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Common Retail Interview Question and Answers and Tips

Common Retail Interview Question and Answers and Tips

If you are looking for a job in the retail field and if you are fresher into the retail background then not to worry about how you to do preparation in this field, We will help you to give ideas, what kind of questions the employer would ask you at the time of interview for retail and the mentioned details in this article will help you lot if you are entering the retail sector and discuss the tips for answering questions. Also, discuss some tips for giving answer it.

How to prepare for the retail interview?

  • You can take the opinion from your senior or colleagues who are already experienced and working on a retail profile about the job.
  • Always you should go through the company website or take reference online for that company you are applying for a job. Also, try to know the products or services which the company is delivering to the client and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Carefully need to go through Job description (JD) and prepare each and every point of JD.
  • If you are looking job basically in the retail field then you should keep yourself updated as per market need in retail.
  • Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer when they will asks do you have any questions to ask?
  • You should keep skills in your resume as per the retail industry need and resume should be perfect.
  • For more preparation, you can also download retail interview questions and answers pdf which gives you detailed ideas about retail.

What to ask the interviewer after a retail job interview?

Following are the sample of retail interview questions to ask employers which helps you to get an idea when the interviewer asks you do you have any questions to ask?

  • What will my day-to-day responsibility in the retail job?
  • Can you brief me about the management of this company?
  • If you allow could I ask - what are the challenges business-facing at the moment?
  • For this position what kind of support can I expect in this role from your management training?

Top 20 Common Retail Interview Questions with best answers

Following are the job interview questions and answers sample which you will help you to crack the interview of retail.

Give me a brief introduction about yourself.

Every first question the interviewer asks you. Great! Interviewer good morning/afternoon/evening. Say thank you to the interviewer that they provide the opportunity to introduce you. Tell them your full name. Then your place where you stay then tell them your education qualification with descending order. Your achievements and last your hobbies.

Do you have prior work experience in retail?

Answer - you should keep attention if you are well experienced because these questions decide what will be your next position? If it is yes, then tell them honest about your roles and responsibilities with your previous organization. The interviewer will just check your skills and knowledge about retails.

According to you what is meant by retail?

You have to tell the interviewer the basic and deep information about retail. Retail is nothing but sale the products or items in small quantity You can also say that selling products directly to customers. No other third party is available between seller and customer. It can be done online as well as offline shopping. In today’s busy world most people prefer online shopping due to hectic schedules. It saves time, resources, and energy.

Give examples of retail that you use in day to day life?

At the time of answer first, you need to think about the practically retail concept and its procedure

What is here you many answers it - the product we directly purchase form store, for example, groceries, food, and, etc. These products are delivered by sales associates to the store. The sales associate is a person who takes care of goods and services. Online as well as shopping offline shopping is the real-time examples of retail.

Why do you want to do your career in retail?

For this kind of answer you should clear towards your career, you may answer it - I like to take challenges and make them successfully completed. I like to interact with new people and a retail career is challenging work. Everyone cannot do this job because they feel like it’s hard work. I am a very punctual and passionate and smart work towards retails position. So I think this is a suitable career as per my skills.

Why you left the last job or last company?

First, you should remember kindly do not tell the negative points about your previous company instead of that you can add some positive points that due to career growth or due to relocation I have to leave that previous job.

What are some important qualities according to you that you should have in this retail job?

You answer them the qualities that you have and that are necessary for the retail sector. Qualities that are necessary for any retail position are good communication skills, strong customer service, flexibility, and punctuality.

How would you deal With Customer who is rude to your co-worker or your retail staff?

Answer – The reason behind asking this kind of reason as they are just expecting your presence of mind in this tough situation. You should try to give an answer with the help of a suitable example as - if the customer is rude to your retail staff; you should not rude to the customer. You should remain calm and talk in a polite way to the customer.

Why should we hire you for our company?

You can tell them for this job - the qualities required are hard work as well as smart work to complete the task. I believe to work smarter than work harder. I have good command over my communication and I am a flexible person with which quality required for this position.

How long can you work with our company?

These types of questions the interviewer will ask you to only check your stability. You can tell them that this is my dream company so I always wanted to work here only. If I get a chance to work with your company then my dream come true and I will work hard for self-growth as well as the company's growth.

 Are you able to perform under pressure?

These questions define how confident and willing to work with any organization. So you can tell them Yes, I can work under pressure because my point of view is that the pressure pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates output and I have that potential that I can create output that will be beneficial for the company.

If the company will hire you then how you can give profit to the company? Are there any plans?

These types of questions define how to focus you are about your goal and how you can do planning to achieve the goal. You could answer it, I will try to make a successful plan to reach greater heights and to achieve the company’s target. If I will be making my work within the timeline and along with my team member then it would definitely profitable for the company as well.

Have you gone through our company website? Which product or services this company is providing?

To give the answer to this question you have to go through the company website before the interview so it will help you explain to them what product or Service Company is providing and which are clients of the company. What are the most important clients of the company?

Which shift timing comfortable with you?

Keep your answer- I am a very flexible person so I can work with any shift. 

What do you see as your greatest strength?

You should answer it - I have strong communication skills and convincing power with the help of this I can comfortably interact with customers and can solve customer’s problems. Good understanding and problem-solving techniques.

What are the skills according to you that you developed/learned from the previous company?

Answer- The interviewer supposed to hear some positive growth in you. Be honest and tell them what are the positive changes are there in you after joining of the previous company. Don’t mention negative points about the previous Company.


this article helps you know everything about the retail sector. It also differs the is retail and wholesale marketing. This gives an idea of how you can crack the interview of retail and do a career in retail.


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