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Group Discussion Tips and Tricks And All you Need to Know

Group Discussion Tips and Tricks  And All you Need to Know

The meaning of group discussion is to know about an individual. You can’t judge any individual to see that person's outer look, so group discussion is the way to know about a person’s behavior, leadership quality, mindset, communication and presentation skills. This round we can call elimination round. If you don’t know how to play in this round then you will eliminate from this round and also eliminate from your success path, because this round is important to round for a company to judge every individual. We can say group discussion is the mirror for every individual to judge their personality and thinking. 

So, read this Article properly because this article going to be so much interesting and full of knowledge.

What is group discussion?

Group Discussion is a combination of two words. So, you should understand two words specifically. One word is Group and another one is Discussion. Group discussion meaning is to describe a topic in front of a group. You can describe your views regarding the given topic. You can share your positivity or negativity points towards that given topic. From your views, one person can understand your personality and mindset. So your views should be clear always. If your views are clear then it shows a positive sign towards the judge. Then your hiring chances will be higher than every individual. So, in group discussion, all points depend upon your views and your presentation skills. If you know how to do then you can crack GD.

How to prepare for group discussion?

Here I have mentioned all group discussion tips, so read clearly all points. In a group discussion, the company can give any topic that will be out of the box. No one ever knows what will be the topic. So, how one individual can perform. Hence, always be smart and always updated about the news, what is going on in this society.  It will help you a lot in group discussions. If possible you can write it down in your copy and you can make a short note about every topic. It will be work as your support in group discussion. If you will update your views then your knowledge will be increased. In the end, you will be the performer. No one will be rejecting you. You never completed this work in one or two days. It will take time to be a good performer. 

 If you speak only English without any facts and figure your point is invalid. So, always concentrate on your facts and figure. Here one question is arises, how to get facts and figure. Simple one thing you can do always updated about all news and prepares your own notes regarding your topic.

Types of GD topics

 Here I am discussing the types of GD topics.

  • Economical Topic
  • Social Topic
  • Environmental Topic
  • Case-based Topic
  • Out of box Topic
  • Knowledge-based Topic
  • Controversial Topic

Opinion based Topic – 

Now, I am describing on by one. I hope you like it and get knowledge and impairment. 

Economical Topic – 

This topic is based on all economical controversy. You can consider for example as Automobile crises, Why GDPI growth going down day by day etc. From here you can differentiate all topics.

Social Topic – 

This topic is based on all social controversy. You can consider for example as Love marriage and arrange marriage, Police reforms, etc.

Environmental Topic – 

This topic is based on all environmental cases. You can consider for example as Air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, etc.

Case-based Topic – 

This topic is based on all case studies. You can consider for example as If you are PM of this India then what you will be done. This is the hypothetical thinking or question. From here one person can know about your thinking.

Out of box Topic – 

This topic can be anything any word but interesting. If you are a high thinking person then you can understand this topic and you can perform well. For example Back, White, Your black day.

Knowledge-based Topic – 

This topic is related to your subject. For example, Java is good software or not. It can be related to any topic. If you have good subject knowledge then you can perform well.

Controversial Topic – 

The controversial topic is based on any famous person statement. You will be given views regarding that statement. It can be any statement. It can be considered a GD topic.

How to start a group discussion

You can divide group discussion into three parts.

  • Initiation
  • Roleplay
  • Conclusion

Here we will discuss all group discussion tips and tricks.

Initiation -

The meaning of Initiation is who those are given a brief introduction about the given topic. They will take initiative on that group and they have proper knowledge about the given topic.

Roleplay -

The meaning of role play is that if one person is not aware of that topic, they listened to others what they say about the given topic then they say their point of view regarding that topic. It is easy to process to know about any topic.

Conclusion – 

The meaning of the conclusion is that whom those are concluding that topic or give the conclusion of a given topic. If one person can do three roles in group discussion then that person should be considered as a good performer on that round. 
Now one question will become arise on how to start GD- Always remember GD is starting with your introduction of yourself then you can start the introduction about the given topic.

These all are GD tips and tricks.

How to clear GD round in job interview?

If you want clear GD round in job interview then you should know about all GD tips. You should compare your topic with all GD topics, as per above mentioned from which topic that comes from. If you know about that then it will be easier for you to identify the meaning of a given topic and you can find out the facts and figure regarding that given topic.

If you give any view then you should remember three things – 

  • Runway
  • Take off
  • Landing

If you want your communication will be effective then your introduction, role play, and your conclusion should be effective. This is all about how to speak in GD.

Top 10 tips for group discussion.

  1. Know about your topic
  2. Practices
  3. Time management
  4. Thinking
  5. Communication Skill
  6. Eye contact
  7. Leadership Quality
  8. Teamwork
  9. Confidence
  10. Give chance everyone to speak

These are the top ten tips for the GD. You can do GD preparation from here. Because this is enough knowledge regarding group discussion. If you will practice every day then you will do wonders in group discussion.

Group Discussion Rules

This is a very important part we all are should be aware of this.
In GD you can do – 

  • Know about the subject properly.
  • Write down about your topic and don’t read that note throughout your Group Discussion.
  • If you know that subject then you should take initiative. Listen carefully to others if you don’t know the subject and write it down on your paper.
  • Always go-ahead for the facts figures and make a short contribution of 25-30 seconds 3-4 times then all are can chance to speak about a given topic.
  • Always give to others speak because it’s necessary for you.
  • Speak always with good behavior and in a polite way then your communication will be effective.
  • If no one knows how to conclude that topic then you should take initiative for the conclusion because initiation and conclusion are matters for every Group Discussion.

These things are you can do in Group Discussion. This all is GD rules.

In GD you can’t do – 

  • If you know the topic then you should initiate or start the topic, if you don’t know that they don’t take initiative. This is against the rule.
  • If you speak again and again then it will not valid for you. The argument is bad during the GD, this is against the rule.
  • Look at the particular person is no sign of good gesture. One person never is considering as a performer.     
  • Talk about unnecessary things is bad for you, this can put a negative impact on you. 
  • Gesture and posture should be good because it is mandatory for Group Discussion.
  • Maintain irritate behavior is not good behavior towards everyone.  
  • If you feel nerves then it will bad for you. Always try to show your good confidence level because is mandatory for everyone in Group Discussion.
  • Do not try to dominate anyone during the discussion with anyone.
  • Do not question anyone during the Group Discussion.
  • Do not try to put anyone into an embarrassing moment. Then you will be out of the discussion.


From the above description, you can know about how to act in group discussions and how to do better than everyone. If you are practicing an everyday basis then it will help you a lot in group discussion. Always go through your topic and try to understand what the meaning of that topic is then generated facts and figures for that given topic. Then write it down and do short notes regarding that topic the note supports you throughout your Group discussion.

Then one thing is always mandatory that is your communication skill or how to speak in GD.   Always try to take the initiative of that topic and give the chance to speak to everyone. Then try to role-play and at the end draw your conclusion properly. It helps you a lot to clear the Group Discussion round.

In Group Discussion try to follow all the rules and regulations.  Accordingly, does that, what should be done in Group Discussion? Here will be a high chance to clear the group discussion round.

Then come to your thinking, how you are thinking about your topic. Your point should be clear and to the paint. Then it will be effective.I hope you all are like it and get knowledge from this article. It will definitely help to clear on your GROUP DISCUSSION round.

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