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How Do you Handle Stressful Situations Sample Answers and Tips

Having a core competence is important to grow as a successful candidate, even though you look for a job in any field. Remember why the employer emphasized asks interview questions and appropriate answers for good quality?

Many of us candidates, before working professionally they feel in their minds like the job they have applied might be quite stressful for them Or sometimes, it can very difficult to manage the work activity in a single day. And it becomes the biggest crisis for their career life.

Everyone knows as, in our career life, we can't get everything easily and to reach on the highest career goal we do a lot of hard work, practices, confidence, and a positive attitude.

As we know, confidence comes naturally with success and, success comes only to those people who are much confident.

The main reason for the employer to ask the questions on - how do you handle stress? To check the ability of work style, skills, accomplished, is to find a perfect match candidate for the open job profile. Generally, if you are in the interview process, or if you are preparing for a fresh job then you should not take such a question very commonly type. And, if you do not answer this question well, series then it would put your job profile in a situational condition for the employer.

We have written this article which would give you thoughts to crack the interview for such type of question and would tell you a complete overview how you people can manage the work activity, and how to handle these types of situations and how to give answers in this situation during your workplace helps for their professionalism,

Why does the interviewer ask this question?

It is all about asking the situational questions, let we will see why the employer asks you really? The reasons are as follow,

  • The employer wants to know how you will react to your workplace when you will be a stressful situation.
  • They want to know how you would use your problem-solving skills at your workplace for their organization.
  • They want to know whether you are a beneficial or perfect match candidate for the applied job application.
  • What would be your moments, reaction in the stressful condition?
  • What will be your potential for a professional employee for them?
  • In stress the situation, how you would keep yourself positive and avoid the negative impact on the workplace.

On the whole, such type of question could make you think. And you should answer these questions in a positive way only if you want to see yourself shortlist for the applied job profile.

How to answer an interview - How do you handle stress?

The primary purpose of the asking question is an interview. Here there’s nothing more only you should give your best which is as vital as helping the interviewer understand. In such a situation, when you prepare an answer to this question you should think about that time when you experienced or any fresh work style stress at the workplace.

You should expend more time with your work activity tasks –

At the time of the interview or before going for an interview you people can come closer to the answer to such questions. For that, you should think about your work activity, few minutes like how you worked on your current and past history profile situations. Therefore, you people come to know easy on the sample stress interview questions and answers,

For example, you people can derived answer from your past work project or department work activity likewise,

Sample as,

  • I feel better working at any pressure situation and I also enjoyed my work in a challenging environment.
  • As per my previous work style, I learned a lot and keep myself positive and very calm at any stressful situation at my workplace to maintain professionalism.

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You should prepare for questions and its answer for how to handle pressure at work -

Simply put, the situation in front of you and you should try to prepare the answer from yourself and if your answer is not perfect then the employer hard to take attention to your answer. Therefore, the practice is a must to crack such a question.

At the time of self-interview preparation, you people can get ready with some question and you could prepare the answer for the interviewer here is the few stressful situations at work examples interviewer might ask you.

  • Explain the examples of stressful situations in your past work?
  • Being a team leader, how do you handle the pressure at your workplace?
  • At your workplace, what time do you face stress in difficult situations?
  • As you are a fresher candidate, how can you work well under pressure?
  • How you would handle stressful situations if any major escalation raises between your team. Kindly, describe a stressful situation and how you would handle it?

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Sample answers to a stress interview question

You, people, may take the few sample answers on the interview question How Do You Handle Stress, are as follows,

  • At my workplace, I handle all the stress because I am good at my work style and I am good at working in stress because at the time of stress I do lots of work during stressful situations.
  • At the time of stress, I worked very much and make coordination between the team members and senior managers to complete the work in a very fast way. Also, I used my transferable skills.
  • At the time of stress I work in a very polite manner I never take any stress situation in mind, so it helps me a lot to show my potential at my work position and I believe only my work style.
  • In the situation of stressful, I never give up and use my problem-solving skills to check the failure situation and take the decision on the quick way with the proper POA (Plan of Action).
  • If I talked about my past work experience where I have handled the may stressful situation and handled the productivity issue of my team member, I identified those people who have faced challenges, struggling with their daily not meeting work.
    For that, I aligned the training those people and discuss with them, and built their confidence level, used the motivational speech, and after that, the productivity increased day-by-day. However, I personally enjoy a bit of stress at any kind of work.
  • I really enjoyed working under pressure because it's very challenging for me. For example, I handle a big size team member and also I conduct the training for the new hire candidate at my daily work activity duration time, therefore it is also easy for me to manage all the things, and I never feel pressure in those work activity and I have much potential, passion towards work at any kind of environment.

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Tips for answering this question

Here are the tips for answering this question how to handle stress,

  • Before giving the answer, you should first take the pause or take relax and then start your answer at the front of the interviewer. It would help to grab the attention of the employer.
  • You should feel like nervousness and never try to skip such a question. And if you do such practice then it would give negative thoughts towards the interviewer.
  • Whenever you start to give an answer then it should very descriptive and along with the specific example, where how you have handled the stress situation.
  • You should use only your success and positive examples for such an answer.
  • While giving an answer to the question of how do you handle stressful situations you should much confident because the always employer needs such a candidate at the time of interview process steps. Therefore, you should be confident in your statement.
  • Before going for the interview you should make the perfect match example with scenario wise and make the strategies to present the best answer.
  • During this question, you should try to show your vital skills and highlighted used words.
  • You should do a lot of practice at your home to chase such a question.


From this summary, we concluded how to handle you at stress and how to handle these types of question when it is asked by the recruiter.

Here we have mentioned some sample answers which will help you to describe yourself in a situation and how you will handle it. You can also take the reference from the internet and how do you handle stressful situations yahoo answers will help you to give the idea. We hope this will help you for dealing with these types of questions if you answer these types of questions in the interview then it will create your positive impact on the recruiter and it increases the chance to get a job.

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