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5 Simple steps to write a Resume Effectively

Are you searching for a job and attending interviews?

Nowadays going for an interview is not a big deal but making it successful is a good deal for a kick start of your bright career. Do you know a resume introduces you to the employer before you reach for an interview?

Yes, it's a document that represents yourself by yourself to the employer or interviewer to assess whether you're suitable for the job or not. Many of us not aware the impact of a resume on job hunting, sometimes before going an interview we take help from a friend or we grab a resume from anywhere and we do some edit to that and directly takes that to the interview but this is not the right way to make an interview successful. Isn't it? 

Your resume needs to be honest about the fact that you write on a resume and that could be questioned deeper and deeper by an employer during the interview process. So before writing a resume, you should know how does it represent you for the job and resume helps an employer to know you better and gives an idea of your writing skills. 

Step 1

So let's see what to keep in mind while writing a resume to grab the right job opportunity for your career. Very first your name should prominent on the resume and make sure your contact details are very clear. And next important thing is your career objective and that should be effective to the point because it's a short blurb telling an employer that how will you make the company successful and reading a few lines the interviewer knows what are you and what you want to be?

Let's see an example 

"To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my technical skills, experience and willingness to learn in making an organization successful."

Here you're presenting yourself through the objective that how will you make the company successful with your technical skills and experience. Don't use the same objective for different jobs and relate your career objective to a specific job. you can pick up a few words from your job description and make a different career objective and this brings a clear view on your way and you can grab the attention of an employer during the interview.

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Let's take the example of an electrical engineer job description.

1) Have depth work experience and capability of Semiconductor/Display Equipment controls and interlock schemes including for Gas Panels, Pressure/Flow, Valves, Motion, RF Gen/Match, Heaters, etc. Capability to use diagnostic test equipment including Data Loggers, Oscilloscope, Network Analyzers, etc. preferred.

2) Technically lead and executed engineering projects, including the development of key suppliers

3) Experienced in Value Engineering Project (Cost out Opportunities), Design and Manufacturing Transfer and Product Sustenance through Engineering Change Management.

Here you can mention a few words like designing, product sustenance, data loggers and network analyzing on your career objectives (for electrical engineer)

Now see the right one 

" I seek a job as an electrical engineer in an automobile manufacturing company where I can use my knowledge of designing, network analyzing and data loggers skills. I wish to contribute towards organizational goals through my technical skills, creativity, and hard work."

And it's not any fixed rule to create like this, you can create in a different way also but that has to grab the attention of the employer about what your career objective is for.

Step 2

Let's understand here if you are uploading your resume to any job portal or sending directly to the company, recruiters have a bundle of resumes every time and if you want to grab the attention immediately you need to be simple and more clear on what you want to show about your profile.

Are you confused about what to prefer first whether your educational details or experience?

Well, if you're a fresher mention your academics first with percentage and where you studied and your certificates and mention your grades or marks clearly through that employer can estimate your performance.

In case if you're experienced then your education is an old story for the recruiter so you can mention your place of work, achievements, skill set, and performance.


Step 3

Now this section will depend on your profile and it provides good information to the employer and proves that you have the skills to be successful in the job. if you're an MBA mention your project details on what you did like marketing, HR or finance and if you're an engineer mention project details that on any application that you designed, a summer internship with proper details which is related to your studies and it values well on your resume if you mention.  Internships are very important to show on your resume because it shows the experience you gained during that period. 

For example 

Project Name: SEO ( Search engine optimization), SEM ( Search engine marketing ), social media Analysis

Duration: 3 months

Details: worked on as a digital marketing intern for search engine marketing, social media marketing and optimizing the company website for the relevant traffic.

And it's not any hard and fast rule to mention like this, you can do it in a better way that the employer understands your work experience in that project duration. 

Step 4 

From your skillset employer will look for what exactly the company needs. If you're from a technical background, make a separate column and mention the right skills that you have, for example, if you're a software engineer, skillset would be.

  • Java, PHP, Ruby, Python.
  • Web API experience.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • C,C++ and C#
  • SQL experience.

And if you are from a non-technical background mention any achievements that you did in sports or any activity that has your contribution. Let's take an example of an MBA in Marketing and skill set would be

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic thinking

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Step 5

Now when you come to personal details mention clearly about your strengths, hobbies, date of birth and spoken languages which are necessary.

There is no hard rule for what to write exactly on a personal section but it has to give professional look even though you're writing your personal details and it would be good if you make it short and clear.

For example, you can include in your personal section below mentioned details.


Date of Birth


Place of Birth


Marital status


Telephone number




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