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How To Cancel a Job Interview And Reschedule It Tips Sample Email

How To Cancel a Job Interview And Reschedule It - Tips & Sample Email

Let’s first talk about the interview; there are lots of interviews conducted daily. The employers are looking for suitable and perfect candidates for their organization. The employer always finds you on the basis of the profile according to the job description. As we usually know, first employers go through your entire resume or you may say that they first do the screening and then they schedule an interview of the, who is suitable for the desired profile. So many of the candidates go for the interview and some are canceling it due to some reason like personal reason issues, family and some other work, etc, due to which the recruitment executive has to cancel the interview or if it is possible then they look for rescheduling.

Should you cancel the scheduled interview?

Firstly you all should to keep attention do not try to cancel the interview unless any emergency work because the cancellation of the interview is not a good habit. Most employers do more analysis and close screening on your resume, for the reason of the need for good skilled candidates. It means they spend more time at the time of the interview drive. If you are planning to cancel a scheduled interview then it would not good shine. If you cancel an interview that means you are wasting your employer's time.

Due to any personal issues, any emergency you are unable to attend the interview hence you cancel the interview.

This is the major issue due to which most of the interviews you cancel. You are not very confident in yourself but you think that if you will attend this interview then you will lose one chance that's why he does not attend the interview and cancel it due to lack of preparation.

Some valid reasons for canceling the interview

This happens most of the time that you have to cancel the interview after scheduling it. This can be done due to some of the reasons and we are going to mention and explain those important reasons due to which we have to cancel in the scheduled interview. So the important reasons are following as,

  •  Due to Health issues - This is the most common and important factor due to which we have to cancel the interview which is scheduled by us for the candidate. In your health issue, if you suffer any fever symptoms and which can happen by any of the candidates without any future notice, nobody knows what type of infection disease fever can happen with him. In these types of situations, you are not having any type of option that you are going to attend the interview you have to just cancel it. So from here, you got that at the time of fevers you have to cancel the interview, or accordingly you should inform your hiring manager.
  •  Always keep valid reason – If you will inform valid reason and genuine to the employer due to that you are canceling your interview, then it would a positive attitude towards you. Because it is the first stage of the interview or if you will not attend the interview on the scheduled date and timing then there would be a concern against you or they will not consider you serious on that particular position you have applied. Address types of reasons are very much valid in which and the candidate can't do anything they have to do that work in a primary way so we have to cancel the scheduled interview.
  • Unexpected or emergency reason for canceling an interview – As you know we all are human and in our life, there are some unexpected situations that would happen anytime like a situation accident is a factor due before one day of your interview you unexpected situations in which you got injured and doctor advise you to take bed rest. In this situation, you should inform this valid reason with some valid hospitalization and inform your hiring manager or you may request them for rescheduling after some of the days if it is possible. You may write the requested email to the employer.

How to reschedule a job interview gracefully?

Let's discuss, scheduling and the re-scheduling types actually both the different things at the time of scheduling the interview you have. In simple wording asking about the profile and the job description and you can schedule it but at the time of these scheduling, you have to be very much confident. Here are the important points on how to reschedule the interview for the candidate. Points are following as,

  • Need to call for reschedule Interview - When you have an interview and you are unable to attend the interview then and it is your first duty that you have to inform the recruiter about it that you are going to cancel the interview. If you don't want to lose the opportunity then in call only you can reschedule your interview.
  • You should apologize for rescheduling the interview - You have to apologize for the recruiter and request him to schedule your interview and tell him the reasons why you are going to cancel the interview.
  • Use professional Email communication for interview reschedule - You have to write to email and first of all you have to say sorry to the recruited and request him to reschedule your interview again.

Sample email to cancel a job interview and reschedule it.

Here is the sample of canceling the interview and the rescheduling of the interview following as,

Subject: Request for a rescheduling interview.

 Dear (Employer Name)

First of all, thank you so much for scheduling my interview and giving me this golden opportunity but I am here to inform you that I am not able to attend the interview due to some personal reasons.

I am sorry for these types of inconvenience to you. In the future, I will definitely not miss the opportunity.

 Thanks and Regards,

You’re Name


 Subject: Requesting for interview canceled

 Dear (Employer Name)

 I am here to inform you that I am very much sorry for the inconvenience you will have from my side because I am unable to come for an interview today. This is because I am having a fever due to this doctor advised me to take bed-rest.

So please reschedule my interview for some other day.

 Thanks and Regards,

You’re Name


 Subject: Regarding the interview

 Dear (Employer Name)

I am here to inform you that I had an accident last night so I am unable to come for an interview today. I need some time so kindly reschedule my interview. So please reschedule my interview for some other day.

 Thanks and Regards,

You’re Name


here we have covered all the points which will help you to cancel a job interview and reschedule it. I have tried to convert to rescheduling interviews due to work due to job interviews and We have also mentioned here some of the work samples we have tried to cover the employer reschedule job interview and All the email examples. At the time of the scheduling for canceling the interview, we have to be very much graceful about it and also covered here during an interview gracefully sample. We hope this article will help the candidate to cancel and reschedule the interview.



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