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How To Answer at Interviews What Motivates You

How To Answer at Interviews - “What Motivates You?”

Answering interview questions like, “what motivates you?” or “what motivates you at work?” must be tricky because they are open-ended questions or problems.

It’s not as difficult as it seems if you have the right method, though.

I’m going to walk you through a proven method you can use to give a great answer to explain what motivates you at work any time an interviewer asks.

Then later we must look at multiples of answers for examples for “what motivates you”, and so you could make sure that you are ready for your next interviews.

Let’s get started…

First, Why Do They Ask This Interview Question?

There are a few reasons…

But more importantly, they want to see your resiliency, determination, etc. How you’ll handle challenges and setbacks (a tough project, or being asked to do something that isn’t quite on your job description or having to work late, fill in for another team member, etc.)

And although that how much you will handle this if the jobs are very much harder than you may be expected to learn and grown and may get started in that.  Later they do not want to hire someone who will quit or give up and also waste their valuable time.

So that here are some of the guidelines that when you're answering questions for what motivates you in an interview.

How to Answer “What Motivates You?” – Do’s and Don’ts


The first step is you need to show them that you are not just for coming to work or a job for the purpose of a paycheck. Because the reason is that will may put a lot of doubts in their thought of minds about how you may responding when the things get very much tough or difficult.

And so It doesn’t have to be a someone's heartfelt or heartbreaking story about how your grandmother has an illness and so that you may dedicate that your life for finding a cure, etc...

Although You can also say that you are very much motivated for the purpose of solving complex technical challenges.

And you may say that you love a collaborating and also accomplishing bigger things as an important part of a team or group, and mainly that’s what you drive to do your very best performance for each and every day and also only says this if the suitable jobs involve a group or teamwork.

You may say that you are enjoying the meaningful work or job and creating products that can change people’s current and future lives. And But only says that this if the company or organizations that you are interviewing with actually may has a product that can change people's lives. and so If they can selling the payroll software, so you don’t tell this.

Everything you say in the interview needs to be tailored to the company. although you just need to think that about the job or work that they are really offering and so to make sure your all answers fit in with that, and also or they won’t hire you in work or a suitable job.

You may also communicate about personal interests so that tie in with the work or suitable job. Maybe you are really a big fan of playing a music guitar but can't able to become a professional in that field. So you may interview for a suitable job as a music producer or composer. Or else as a guitar designer or director. Or a guitar teacher.

And another example of this: You Maybe you were an athlete or sportsman in high school and college or universities, and this is what you may be really passionate about that sportsman. This is a great and proper explanation for why you’re maybe interviewing at any suitable job relating to athletics or sportsmen and that what motivates you each and every day. Although this can be for a suitable job as a personal trainer or teacher, coach, physical therapist, scout, or any other sports-related job, etc...


Let’s talking about what NOT to do now is,

Don’t just talk about the importance of money. Because Everyone comes to work or job for a paycheck for earnings. The interviewer also knows this. If they are asking you about that “what motivates you?” in a time of the interview, then they want to hear that something about money.

If you seem too money-focused in your interviews, it’s probably the reason you can't find a job. The only exception is jobs that pay commission, like sales jobs.

If you’re getting a paycheck every 10 working days, there are 9 other days where something else will need to keep you motivated. That’s what they care about.

Also, don’t feel like you need to make up some impressive stories. Tell the truth. It can be a simple, straight-forward answer.

Being dishonest is not a good idea with this interview question

Example Answers for “What Motivates You”

Now Once again let’s look at some examples for “what motivates you?

Interviewer: What is motivating you to come to work for each and every day?

You: I like challenging myself and advancing on a personal level. This whats attracted me a lot to Sales to begin within. And it’s personally challenging a lot, and it's forced me to be developing new skills and knowledge that I never would have been attempted on my own – like cold calling and somebody or maybe starting a conversation with a detailed complete stranger. Almost It’s has been changed my self-confidence level and also my entire life, and not just my future career, and this continues to keep me motivated and get me through very tough or difficult days, or days where things that don’t go my way. [ Resume Builder ]

Remember, never mention money in your answer here! If you don’t know why to go back and re-read the article. It’s one of the most important points mentioned.

And also remember that one of your bigger goals and targets is to show them that you can work hard full of dedication and also stick with it, instead of quitting if things get tough. That’s why “What motivates you?” is such a common interview question.

If you look at the answer example above, you’ll see the end of the answer is focused on showing them that I’ll stick with the work when it gets tough. You should try to do the same.

One more example of an answer…

Interviewer: “What motivates you?”


“I’ve watched multiple family members suffer through addiction, so after graduating with my degree in Psychology, I knew I wanted to work in addiction research and treatment. The most important impact that this research may have is huge, and that keeps or makes me a more motivated person. Also, the field is always evolving and providing new challenges to keep me grow professionally. Although I love the work and job, and even it’s what I want to continue at the time or doing throughout my career to achieve my career goals and targets.

Your Answer Can Get Personal, But Doesn’t Need to…

Those two are the most suitable examples that answer the all above and its got a bit personals. The first one mentions confidence and personal development goals, and the second one talks about addiction and family members.

