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What Do you like about this Job - Sample Answers

Whenever you go for an interview in any company, there are dozens of questions that are asked generally in every job. Like why do you want this job and why should we hire you this question is one from them.

In this article, we are going to provide you very exciting information about how you can prepare to answer this type of question, and what are the essential things that you should keep in mind.

Before going on further, I would like to ask you something - Have you ever thought, what does a hiring manager wants to know from this question?

So let's have a look, actually, the employer wants to know whether you are aware of the company or profile role for which you have applied. Also, they want to know about your professional objectives, how passionate you are about the situation, about the work.

Now let's discuss how to answer - What do you like about this job? At that time, while preparing it, you should keep in mind the following things,

  • Explain clear what you are looking for - help of this, the employer wants to know how you think about your career, and how anxiously you are searching for a job.
  • To make this question easier, you should search for the company details in more view.
  • You can do research on the company's website or LinkedIn page to get more information regarding the chosen field in your job search.
  • When answering this question you have to show that you are indeed a good fit for that situation.
  • In your answer, your professional achievement, strength should always be worded, so that the employer can judge you for considering the benefits of their company.
  • To draw an employer's attention to your answer, you should tell about a situation and tell them how you took interest and research on it.
  • In your answer, you draw attention to some abilities that meet the requirements for the applied job, and here you should give a good description or example that looks at the situation.
  • You should be careful and explain the points at the core of your work experience, and how you are a decisive person.
  • You should be very enthusiastic and energetic while answering here.
  • Do not talk about income, time, or travel as the basic reasons for giving - why do you want this job answer.

Here are some suggestions while answering these types of questions, which I have mentioned below.

  • Whenever you go to an interview, you should always tell the truth, because nowadays employers are very smart about the interview process. Just telling your truth can get the interview pass for an answer to this type of question.
  • Give your answer in a good way; you should revise it so that it best explains the situation during the interview to suit your skills, experience, and knowledge.
  • You should show very emotional in your answer, through which you can show your role very enthusiastically.
  • You should give importance to how experienced, competent, and open you are about the job.
  • Keep your answer specific or give a general answer to the interviewer.
  • You should not give an unclear answer to the question. Because here actually, the employer wants to identify details about your character, goals, and qualifications. so, keep it specific and genuine statements.

Let us go ahead in this article.

Here we are going to talk about some why do you want this job best answer examples, which will help you get an original idea, how to answer this type of question. Find out below sample answer examples -

Sample Answers

  • Like I went through your company website and established that this is a new and very good area to improve and draw on my knowledge and skills; it is a very well reputed organization so it would be a great opportunity for me to work with such a technology organization.
  • Why do you want this job - you may answer as I am a fresher and I have the vision, skills, and strengths to work with a winning and reputable company. As a fresher working with your organization, this is a great opportunity for me to start my career.
  • Another way to answer is like; I want this job because it exposes the sales and marketing skills I have experience with. In my earlier job, I increased sales more than before. I know that I can tell this company over these years of sales and marketing experience, and help you sustain your existence of growth.
  • I have heard and read about the company that it is at the top of its industry and it is praise in itself. Working with your company will improve my understanding and work culture and it will gain more knowledge for the applied job profile role.
  • You may say that, I am looking for an MNC organization where I can do what I like, but I can also be interested in new positions. I am very excellent at what I do. I would like a company that helps me gain additional capabilities knowledge and enhance my skills and abilities.
  • It will be a great opportunity for me to work with your company because your company is a prestigious one. And according to me, this is a very big phase, where I can develop my skills and knowledge. I can also get my dream job
  • Or very simply you can say, your organization is able to give me one of the most excellent specialized places to work to its fullest potential and work with each other with knowledgeable and experienced professionals. I have the opportunity to brighten my future with this applicable job profile.
  • As we know that the era of the 21st century is emerging and moving forward at a very fast pace, the same thing inspired me to achieve this work because it has given me a good way as a professional Is able to make. The technical skillet that I would hold to work in leadership with this work enables the latter to be an important part of my profession. It's a big thing for my career to work with these organizations.


From this article, we have concluded that you can take a great chance to impress the hiring manager by answering this question. And you can show your effectiveness to the employer during the interview.

And when you prepare for these types of questions, it will help you take training so that you can reach the peak of progress.

We should all think and understand that an excellent answer requires some thought and preparation which will make it easier to answer this question for other occasions.

This article will definitely help you to focus your job search and achieve your job in your desired company. Why do you want this job yahoo answers will also help you to prepare yourself?


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