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IT Skills for Resume and Examples

Do you know what is the meaning of IT, what are IT skills? IT simply means Information Technology, and the skills associated with information technology are known as IT skills. Due to innovations, technology, the IT sector is upward enormously today's era.

If we talk, the maximum number of students always chooses the Information Technology degree as comparing other course's degrees. Having a good IT degree always gives you the ability to earn the most amount of money, and learn more proficient new skills.

If you have any degree under the Information Technology course then organizations always give you excellent opportunities for information technology professional profiles. And when you see your career job in the IT sector, then you have a lot of possessing skills during the degree.

In this IT field, the job description is not always the same; the interviewer always looks for a newly developed skilled candidate due to them as per recent new technology needs. Hence if you people are looking for a job in IT then you should ready to accomplished, in different kinds of skills and updated new technology language, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss what IT Skills are, what various IT skills for resume are, and how to showcase the IT skills on your resume as per your job application.

 What are IT Skills?

An Information technology professional has tremendous opportunities in their career. IT skill is the abilities help to indicate workplace activity in a very general way. IT skill often use to work in the software field as well as in back end activity, in the various programming languages, coding, development module, management, service support, technical, etc.

Usually, people working in computer science, computer application engineering, and information technology have needed lots of technical skills and some basic computer skills as well.

Below are some additional IT skills for CV, you may refer it on your resume.

  • Analytical power
  • Attention on project
  • Ability to handle the pressure
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skill
  • Multitasking
  • Programming coding skill
  • MVC skill
  • Bug Understanding
  • Understanding of API
  • Creativity skills
  • Product development skill
  • Simulator skill

IT Skills - List and Example

How many skills to put on a resume are might such questions are arising in your mind but it is up to you only. Below are some basic IT skills with examples which you can mention in your resume,

Show your Coding Skills in Resume –

When you are an IT degree completed candidates, then you have a big role in the code part. This, along with your degree, makes you pay attention to being very subjective during the interview. When you show the coding skill in your resume then it assures the interviewer that you must have worked on a lot of programming language and a better understanding of new technology. You should show your IT coding skills in such functional coding languages that would impact the interviewer.

Here, you people should show essential coding skills on your resume in which you have worked practically for developing a software product, such as programming language Core Java, Advanced Java, Angular JS, .Net, UI designing, JavaScript, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, object-oriented, CPP, C, etc.

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Time Management –

If you are showing Time Management skills on your resume, then you should know what is the most golden rule of its. Meaning, in your IT field, you should always show the things which you used to prioritize. As an IT candidate, you should always have these skills and have an understanding of how will use the time to complete your task.

Time Management plays a big role for you in this. You should use such skills in your professional workplace or in your daily life routine as well. Being an IT professional candidate you should good in your management skill because you have to review your project according to the client's opinion on an MTD, FTD basis. Under your IT time management skill, you people can list the appropriate skills as per your field like Decision-making, Prioritizing Work, and Result setting, Strategic thinking, Meeting work style, Scheduling tasks, etc.

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Well-built Communication Skill –

Good communication plays a big role in every sector, but in an IT career, it shows the own Identity, strong power. It would help you convey the message with your other team member, department, client, etc. You cannot work on this field individual position, so communication is a must for you, in order to take follow up, meeting, call-conference, review task, etc.

So when you make your resume, you should show skills related to communication and leave a positive impression on the interview, and you could show skills like group leading skills, active listening, empathy skill, presentation skill, co-ordination, etc.

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Data Analytic Skill –

 It is very important for the IT degree candidate to have data analytics skills. The employer is looking for candidates, who have data analytics skills, for that you people can also mention names of particular data analysis in which you have worked as a data analysis skill. Here, you can show skills like data visualization, storage, implementation, optimization, acquisition, etc.

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How to Showcase IT skills on resume

You all know that IT skills are mostly related to computer literacy skills and computer hardware skills, and areas as well. Below are some guidelines for how to put IT skills on the resume,

  • You should list the appropriate skills for the job profile for that you are going to apply.
  • Foremost, select the specific skill for your resume. Whether you are a fresher or experienced candidate you need to demonstrate your statement in a very proficient way.
  • In your resume, you should make key skills and categorize them on the basis of skills.
  • If you are an experienced person, then you will have to showcase your IT skills in a very descriptive type.
  • While displaying IT skills on your resume, you should use Strong, Expert, Proficient, Professional, etc.
  • For computer skills to put on a resume, you should do some research about the company and read the job description carefully and need to write the exact IT skills.
  • You should write computer skills, software key skills, enterprises, projects, software modules, life cycles, etc.
  • At most in your resume, it is necessary for IT skills students to demonstrate soft skills, transferable skills.
  • You should define the hard skills and soft skills as per your learning past phrases and write the technical skills.
  • For fresher IT candidates should show a lot of skills through your academic internship project details to create their resume.
  • In your IT skill resume, you should show the abilities skills and relevant basis of your position.
  • Use the bullet points to highlight your IT Skills mentioned in the Job description.
  • You should show advanced knowledge as per the basis of your job description designation profile role. (For an example you may write down the coding languages that you know very well).
  • Add the perfect match IT skills on your resume to attract the attention of the employer during the interview process steps.
  • Do not choose pointless IT skills for your resume. Try to find out what kind of candidate employer is looking for.


From this article, we have concluded that drawing attention to your technical skills is a strong method to make an attention-grabbing Resume. You should write significantly IT skills at your resume, it would help you make it easier and show the prospective employer and find out.

This article will guide you for what are IT skills that you can mention in your resume together with how to showcase them in your Resume.

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