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Do you Work Well with Other People Best Answers

Do you Work Well with Other People - Best Answers

Somewhere interviewer frequently asks such tricky questions from all us. When you face the interview, then you find it quite difficult to give an answer to such type of questions. But during your interview, you should answer such questions with confidence. If you fail to answer like this question employer could think you are not capable of the required position. When you apply for a job, first you should check whether the position is related to teamwork or an individual. Accordingly, you should prepare yourself for the interview. If you are good to cooperate with other people in responsive & professional skills then it will help you. The mention question in this article is one type of skill that the interviewer nowadays looking at such a fully skilled professional candidate.

While giving answers to such tricky questions you always need to focus on your basic etiquette body language. It is important to keep your face happy & tell them you are very dedicated. To show them that you are one person well works with other people.  Let’s have a discuss how to give the answer to the question- Do you Work Well with Other People.

Why does the interviewer ask this question?

We will see the reason behind asking this question is, - The interviewer is more excited to ask this question how well you can work with other people. Also, they want to know if how you mix with other team members or do you have such quality skills where you can easily mix between their work environments.

Also, they want to try to find out your regular style and how you cooperate with other groups of the member or new people as well.

How to deliver the best answer for - works well with others?

In this, we will discuss which things need to take care of how you give the best answer to this question.

Most of us when the interviewer asks such a question that time they use it commonly statement as - "I like to work with different kinds of group people." It is somewhere correct one statement but you should make your answer with the help of anyone examples to the recruiter. You should think about how you really work with other people at work.

While answering this question you need to highlight what are your own skills and the capability to work in a team. Always use those skills that will interact with others only.

If you have work experience in between any team then you should show your work activity how you played a good job role and what was the role of teamwork and what additional work you were handled, what you achieved.

You should try to give confidence to the interviewer where you have such skills to work as an individual and team member as well, so it defines work balance skills in yourself. So you should deliver or express such a situation example in-between interview where you have handled both activities work as alone and among people group as well.

Whenever you will give the answer to this type of question, you ensure to give a positive response during your interview. Because your positive response always makes you look different from another candidate at the time of the interview.

Sample answers for - do you work well with other people?

As we already discussed how to deliver an answer to the recruiter, where you would get some thoughts about which things to avoid or which thing you should elaborate on. So here we will discuss how you can give an answer to this question. Below some sample answers which will help you with the preparation of the interview.

In my previous job, I used to work with a team of other people and it was a big part of my role in the job. I used to work with developers to share my ideas and thoughts with them on how we can develop certain designs on company websites. I experienced that I have good communication skills which are important to share our thoughts and ideas with others in an effective manner and it leads me to cooperate effectively with my colleagues or team members.

Tips for preparing the best answer

Employers always look for candidates who are capable of working alone as well as with others. Most of us unable to understand employer reasons behind asking such questions. It is the reason you all feel very difficult answer for it. You can answer it as you feel but just try to be honest as much as you can. Here are some tips to prepare the best answer for - do you work well with others.

You should tell about your ability to work skills alone effectively and you may additionally tell to the employer what additional skills do you have. 

You must prepare your answer before going for the interview as per job description and review your answer twice whether it is correct or not for that job profile you apply.

Talk about the experience of working with a team and your roles, and also highlight skills and abilities that help you to manage with others in a helpful manner.

Below are the things you should avoid while answering this question.

  • Avoid doing judgment of other people.
  • You should try to avoid negative language.
  • Do not prove yourself as someone who is not able to handle any conflict when it is necessary.
  • Avoid sharing experience or examples which are not relevant to the question. Keep it simple, short, and specific.


When you give the answer to this question it goes deeper than just saying that you work well with other people. so while preparing for this question make sure your response will convince the interviewer that you can work well with other people. We have mentioned some tips for preparing your answer. We have also shared some sample answers with the help of which you will get the idea about how you can deliver the best response to this question.


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