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How to ace your second job interview

How to Ace Your Second Job Interview?

Interview, an interview is a word by listening that everyone gets afraid of the interview. If there are any vacant places for a company whether it is the government or private sector it requires and employees then they advertisement their requirements. Let's talk about the interview why we not afraid should and what is the actual way to crack an interview. We will also try to cover how many rounds are there in the interview. If you are selected for the second round then it means that you have in shortlisted for the job which you have applied. If you are shortlisted for the second town it means there are only a few distances between you and your job. Here we are going to see how to prepare the interview and what should do and what should not be done for the second interview.

Let's go further on this article,

Why recruiters conduct so many interviews?

Recruiter the responsible person who is responsible to give the right employee to the organization or the company. An interview is the best way for the recruiter to find out the best for the right candidate for the job. It is not easy by a recruiter to find out the right candidate by watching his cv or by the first meeting. So the recruiter takes so many rounds to find the best candidate or we can say that the best employee for the company is suitable and give profit to the company or organization. Recruiter always tries to give the best employee to the company because the recruiter is the responsible person for the company profit if they choose the wrong candidate then the company will get a big loss. There are different types of interview rounds conducted by the company which is taken by the recruiter to get shortlist a good candidate.  Basically there are four rounds in which every private company does that.

  • Attitude - Attitude is the first phase here in the interview you are the hiring person to see how much you are active about your job. The person trying to see your presence of mind at a time of interview and how quick and perfect you are it can be decided by the attitude test by the variety of the companies. So before going to attend aptitude test you should get prepared for that without preparation of aptitude you can't go to crack the aptitude test and go to the next round.
  • Group discussion - after getting qualify aptitude round there will be the group discussion it is very important and tough round. In the group discussion, we get any topic and you have to discuss it with the HR sometimes or some time you have to discuss it with other candidates too. Many of them can’t crack this round because in this they have to convince and tell the right thing about the topic. He should try to convince other candidates and you should show that you are good and the other person is kept convinced by your point. It shows how much you are aware of the appearance and its use of your communication skills too.
  • Technical round - It is the most important and the toughest or we can say that the easy round because by this round only the recruiter decides how much you are good for the applied post. You should better be prepared for the applied job for this round because it shows how much you are passionate about your work and how is you can work in our future. You should express yourself as much as you can about the technical round you should talk in a technical way. Basically it is important to round where you get shortlisted and it is a 90% chance to get the job after clearing the technical round.

HR- After clearing the technical round it is possible that you got the job but the HR round is also important and the final round is taken by the recruiter. In this round, you are going to ask several questions like what is your salary expectation? Why you have applied for this job? In this round, HR tells you about the roles and responsibilities you will have in the company. You will get to know about your salary in this round only you can also negotiate the salary. So it is the final round after did you can get join for the job.

Above mentioned rounds are important you should always get prepared and know about the rounds. You should try to know about this that what is happening in the individual round. In some of the companies there will be only these two rounds first is facing and second is technical round and in the second round only they include the HR round.

What to expect after the second interview with VP or recruiter?

If you are got selected for the second round then it is very good. The first round is basically to check your communication skills or we can say that the soft skill you have is checked by the recruiter in the first round only. In the second round mostly we say that it is a technical round where you have to face the technical question. On the basis of the second round, you got selected for the job. Recruiter tries to see your hard skills according to your graduation and all the extra activities you had mentioned in your resume.

How to prepare for the second job interview?

Most of the second round in interview technical round so you should get prepared for this with the help of your graduation books if you are experienced then you can learn about the job profile. You should try to prepare all the basic concepts according to the job if you are fresher for experienced. Because preparation is very much important for both the person whether it is pressure for the experienced one. Always try your previous books and related books are the magazines according to the job profile and you can also learn a new skill from social media. It will be very beneficial for your interview.

Do's and don’ts of the second interview?

Some points you should be mention in your mind that you should do or not to do for a second interview the points of following us,

Points you should remember for the second interview

  • You should be on time.
  • Always prefer formal dresses.
  • Get well prepared.
  • You must be getting much confident.
  • Should be Express yourself according to the point.

Points you should not be done for the second interview

  • You should not show the irrelevant behavior
  • You should not show overconfidence in front of the recruiter.
  • If you don't know the answer then you should not express it in a lengthy way.
  • You should not tell lie.
  • You should not tell anything bad about your previous company.

Second round interview questions and answers

List of some common question which is asked by the recruiter at the time of the second interview

  • Tell me about what is the biggest challenge for your previous company?
  • How did you handle the challenge in your previous company?
  • How much you are creative or passionate about your job?
  • What is your management style and what do you prefer?
  • How get you manage your team?
  • How you can handle your clients?
  • How did you take leaves and inspire your employees? How did you do it?

How to chase the second interview?

You can chase your second interview with the help of your skills. Giving the second interview is not a big deal. It is as simple as you have given the first interview. It is a technical round so we have to get well prepared for all the questions. First of all, you have to be on time. We have to wear formal dresses and you have to answer all the questions in a decent way. If you know the answer then you have to explain your answer according to the point. You have to express yourself in the aa word limit. You should not speak very much in front of the interviewer. Instead of giving the nursing sample try to give a short example and should use the technical word in the time of giving an answer.


By this summary, we conclude that how to face II interview futures. Here I have described the rounds of interviews. You must go if you got the offer letter for the second interview. we have mentioned all the question answers for the second round interview. You should well prepare because I have mentioned the good things and the interview questions for employees also. The second round is a golden chance to get the job so prepare well and do well.


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