kernels types in SVM?

Sample Answer - Here are the below important types of the kernel in SVM structure.

  • Linear Kernel
  • Radial basis kernel
  • Sigmoid kernel
  • Polynomial kernel

Q.17. Please explain the R Language, or what it is?

Sample Answer: You may answer it. A] It helps to know the broad range of numbers in tools for data investigation. b] With the help of we can work various matrixes in array functions. c] We can demonstrate the statistical and graphical representation data analysis as well.

Q.18. Do you know what is pruning in the Decision Tree, please tell about it?

Sample Answer: your answer to this question should be like, Yes, I know when we take away sub-nodes of a decision node, this procedure is called pruning or conflicting procedure of splitting, and however here the node is too important in every pathway.              

Q.19.Please tells the name of the major components in big data?

Sample Answer - Here are the below important component in big data use to know a] Volume of data, b] Inflow of data c] Types of data.

Q.20. Do you know what the types of Machine learning, please tell me about?

Sample Answer: Here are the following types of Machine learning are as follows -

  • Supervised machine learning,
  • Unsupervised machine learning,
  • Reinforcement learning

Q.21.What is the type of G-A-N, a component in data science?

Sample Answer - Here are the two important components in G-A-N is "Generator" and second is "Discriminator".

 Q.22. why do we need to use supervised machine learning?

Sample Answer - It helps to use the accurate outcome and gives more characterized statistic reports in data scientists.

Q.23. Please define, epoch concept in data science?

Sample Answer - It has a vital role in data science; majorly it works on various iterations pointed, and gives the result on the basis of node phase activity.


At the end of this article, we would like to say that you should always do your basic homework before going to any type of interview. Or you should practice oral questions and answers.

We hope this article will definitely help you to prepare for the data science interview. 


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