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How to Ace Telephonic Interview?

We all know what an interview, and how it is important in our professional lives. An interview is the main step to achieve your dream job. If we usually see, most of the hiring managers do a telephonic interview first and then a face-to-face interview.


And in this article, we are going to talk about how to clear a telephonic interview, and we will also know - what you should keep in mind.


Before we start discussing our topic, can you tell me what comes to your mind when you hear or see the phrase ‘Telephonic interview?’ Here I will tell you, Telephonic interview is the process in which an employer conducts a primary interview round of the hiring procedure to communicate with the candidate and to know about the profile overview.


Don't be nervous thinking about this interview, let's start!  Here are some tips to start a telephonic interview as an interviewer:


  • Awareness is a must, so before attending your telephonic interview, you need to confirm the date and time so it would help to understand and respond to things.           
  • You shouldn't do hurry for your telephone interview immediately, always take your own time, and at least you ready for it 10-20 minutes before.                                                                                                          
  • To pass the telephonic interview, the main point is telephonic interview conversation. The first thing is the greetings. Give your interviewer greetings, it will show respect for them. And then introduce yourself.
  • Over the telephonic, please ensure to use Mr. or Ms before the interviewer's last name or just simply use their first name. However, here many candidates are confused about it.
  • At the start of the call, please keep your self-introduction short and give relevant information.
  • During your interview, please do not forget to tell your educational details, project work, which will help you to make a good impression on your approaching hiring executive.
  • Take a twice review of your interviewer Job descriptions or appointment and do more research about company career, product, or service types online references. More analysis about the company will help you when the employer asks you what you know about our company. So, the beneficial thing about telephonic interviews is you can have your cheat sheet in front of you. You can say this as a phone interview cheat sheet.
  • You should keep one copy of your resume and cover letter with you, during the time of attending the interview. Also, please keep the job description in front of you.
  • You should seat with a note pad, paper at the time of your telephonic interview so that if you have any doubt or question comes to in our mind then you can note it.
  • Please ensure all your important things related to the interview should be close to you so that you do not face any problem during the telephonic interview.
  • If you want to succeed in your telephonic interview, then first listen to the employer questions that will help you in giving a relevant answer.
  • You may use the headphones, which would help in a clear echo voice so it will help out the interviewer more to listen to you well.
  • In addition, a telephonic interview allows the use of cheat sheets, as well as access to the Internet to the candidates having the advantage of remaining unseen.
  • Do not interrupt the employer, always listen to them first, or else it can be your bad telephonic interview.
  • Make sure in your answer powerful words or points should there and for this, it is important to listen carefully to the questions and focus on your answer.
  • You should before starting the telephonic interview you can prepare by searching on references telephone interview questions to ask or phone interview questions and answers examples.
  • Ensure to prepare your salary requirements and keep attention on it. The interviewer might ask you a question like, ‘what is your salary expectation?’ so keep it straightforward when asked. You can simply say, ‘I am looking for a salary between pay scale packages.
  • For such interviews, you should choose a noise-free room and the atmosphere should be quite good. So that it helps to focus on the interview.
  • You should check the battery or network of your mobile phone and take your meeting accordingly. Because network connectivity can adversely affect your interview or it can reschedule the interview.
  • After the interview, you can ask the employer some questions about their company that will help the employer know that you are more willing to learn about their organization. Which can be a positive for you?
  • In the end, you may ask for the interviewer's email id or any contact details to take follow-up for your telephonic interview.
  • The main thing is after the phone interview what happens next. I think you should send the thank you note after the interview.
  • After the interview finishes, do not forget to say thank you to the interviewer. At the end of the call ensure a positive voice tone.

You must prepare yourself for answering questions like the below, which would help you a lot during the telephonic interview.

Tell me about yourself?


What do you about our company?


Why do you want to work with us?


What is your salary expectation?


Why should I hire you?


We hope this article will definitely help you to crack the telephonic interview and go for the next round of the interview process. You can search on the internet for phone interview greeting sample or if you are an interviewer then you may search for how to start a phone interview as the interviewer. So you will get more information about it.


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