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Do This Before Going For A Job Interview

5 Things You Need To Do Before Going For A Job Interview.

When we land for a job interview we feel butterflies in our stomach even though we prepare well enough and it happens to everyone to get the job interview that would be successful and we start thinking what exactly the interviewer is going to ask and how could we deliver the right answers to satisfy for the job requirement. Yes, it's not tough if you prepare well enough for what the job interview would be in a way to success and you need to do a few things before going for an interview to grab the opportunity for you, most of us before the interview we will be busy by concentrating on how to deliver the best answers to the interviewer questions. And sometimes a job interview is really stressful and you start worrying about what actually is going to be, you know, there are few things that absolutely critical to interview success. If you want to get the right job opportunity, you need to aware the following things before going for the job interview and its really simple and makes you understand that what is going to be asked and if you know these things, you really need not take the stress at all So let's get started...

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1) Research the company

Sometimes during the interview, the hiring manager may ask what do you know about the company and the reason behind the question is whether you know about the company history or not that where you're going to be work and if you say the right answer that would be better idea to impress the hiring manager with your research skills about the data which you present during the interview. An interviewer never expects ''I don't know" from you when he asks 'what do you know about this company'

And it is not the right answer to that. Is it?

Do your research before the job interview, no matter what kind of interview whether telephonic, virtual or face to face. you need to know the facts and all the details about the company when you know about the company you'll have an idea that what company exactly needs and you can answer better for the particular job requirement.

Go through the company's website and check if there are any upcoming announcements or recent announcements and get some data on that and discuss the announcements if the interviewer allows you and make sure yourself before going to ask on that particular task and go through their annual reports, editorials, the size of the company and their work policies and practices.

It would be good if you research the current market trends of the company and their culture towards the work. And this way if you can explain your research about the company the interviewer may impress with your research skills and if you are given the interviewer name before going for the interview search for him on various social platforms like Linkedin and Facebook and it will help you to understand your interviewer good enough. 

2) You should know what salary range is competitive 

The second thing you should do what kind of salary is competitive for the role you're interviewing for,

don't waste your and the company time for the interview process if the company salary standards are not meeting your expectations, there is no mean to attend the interview and be specific about your salary package for the position you're interviewing for.

You should know when is the right time to ask the salary package, most of the times we wait for the interviewer to start the topic and this topic will be brought at the end of the interview process and if the salary package meets your expectations it would be great and if not you need to take initiation to discuss about the salary package. 

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You should research what is right for that role in a particular industry and research about how the trends are going in that industry and it shows up how clear are you in terms of your salary range.  

The hard truth is you may not be making the right amount as compared to your last job. So you need to understand what salary range is competitive before you get into the interview process and it makes a clear view of your terms about the salary package.

3) Should know what you bring to the table

The third most important thing you need to do before the job interview is, knowing what do you bring to the table or how you'll contribute in terms of values to the company. this is the chance you get during the interview to stand out among all the candidates and you should show what makes you different, why are you going to be an asset to the company, what problem you solved in your last job and how do you solve a particular task than other guys. Explain the certain situation what you did in your last job like increasing sales, any development regarding your profession if it has any numbers or percentages like 50% sales, include clearly to notice your value during the interview and it makes a view that you're a planner as well as executer.

If you're a recent graduate or postgraduate you can explain what you achieved during your education period and don't forget to talk about your internship about what values you provided to the company with your work

if there was any sports activity and you achieved anything you can mention that also effectively.  You need to understand inside and outside of the company otherwise you gonna see hard time to sell yourself for the employer during the job interview and as we discussed above ' research the company ' matters here a lot when you do this research you'll get to know what exactly the company is expecting from you in terms of your intrinsic values, interpersonal skills, and communications skills. And if you do this task before going for the interview there is a chance of getting a successful job that you desire for your career.

4) Go with some examples 

The fourth one that you need to do before going for an interview is to prepare some examples. because you need to show you’re an executor in difficult times and your uniqueness to solve the problem and all these matters during the interview. And examples in the scene that what you did in your last job when there was a difficult time and how you tackled a particular situation for the growth and success of that company.

If you mention the practical examples more, the good impact would be there for your successful interview and it evaluates your capability to handle a tough situation and to turn the decisions and activities towards the growth of the company and it makes a clear view on you that you have a certain good interpersonal skills to manage yourself as well as the task given you to accomplish. Here examples help you to back up your claims and these are the proof that you been there to solve with a good approach. Prepare some quantifiable and relevant stories that you can bring up to the interviewer to show up your skills during the interview and this shows that you have a good practical approach to solve the issue for the growth of the company.

5) Practice your way of giving the interview.

“Practice Makes Perfect"

Absolutely practice makes perfect. Doesn't it? The more you do the more comfortable you are during the interview. So give some mock interviews with your friends or with a coach and this takes out your fear to give the interview. Practice the interview questions during the mock interview and craft your pitch and make sure you practice like you're crazy. If you are not taking any mock interviews, ask your friends to take your interview and make it a video with your smartphones while taking the interview and it's simple too, isn't it?

Of course, this helps you to know where you are making mistakes and the positive points that you can understand to correct and to give in a better way for the successful interview. If you do this multiple times before going for an interview, you can give the best interview in a way to grab the finest job opportunities for your successful career than others.



An interview is a process where if you can prepare everything well and that will be a simple and clear-cut way for your job opportunity but if you can't prepare well enough and that would be a tough situation to sell yourself to the interviewer during the interview. So research about the company very clearly that what are their recent announcements, work culture, product lists and market trends from time to time and go through their website for their recent updates. Understand the salary range in your industry before going for an interview and make sure what are your salary expectations with yourself and the important thing is to explain, what makes you different and how are you going to be a good asset to the company by showing your work what you did in your last job and be a planner and executer during the interview because action works than words.  

Discuss the realities with your examples that how you dealt with situations in the last job and this shows-up your vision towards work and the last and important thing is to practice more before going for the job interview with your friends or with anyone and this feels a little comfort to give the best during the job interview.

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