You don’t need to get personal in your answer, though. It’s perfectly fine to say something like:

“I’ve always liked math and computers. I don’t have a personal reason, it’s just what I’m excited about doing. I can’t imagine doing something else for my career.”

For this reason, don’t feel so pressured to lie or also makes up some personal reasons when you answer “what motivates you?” in the time of interviews

As a recruiter, I’ve spoken with a lot of GREAT job candidates who were simply motivated by one of the following:

  • Technical challenges
  • The “mission” of the company (helping people, saving lives, connecting people across the globe, etc.)
  • Personal interests

Answering “What Motivates You” – Quick Instructions

  • Name at least one thing that motivates you at work, aside from money or a paycheck
  • Your answer for what motivates you can be a personal reason, but doesn’t need to be
  • Don’t lie or make up an answer that isn’t genuine; tell the truth about what motivates you at work and you’ll be much more likely to get hired
  • Don’t say you’re only motivated by money, or that you work to pay your bills
  • Don’t say that you’re not sure or aren’t motivated by anything in particular

Show excitement and enthusiasm in your answer; your goal is to sound energetic and driven to work hard and learn this new job you’re being considered for – that’s what will convince them to hire you.

If you follow the tips above you’ll be able to give a great answer when employers ask questions like, “what motivates you?”,  or what kind of things motivated you a lot to come to work or job for every day.

Your answer to this question can be the difference between getting a job offer and getting rejected after the interview… so as the last step, remember to practice and get comfortable with the answer you’re going to give.

Find out how to prepare for interview questions about motivation and check out examples of model answers that will impress employers.

This is a major important question that is one that throws over many of the candidates because it is very very broad and at the same time easy to misinterpret a lot, and it can throw you if you are haven't thought about it in knowing in advance. One of the very best answers to an interview questions about your motivation are must to be honest and bold, and also but they should be also to connect to the suitable jobs or work that you are going for by suggesting that you would be most suited to the suitable job or work.

Good answers to the question ‘what motivates you?’

A very good answer for any of the interview questions is superb and that makes use of telling detailed answers. Whatever you can say about your self-motivation, that you should need to back it up properly with most suitable examples from your practical studies, work experience and/or extracurricular activities, and it should relate to the skills and aptitudes and knowledge that are required for the suitable job or work that you’re going to looking for.

You can practice answering this question by completing an interview using the resources available from our partners,

Here's an overview of types of experience that you might find motivating (though you should always make sure your answer is personal and relates to your own background, and give a concrete example):

  • Meeting deadlines, targets or goals.
  • Mentoring and coaching others.
  • Learning new things.
  • Coming with creative ideas according to improve something newly, or make something different.
  • Assigning complex data in order to draw clearly and also with simple conclusions.
  • Working well as part of a team.
  • Leading a team to success.
  • Complete the most difficult projects or tasks, and also seeing it through to the end results.
  • Spotting the suitable flaws and spotted errors or mistakes and so as to make sure that the end results of a given project are as good as possible as their expectation.
  • Finding a  new way to solve problems or questions, or also to overcome a given challenge.

And When one of our trainees and editors were asked you about her self motivation at the time of the interview, she answered: ‘I am motivated by meeting set targets of plans within the given deadlines, as it gives me a lot of accomplishments and it's something that I can look back on and say "I achieved that". I am also self-motivated by visible accurate results – for example, although when I write a suitable article for one of my student's newspapers, then I got a sense of accomplishment for knowing that up to 15,000 students may be read it.

How not to answers the interview questions ‘what motivates you in the interviews?’

This kind of questions is not asking to you an interview:

  • What is the kind of motivations for the purpose of applying for suitable jobs?
  • What are your future career goals and targets?

At least at finally, it is not to asking you these things indirectly, and although you could touch and connect on them with your valuable answers. It has been asking you and what motivates you in life in a general format.

Although, By way of the contrast, many questions about you that what motivated you to apply for the suitable jobs are really inviting you to match your self motivations in a specific way to the different number of the employer, and the industry and also the roles of the employees in an organization.

Why the recruiters may ask you about what motivates you in the interviews?

These are the questions that help the recruiters to find out more information about you as a person. And Your answers may give them some of the insights into they are:

  • what are the things that make you tick
  • what you enjoy doing a lot and also what are your values
  • whether  may you could perform well in a suitable job role
  • How can you fit into their group or team?

Example answer for What motivates you?

One of My Largest motivation is my family. because they are my biggest sources of inspiration and also my strongest support system as well. Although When I saw my parents or family working on something, it gives me the drive to be a liking them. And Their dedication to their working is really what makes motivates me a lot to be like them. Even though They are self-motivated individuals. and so Hence I tried to imbibe their positive vibes into my entire life. and I have really learned a lot from my father and my family members that how to never give up on any of the tough clients. This really excites me a lot to take up the greater toughest challenges and risks without any kind of fear of failures. The most important thing is My mother is the biggest source of the calm confidence level. And Knowing these that exactly what makes to push hard and also where we really how to slow down is something great I have learned from her.


When we came to the conclusion part, these are the following things that motivate us during the time of interviews, If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below!
If you like the above-Mentioned Blogs Please comment and let us know if any improvements in our blogs are required.

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