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Finance Interview Questions and Answers and Tips

Finance Interview Questions and Answers and Tips

In this article, we will discuss finance interview questions and sample answers for those questions. When the candidate for finance specialization starts searching for a job the biggest challenge in front of them is to pass the finance round interview. Finance is a fast-growing and stress-inducing industry and the interviewer may want to know that if a person aspiring to get a job in the finance department can handle all the pressure or not. So it is important to study the questions which the interviewer can ask during an interview. In this article, we have discussed some important tips for answering the tough finance questions that the candidate may face and we will also see some common finance interview questions which the interviewer can ask during interviews.

Important tips for finance interview

Here are some important tips which will help you in finance interviews. We have discussed the things you must be aware of while preparing for finance interviews.

We should prepare for the discussion on current events in the markets – Here we should understand the thing that the interviewer wants to know if the candidate actually has a true interest in the industry and one of the best ways of knowing this is to ask questions about current financial market conditions, recent news regarding big companies and interest rates, etc. The best way to be prepared for this question we need to read the news on the finance industry on a daily basis, especially the news impacting the area where you are interviewing.

We should prepare for guesstimate questions and focus on this method – In this we will discuss why interviewers ask guesstimate question. Their purpose is to test your analytical ability. Interviewers do not expect correct answers for such questions. Interviewers ask such questions to know the way you analyze the situation and how your mind works.

We need to find answers for brain teasers – We should understand that this type of question has nothing to do with finance but finance is an extremely analytical profession and such questions help the interviewer to analyze your analytical ability. You don’t need to study for these questions, the real key is learning how to approach them.

Some more suggestions which will help you while answering finance interview questions - During the interview, the interviewer may try to stress you but you need to be confident and give answers calmly for that prepare for current financial trends, news. That time we need to show our analytical skills. We don’t need to answer quickly, first need to understand the question, take time to think and then answer.

Common corporate finance interview questions

In this, we will discuss most frequently asked corporate finance interview questions which will help you to get a better understanding regarding the topic. First, we must understand long answers may lose an interviewer so try to give short answers which can cover all the points. Common finance interview questions include questions regarding accounting because accounting is the language of business. Make sure you must prepare the following questions before walking into interviews.

Q: What do you mean by finance word?

Answer - This is a very basic question which interviewers frequently ask during finance interviews. We can give an answer like - Finance is the management of monetary resources that are available to government, business entity or an individual.

Q: Please explain the term corporate finance.

Answer - In the above question, we have discussed what finance is. In this question, just one word is additional which we need to focus on. We can say corporate finance is the management of money resources for corporations.

Q: Do you have an idea what financial manager does?

Answer - we have already discussed terms finance and corporate finance. In this question, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of finance managers. Financial managers prepare financial reports, develop various plans and strategies so that the company can plan long term as well as short term financial goals.

Q: Could you tell me which are areas related to finance?

Answer - If we give the answer to it then it is - Investment which related to both individual and organizations, financial management in which decisions are made regarding firms and capital markets and money markets are the areas related to finance.

Q: Tell me your understanding of the term balance sheet?

Answer - Your answer should very simple in your own wording only like - the balance sheet is a financial statement and is also referred to as the statement of sources and application of funds. It provides information regarding sources used by organizations commonly known as liabilities to raise the funds which are known as assets of the organization.

Q: Could you tell me an idea about what are the problems financial managers facing nowadays?

Answer - The answer should be like - problems financial managers face nowadays are- They need to think about how cash required for investment should be raised and how much money organizations should invest and what are the specific assets firms should invest in.

Q: Tell me about financial statements.

Answer - In this, we will discuss what are financial statements, types of financial statements and more information regarding financial statements. Financial statements of the company provide financial information about the company. Balance sheet, cash flow statements, income statements are financial statements of the company. The balance sheet tells us about the position of the company at a specific point in time. It consists of assets, liabilities, and equity of the owner. Cash flow statements tell us about the amount of cash inflow and outflow. Income statements help to view the performance of the company over a specific account year. These statements are useful for investors, creditors, lenders of the company and for those who are interested in investing in a company.

Advance corporate finance interview questions

 In this, we will discuss some advanced interview questions on finance which focuses on various concepts of finance and the given answers will help you to get a better understanding regarding advanced finance questions.

Q: Please tell which sources of short term finance used by the company?

Answer - The answer should be like, short term finance trade credit, bank overdraft, and unsecured bank loan. In trade credit buyers of the good purchases, the goods on credit i.e. buyer does not pay cash to seller at the time of purchase, only to pay later at the specified date. It is an agreement between buyer ads a seller.

Q: Kindly tell what is financial modeling and it is useful.

Answer - In this, we could discuss financial modeling and what are the uses of financial modeling- Financial modeling is a quantitative analysis and it is used to make decisions regarding projects generally in asset pricing model or corporate finance. In short financial modeling is forecasting financial statements of the company such a balance sheet, cash flows and income statements. Financial modeling helps in determining whether the project is prudent to keep on working on two projects or concentrate their full efforts on one project. Using financial modeling, you can use various hypothetical factors like return, risk, cash flow, the cost of the running project and then analyze which project will be the most prudent choice for the company.

Q: Kindly tell the design principles of the good financial model.

Answer - For this financial modeling as below along with the terms, Flexibility - every financial model should be flexible and this flexibility depends on how is it easy to modify the model whenever it is necessary. Appropriate - there should not be excessive details in the I financial model. While developing the financial model, the modeler should always keep in mind that there should be a good representation of reality. Structure -the logical integrity of the financial model is of utter importance. Transparent - financial models should be designed in such a way that it can be easily understood by other financial modelers and non-modelers.

Q: kindly explain the financial model you have built.

Answer - If you have already built a model then it will be easy for you to answer this question. You can tell on the basis of the work you have done and show the model that you have built for any company. You can tell them about how you built the model and what hypothetical factors you considered while developing the model. You should keep in mind that this is one of the most important questions of all because your technical expertise will be judged by the model by an interviewer.

Typical finance interview questions and answers

Let’s discuss some typical finance interview questions and answer which interviewers frequently ask during finance interviews and given answers will help you to understand how you can give answers to such types of questions.

Q: Kindly tell your opinion on working capital?

Answer - We can define working capital as- Working capital can be defined as current assets minus current liabilities.

Q: Please explain the Bank overdraft.

Answer - Your answer should be related to question like - bank overdraft is mostly provided to businesses that require short term funds for a specific season or for a specific contract. Business entities or individuals who have their current accounts in the bank can form time to time withdraw amounts more than the balance present in their accounts and later bank recover overdraft and some service charges.

Q: Kindly tell what you know about share capital?

Answer – You can tell that share capital is a part of the capital that comes from the issue of shares in the organization and it also indicates the number and types of shares which create an organization’s share structure.

Q: Please tell me how do you forecast costs?

Answer - Forecast it is too important question so you can give an answer -forecast costing can be done by using various approaches such as percentage of revenues, variable costs based on revenues, fixed cost based on historical trends and depreciation from the separate schedules, cost other than depreciation as a percent of revenues and depreciation from a separate.


In this article, we have discussed various questions and answers on finance interviews that take a close look at these competencies. The finance industry is a large industry that covers various fields such as investment banking, retail banking, insurance, and other financial services. The questions asked by the interviewer during the interview may differ from candidate to candidate according to the level of job, work experience, etc. however there are some particular skills and behaviors which are essential to get success in most finance positions. You can refer to questions and answers we have discussed in the article which will help you to get a better understanding of which type of questions are asked during finance interviews and how to give answers to these questions.

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