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How to answer How do you handle stresspressure

How to answer ‘How do you handle stress/pressure?

 Interviewers often ask questions like ‘how do you handle stress or pressure’ when interviewers ask such questions they try to figure out how you will react to stressful situations and how it can affect your group members or your equals. For responding to such a question you should think about the stressful situations that you have passed through in your work or in life and how you handled these situations. In this article, we will see how we can deliver the best answer to this question. It will help you face interviews for this question.

First, we will discuss a few points on why interviewer asks this question

As we all know the interviewer always looks for the best and fit candidates for their organization. The employer is looking for a candidate for a role that involves stressful situations, they might try to find out how you handle such situations or are you capable for handling the situation or not, and how you will react at that time of the situation. And when you give the answer to such a question, where the employee can easy to thought on you what is right or what is wrong for their organization.

The employer asks this kind of behavioral question to see how you will work in different situations. So you need to highlight your skills, strength and experience details with some good example at the time of interview that you are strong at handling stress or any kind of pressure in between your work.

You should always think about yourself and find out the skills that you have and you should try to make list all, and make powerful answers based on your skills. Always keep sharpening your skills if you are preparing an interview. You should also work on your soft and hard skills like soft skills always tell about your communication, presentation skill, and your management skills. Hard skills also have their own way of it to show and learn new things that you will get lots of practice and knowledge.

For answering such a question first you should think about your experience and the soft skills that you have been used at the time of handling stress and with the help of which you have handled stress in your previous job. For handling a work stress/pressure there are some keys to time management, organization, adaptability, problem-solving more examples of soft skills which you could use to handle stress or pressure.

Always, try to highlight your skills by telling any situation that you have experience in past - Once you think about your soft and hard skills, where you can think about any past situations you have experience and you could always give suitable examples according to the situation at the time of the interview. Always prepare such examples before going for the interview. You may write these examples in your notebook or practice it verbally as well. Always aside such instance where you failed, and you were stuck in stress because of your fault. Prepare two to three good examples where you have handled the situation very well, which will highlight your skills and help you to make a good impression on the interviewer.

  • Avoid saying things like I never experienced stress - If you tell the interviewer that you never experienced stress during your previous job interviewer will not believe you or they would think that you do not perform your role and responsibilities towards your work seriously enough.

If you are a fresher you can tell how you manage stress while performing your daily activities or how you used to handle stress during your exams in college days and during the internship and industrial training visit work.

  • Few samples answer – How do you handle stress/pressure

I don’t like to stay stressed; in its place, I always try to focus on how I could complete my tasks in the timeline so that I would not feel much pressure. For example, if clients of the company are not happy with the product, I constantly talk to them about the problem and their requirements. I always go to the bottom of the issue and find a solution with the help of which the same problem will never face again.

I always feel a healthy amount of stress is good for me because with the help of which I always stay on work on the right path and focused. For example, deadlines are important to me. In my previous job, I used to set my own deadlines so I can focus on my work and complete it on time.


There are some general interview questions that every interviewer asks during the interview like, Tell me about you, tell me what are your strengths and weaknesses? Or how you handle stress or pressure?

You may think that these are so common questions and you should always very familiar with such questions and most of us do not practice much answering these questions so they somewhere they failed to give the answer on it. But you must practice for answering this question; because the interviewer tries to predict so many things by asking such behavioral questions regarding workplace stress. In this article, we have given some tips for answering this question. We have also discussed sample examples with the help of which you can prepare your own answer.


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