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8 Common Interview Questions Everyone Should Know

8 Common Interview Questions Everyone Should Know

During your Career Job Hunt you might have gone through several types of the interview during which there are typically 8 common types of Jobs Questions and answers which most of the Interviewer or the respective employer ask during the interview process so in these blogs the content Team of Jobs Cruze is going to tell how to answer the most common questions asked by the respective interviewer during your desire job Hunt.

So let's see the 8 common questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. What are your greatest strengths in life?

  3. What are your greatest weaknesses in Life?

  4.  Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

  5. What the things you know about our company?

  6. How are you able to handle the change in your life?

  7. Are you able to work under pressure?

  8. How do you make the most important decision in your 

It would be really great if the Interviewer actually knows how to answer the above mentioned 8 important questions since if he is able to answer then he can be sure that he is able to climb the first ladder of the recruitment process in his desired job Hunt.

1) Can you Please “Tell me more about yourself”?

Since with the start of the Interview process, This is considered the first and the foremost most important questions asked by the interviewer during the interview process as during these questions most of the candidates often get confused due to sheer pressure or maybe the first time nervousness due to which they start telling about their personal life or the family life.

But the best way to respond to this questions still remains a mystery for most of the candidates as they are expected to talk about their professional work experience and their educational qualifications as that would be a better way to start answering the interview questions and create an impression in the mind of the prospective employer.

2) What are your greatest strengths in Life?

It is quite general and obvious questions as the motive behind the same is to check your strength so that how it would be beneficial to their organization as Most candidates try to answer the question without understanding the essence of the interviewer. They answer that they are the most friendly and lovable person or they are a team player But the correct and feasible answer to this question would be to talk about only the strength.

For example - Focus, Strength, Hard work or any other skills which are being followed by the candidates on a very rigorous note can be considered as the strength of the candidates and it would be better if the candidates answer in a certain way showing how his strength can be assets to the organization while he performs his roles and responsibilities for the organization.

3) What are your greatest weaknesses in Life?

The motto and the general logic behind these important questions are to find out if the weakness of the candidates can hamper the growth of the organization since failure or the success of any organization. From the candidate's point of view, they need not fumble with these questions as these questions impart them with the opportunity to create a positive impression in the mind of the interviewer even with such negative ended questions. They can answer this question in a very diplomatic and calm manner so that it would sound like a strength to their employer.

For example, The candidates can respond in a below-mentioned way!

"Finding out Weakness is equally important as any weakness can lead to the downfall of an individual or the organization. Work out in detail for everything until and unless the same is accomplished can be considered as a weakness as I Keep on performing the take in a perfect manner until and unless the same is accomplished without being unaware of the time."

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4) Where do you see yourself in a few or five years?

The most candidate often ends up answering this question in the most unpractical manner as they end up saying that " I want to be the CEO " or “I want to be a business tycoon in the next five years down the line”  or “I want to be a very successful Manager”.

But the candidates are often unable to understand that the question is made to check the fundamental mindset of the candidates with regards to the company he is applying for so candidates can tactfully answer this question by saying that for next five years down the line he is keen on learning and growing with the organization so that it would be a mutual growth for his career as well as for the economic or the financial growth of the organization. 

5) What are the things you know about this company you are applying for?

In this Decade of modern ear and technology, Almost all the companies do ensure to ask this very much important question just to check the mindset and seriousness of the candidates about the company. In order to check the same most often, Hr Do ask "What do you know about this company in which you are applying for a job."

The candidates should be well versed about the company in details taking the references from Social Media, Google, newsletter or other respective magazines just to ensure that they have the basic rough idea regarding the company including its work environment, product, vision, Goals so that accordingly they would be thorough for such question would be confidently able to answer in front of the interviewer.

6) How are you able to handle the change in your life?

Nowadays changes are vital as they constitute life since in life Nothing is permanent only change is constant so accordingly, the candidates can answer as changes are a part of life and he too is willing to accept it on every vertical either it's professional or personal since anything which needs to be improved over the period of time requires change.

The change should be accepted with both arms open as it lets an individual grow as a person in professional as well as personal ways .changes in life help a person has grown mentally as he is able to work on his strength and through change he can eradicate or overcome his weakness too so that it is able to help him grow as a person in life.

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 7) Are you able to work under pressure?

This question is introduced during your employment process just to check whether you carry the mental strength to work with the company as per the respective deadlines since most of the time nowadays company expect their employees or individual to complete their given task or assignment as per the respective given deadlines so just to ensure the same the question is being asked by the management that whether the candidates is able to perform the task under pressure or not.

Most of the roles and responsibilities do carry the responsibilities to finish the given task in the respective deadlines as due to the sheer competition the management in the company are required to perform their duties in a given deadline irrespective of the function either - sales, marketing, Hr Operation, Admin or any other vertical. Candidates can calmly answer this question keeping the interest of the company that they can give their best regarding the task or the assignment given as to complete the same in a stipulated period of time.

8) How are you able to make the most important decision in your life?

While Giving interview and applying for jobs this could be one of the most sensitive questions that are asked by the interviewer and in this question, it is also time for you to show up your judgment skills, How are you able to analyze any given situation and takes a quick decision regarding the same at that time.

In this question, you can easily relate to the practical life situation which have been handled by your end in the past saying example that how you managed and had been able to take the quick and right decision and speak up about the way you are able to recognize the problem and able to deal with your own solution so that it makes a clear impression in the mind of the interviewer on you that how do you make decisions when it comes to the right time.

 Conclusion  :

The above-mentioned answers were just on the basis of recent interviews being conducted at various corporate houses so that you are being prepared before the interview so that they help you crack the same at one go. An interview is a quick process where you have to use your interpersonal skills to showcase your prospective employer that you possess the required skills for the desired job.

To all the candidates, In order to crack the interview, you need the understand the requirement of the company as for the same you are expected to Understand each question on the clear note and give the answer in your own way and thus make it very clear how unique you are to that job.
Best of luck, 
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