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Are you Willing to Relocate What to and How to Answer

Are you Willing to Relocate - What to and How to Answer?

 In this article, we will see how to give an answer to the question asked - "Are you Willing to Relocate",  when you go for the interview in any company, “Are you willing to relocate..?” is one of the basic questions. In many of the jobs today, traveling is a main part of the role. It may be for the reason that they would like for you to meet up with other colleagues at different offices about the world or country. Or it might be associated with the reality that you may be applied for a position, which requires relocation.

When you go for an interview in any company, and if your job location is too far from your place, then generally the interviewer asks the question to the candidate that “Are you willing to relocate…?” And usually answering this question requires yes or no answer.

Dealing or answering this question needs an understanding of the reason behind asking this question. The hiring executive or interviewer asks this question because they want to find out that someone who can work for a particular location full time, and wants to take out a person who cannot or won’t do so.

The question, “Are you willing to relocate?” might be the reaction out if you’d shift now, but the interviewer may also want to know that if you’d be willing to relocate in the future be supposed to other opportunity arrive up at another office or in another place.

Are you willing to relocate - if the answer is YES

Let’s talk about if you are really able to relocate anywhere they would like then this may be the clear answer. As a fresher, the chance to relocate may be interesting. If you answer that “definitely, I am willing to relocate” will indicates that you would like to do what is required to be a part of the company and team. A polite answer would be like, “If I get the better and right opportunity then definitely I am willing to relocate. I trust that this position and company is an opportunity.”

Apart from showing your enthusiasm to relocate, you are able to also use this question as a chance to show what you know about the company, at the same time as telling again the interviewer about the skills that make you the right candidate for the position.

Here are some examples to say “Yes” if you are ready to relocate,

  • As I have experience and skills related to this Job, I am the right fit for the position, I am ready to relocate for this great opportunity to work with your organization.
  • I’m really passionate about this opportunity and feel I will give my best to this role. I would absolutely be unlocked to relocation and look forward to the knowledge and more information about this.
  • I am really happy and passionate to make the go for the correct opportunity and this job, with the reason for relocating, is absolutely that.
  • I am absolutely ready to relocate to the place for the change of surroundings so that this Job would be the correct chance to do the change and do the work I am interested in.
  • I am happy to relocate for my job and my company. It is really an excellent opportunity to work with different people and the atmosphere. Definitely I will get a chance to increase my knowledge as well.
  • Absolutely, I am willing to relocate as I am staying in a PG and I have experience of being with the people who are from a distinct area or a district. I can simply accommodate to the atmosphere.
  • Yes, I am ready to relocate, if the opportunity you are giving is appropriate, satisfying & reasonable.

Are you willing to relocate - if the answer is NO?

It is a naturally everyone doesn't want to relocate, but how we can give an answer to an interviewer, here we should be very honest in answer and tell the interviewer about your ideas in the future At the time of answering keep yourself positive and do not forget to explain your situation.

Here are some examples if your answer is “No”,

  • Relocating is not an alternative for me right now. Though, I am able to assure entire commitment to the role. My situation may vary in the future, and I would definitely think it then.
  • This is really a good job opportunity and definitely I would like to join the organization here. But I have my reasons to stay in the city.
  • I’m very passionate about this opportunity; but, due to some reason, I am not able to relocate at this time.
  • Absolutely relocating in the future is of attraction to me, particularly for this post, but in the period in-between, travel/working distantly is an option I’m more tensed too.

Are you willing to travel - if the answer is MAYBE?

Let’s talk about moving to another place for a job is the most important change in life. There are many things comes in a mind that might reason for you to the question either you are ready or not to relocate for a position. Is this a company really provide you a long career with? Will I be able to go forward in my career with a job?

This may be a right or suitable answer if you do not know what relocation would bring about. Would you be able to carry on advancing your career? Will the company be helping you economically with the moving? It may also rely upon the place.

Here are a few examples to answer “Maybe”,

  • Definitely I am interested in the opportunities to move forward in my career. If relocation will give me such type of opportunity then I am glad to think about it. May I know the working location after the relocation?
  • I do like living in my current location and would like better to stay here. On the other hand, if I will get the right opportunity I had been ready to think relocating if required.
  • I am happy to think about relocation if I will get a good opportunity. If I will get a chance to work distantly or out of the office in my current location. I had like to discuss that as well, as that would work best for my present condition because we can give the reason any.”
  • It is really a good opportunity and even though I would like to accept it, first I would have to talk about this with my family. This would be a big life change for all of us, which is why I actually have to discuss with them in giving you a final decision.


We need to prepare the answer to the question Are you willing to relocate shows to the hiring manager that you have sympathetically and comprehensively ready for the job interview. So your answer should be confident and concentrated on what you to tell. If you really want the job, then try to give a visible and applicable reason for why you cannot or should not relocate. So as to means, you make sure everyone’s on the answer prior to and make an impact on the hiring manager or the executive through your positive and professional manner. If your relocation depends on getting a job then you need to mention it on Resume.

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