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Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we will discuss different ways to answer interview questions about leadership and tips for answering leadership questions at the time of the interview. Also, we will discuss the most common leadership interview questions and how to answer these questions. First, we need to understand why interviewers ask questions on leadership, actually, the employer motive behind asking leadership-related questions is like they want to find out candidate's skills, experience, and potential. With the help of asking leadership-related questions, they try to find out whether you will help them to bring the business to the next level or not.

Different ways to answer interview questions about leadership

 In this, we will discuss different ways to answer leadership questions. We can start preparing for leadership questions by thinking about the leadership skills which are related and important for the job.

First, you should think about the leadership skills and qualities within you and how you could match those skills with the skills required for the job we are looking for and which skills you can tell to the interviewer. Nowadays, the employer is looking for good leadership skills candidates like they should good presentation skills, active listening, motivational thinking and flexible in their work between team members as well.

Interviewers frequently ask about your past work experience and by asking this they try to find out the skills you have, so try to use these skills during your interview. It will help to highlight the skills you have. Before answer, you can think about all the roles you performed in your previous job where used these leadership skills, with the help of an example.

If you are a fresher candidate, you can tell about the activities, internship work and industrial visit in which you participated during your college days such as useful examples for you. It will help to highlights your leadership skills towards the employer.

Here are some sample question and answer which will help you to get a better understanding of the leadership interview questions and answers. Some common questions would be,

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Sample answers like strength - I can lead a team strongly, spirit way and motivate the team members and give my best to them. Also, I can do this with the help of influencing those around me, relationship building and being passionate about the goals.
  • For weakness, you can tell - when I do assign work to others which I also know that I can perform better. However, if I do not assign this work to others I finish up with more work on my own. To overcome this weakness I am trying to learn time management and day by day and I am getting confidence in my work.

2. Are you able to work more effectively in a team or one on one basis?

  • Sample answer: You can say - I am more effective when I work in a team because I believe that everyone team member and the group as well where I feel that we can develop our interpersonal skills members of the team as well as we can learn more new things from team members.

3. How would you set an example for your colleagues or team members?

  • Sample answer: Tell As - I will do my level best and work hard to give my best and I will also ensure that my words will match with my actions.  Also, I will ensure that the expectations I have to keep for my team members are the same expectations I will put on myself.

4. What according to you is the most difficult part of being a leader?

  • Sample answer like as - According to me the leader are the only ones who could bring team member on a good track and in my opinion, this is a huge responsibility for any leader. As a leader my responsibilities to set end goals and vision for the team to achieve organizational goals.

5. What are the most important values you express as a leader?

Sample answer- we can say- the most important value I have is my honesty/ integrity. Also, I specify honesty and trust in all my measures to set up credibility as a leader. 

 Learn more about STAR Interview Response Technique

 Let's have the talk, STAR interview response techniques. We would like to tell you basically STAR stands for situation, task, action, result respectively.

First, you need to understand telling examples regarding relevant situations, that you have experienced in the past is the best way to answer any behavioral type of interview question. You can use the STAR response technique while answering leadership-related questions.

  • For the Situation - You need to understand explain the background of the situation. And here, what you did in your previous work experience. As per that you need to convey an answer.
  • The Task defines – You need to tell what kind of task you used to perform in your previous job role and if you were facing some problems then how you did perform your role or you can explain it.
  • Which Action you have performed - You need to tell what kind of skills did you use to solve a problem and completion of your task? You can also mention the skills you have used at that time.
  • The result - You need to tell the result of the situation that you have faced problems you and how you have solved it.

You can share an example of a time you have to unexpectedly take up the leadership role with the help of the STAR method technique that will help you prove yourself more confident and good impression towards employers in between interviews.

Tips for answering leadership questions in the interview

Here are some important tips to answer leadership-related questions during your interview.

  • You should look like a leader - While going for the interview you should make sure that you should be well-groomed in look.  Wear formal dresses which are light in color while going for the interview, keep a smile on your face and ensure your body language will portray your politeness as well as confidence.
  • Your sound should like a leader - You should keep in mind that your use of tone in between talking should match with your body language, and it is very important for you and the same employers check during the interview. In the interview panel you should sit-up straight, use expressions that will display your enthusiasm for your work, and make sure to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Try to give examples that will highlight your leadership skills - You can give examples from the past situation while giving answers which will help to highlight your skills and qualities. First, you must do research about the company we are going for the interview so, it will help you to understand the culture, vision, mission, challenges of the organization and according to that, we can prepare our answers.
  • You should give credit to the team - because a good leader always gives credit for the contribution of their team members.

  Most common leadership interview questions

Here are the mentioned most common leadership interview questions that often asked during the interview. The following are the most common interview questions that will help you to get a better understanding of leadership questions.

  • Please tell me about your leadership skills.
  • Kindly tell me about the time when you determined your leadership skills.
  • Could you tell me about the values that are most important to you as a leader?
  • How did you deal with criticism situation?
  • How do you handle the disagreement with your co-workers?
  • Tell me about your favorite leader.
  • Describe a problem you solved for your employees in your previous company.
  • How you would assess your own performance at work?
  • What are the strengths and how you think you can bring to your role in this job?
  • What do you know about our organization, according to you what are the changes you seek to make if you get the job?
  • Are you able to accept new ideas?
  • Could you describe your leadership style?
  • Are you able to collaborate with other members?


In this article, we have discussed leadership interview questions and answers. We have discussed different ways to answer questions related to leadership. We have also discussed some of the most common interview questions on leadership, tips for answering leadership-related questions during the interview. You can use these tips and questions as well as sample answers as reference for the preparations of leadership-related questions. Also, discussed some sample answers with the help of which you can get an idea about leadership questions.

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