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Problem Solving Interview Questions and Answers Examples

Problem Solving Interview Questions and Answers Examples and More

In this article, we will discuss problem-solving interview questions and how to answer these questions. First of all, we need to understand why the interviewer asks such types of questions. If we talk general, then in every human life the problem occurs.  When problems occur then everyone should be able to develop suitable solutions for these problems, not should away run from problems. In the interview, every employer asks problem-solving questions to test, identify and measure the candidate’s approach to difficult situations.  

If problems arise then how the employees should be able to develop a suitable solution for these problems and which decision the employee will take, or the decision they are taking that is good for the company or not. So for the preparation purpose, It is important to read the job description carefully and try to understand what are the types of problems you would be solving in the job. Even though your CV is too good looking while interviewing but during the interview, you should be able to prove that you have the ability to solve problems.

We will discuss technical as well as analytical problem-solving interview questions which will help you to get a better understanding regarding problem-solving interview questions. 

What is problem-solving?

Here if we talk then, problem-solving is to find a problem and finding a suitable solution for that problem, not to stay with the only problems. Problem-solving is a skill that shows your own ability and the skills you are using to solve problems in an effective manner. In every field or any working designation such as service center, IT, Mechanical Engineering, customer executive, service center consists of nothing but problem-solving and such jobs require problem-solving skills. If we talk then there are many phases or different types of problem-solving in every field. A person with creative thinking, researching skills, decision-making skills, risk management skills can solve any problem occurs.

Why does the interviewer ask the problem-solving question in the interview?

Every employer always thinks about their company and they looking only good candidates for the desired profile hence employers ask behavioral questions about problem-solving to get a better understanding of how well you perform your job and will you be able to identify and solve various problems in the job or not. Also, the interviewer is likely looking for a candidate who can find ways to solve problems or who can help the team to perform better. The interviewer only focuses on your answer and how you are responding to them and they check that will you make the decision to improve things or you will sit around waiting for instructions. Interviewers also look for your record in solving the types of challenges that are common in the role.

It's simple, Interviewers looks for candidates who have the ability to solve the problems and if you want to get a job you should have the analytical ability, creative thinking, a result-oriented approach, determination. You should have the ability to think logically to analyze a situation.

Some common behavioral questions about problem-solving.

Let’s discuss what actually the employer wants to know behind behavioral questions about problem-solving. Are you a problem solver? How do you go about problem-solving? Are some of the basic questions the interviewer can ask. 

Here are some common behavioral questions which could be asked on problem-solving.

  • Tell me about a situation where you have solved a problem? What did you do to solve this problem? What was the result?
  • Describe a situation in which you have found a creative way to solve the problem?
  • Tell me about your previous experience where you recognized a potential problem? What did you do? What was the result?
  • Have you ever come up with a new approach to solve a problem?
  • What was the good idea you came up with to solve problems according to your previous job?
  • Brief a problem you have faced while working on an important work project? How did you solve it?
  • Give me an example of the problem you have solved without managerial input.
  • Have you ever identified and solved a problem before it becomes a priority? Please give me an example.

Sample answers for behavioral questions about problem-solving

Most of the interviewer may ask behavioral questions to hear from you about specific examples of your previous work experience. If you had solved many problems in your previous job then definitely they will look at your answer very sensitive or perfection on the answer. Also, for the fresher level if you have not prepared for this answer then typical it would very difficult to pass in that particular round.

 How to answer questions about the problematic situation you have handled in the past.

Majorly the interviewers believe that past situations are the best predictors of future behavior, so the best way to the problem-solving ability of the candidate is by asking questions about the past times where employees handle problematic situations and how they overcome these problems. Interviewers can ask questions like tell me about the situation you have faced in the past? How did you handle that situation? Describe a situation when you had to change or replace the planned course of action at the last moment.

How to answer - Here you can prepare a simple answer in between of some parts. The first part will be what was the problem you have faced, what you did to resolve that problem and the last part will be the result. Pick up the best example where you have handled problematic situations since you are highlighting your ability to resolve problems. Try to focus on giving reasons behind your actions.

 Questions regarding tricky situations

Interviewers can give you any situation on the spot and can ask you for the solution to that situation. Such questions can be asked to fresher because it is not necessary that a candidate had been in such situations before.  Followed by the situation regarding your role in the job for which you are giving an interview.

How to answer - while giving an answer such type of questions. You can start by repeating the question for example. There may be other problems that can arise throughout the hiring process like change in timing of your phone interview; an employer can end your emails without adding necessary information. It is possible in such a situation where the interviewer can test your problem-solving skills. How you respond in such a situation can highlight your problem-solving skills.

 Some more suggestions

  • You can prepare some example of your greatest problem in solving past experiences.
  • You can pick the most challenges that you have overcome, the most creative ideas you can apply to solve a problem.
  • Need to think of a more convincing example that will make your answer more impressive in front of the interviewer.
  • Ensure that the answer you will be presenting in the interview will not look like you memorize a script.
  • Simply collect some important points for each and every situation, result, the approach, your example for the preparation of the interview.

Tips for answering behavioral questions about problem-solving

  • In the interview, while giving answering these behavioral questions always choose an example that will truly indicate your problem-solving skills.
  • Don’t mention the simple and small problems. You can mention examples that will relate to the job description.
  • You need to be specific about your actions, try to provide it in more detail to the interviewer which will explain who you are and how you think.
  • For the interview, the practice is a must, especially when it comes to answering behavioral questions. Always practicing really does make a difference.  The more you practice the more you will get an idea about how to answer such questions in an effective manner which will help you to get a good job.
  • You should try to remember, there are many situations that require team efforts you can tell about your previous experiences which will show how you collaborated with your colleagues to reach a decision regarding the problem.


You could face various challenges while performing a job, there might be situations where you have to solve various problems on your own self. You ought to be able to recall an example of problems you have faced interviewers may think that you avoid dealing with problems, so choose the best example where you have solved the problem and make sure you will be able to explain it during the interview. Prepare your own answers for such type of questions before your interview.  Employers look for the candidate who has the ability to solve problems effectively. By effectively answering these behavioral questions about problem-solving you can tell the interviewer that how good you are when it comes to identifying and solving problems. In this article we have discussed some common behavioral questions about problem-solving with sample answers; also we have discussed the tips which will help you to answer such types of questions during your interviews.

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