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Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Nowadays every small or big industry is launching a new product daily and they want to sell their product in the market with good value of profit scale along with good service to the customer but if you would see then sale it plays an important role in their life. As there are many IT companies are making their unique product along with additional features in software competitors and they are selling their product services online market basis as well.

The word 'sale' is much important for every business, which all the product-based industries. If you people looking for your career in the sales field then one thing you should remember that is the business of the company is directly proportional to product sales. If they have more sales of products or services are more beneficial for their business, as well as your career also because it gives worth to the company and we could say the world is depending on sales and its marketing.

If you have decided to make your career in sales or if you a fresher candidate, and don't have basic knowledge of it, and don't know what kind of question of will be asked at the time of interview then you should not worry. This article will help you to get an idea about sales and helps to prepare for the interview. This would also help you to crack the interview with sales and marketing. And you will get interview questions and answers for sales and marketing for your reference.

Sales Interview Questions and Answers

What are the sales, in your simple words?

Answer - Sale provides growth to the business. It gives money according to sales and it is good for their business.

What is the reason to choose this field, please tell?

  • You should answer based on your knowledge - you may answer it - I have the skills that are required in this field. I like to interact with new people or any group of people. I have convincing power skills and presence of mind which you want for this field. I have all the knowledge of the sales profile and I am very much interested in sale profile.

There are many companies in today's market then why you choose this company?

Before the interview, you should go through the company profile for that you have applied.

  • Sample Answer - As there are many companies in today's market but this company is different from all of them. As I have the skills which you need for this company and that you have shared in your job descriptions. Also, I got good feedback from your company profile where you give to chance fresher’s level candidate. Here I have the chance to prove myself in my work how much I am capable of this position. You, people, appreciate every employer is doing best for your organization. This is the main reason to choose this company for my career.

According to you what are the most important things for you in the job, please tell?

  • Sample Answer - I want to work for my personality as well as skill development. In my life work are a very priority for me and other things I keep aside which are not important work activities at the of doing work. I can learn new things with the help of this job, and I also like to touch with new people.

How do you encourage yourself in a bad time, please tell?

  • You should answer it very carefully sample answer as - In any kind of work, nothing is impossible whether it is in life or any work. I can do anything with the help of encouraging myself and being a human every people does mistakes in their life. But I never lose my passions, and I always try to learn from my mistakes. I am a very good self-managed and self-motivated. I can manage stress or manage all the things also.

Have you received an award in your previous organization, for which reason?

While asking for answers on this employer wants to know what are important skills you have unique so that it would help them to achieve their goal as well. Whatever the award you got in your previous organization you should very honest and confident in your answer.

  • Sample answer of it -  I awarded where I had completed my work before the timeline duration and for that, I made a plan on projection work for my team members and each individual people of the group. We all team members were centrally on it.

What was the mistake you had done which gives you some lessons or what you learn from it?

You should be honest while giving the answer to this question.

  • You may sample answer - every human being is not perfect in life. Everyone did some mistakes like that I had made any mistakes in my previous organization from that I made something new in my work. The biggest mistake gives me the lesson that you should care about your work and should become a good listener. You should good speaker as well as a good listener.

The interviewer would ask you which type of environment you are comfortable to work?

You should keep remembering such type of question employer ask you to see how much flexibility you are to work for their company. Before going to any company interview you should first prepare for such an answer always.

  • You may answer on - I have such skills where I can work in any environment, and easy to familiar with any kind of work environment I can work in any situation. So, I like to work in any situation to learn new things.

Which strategies you would apply to complete the target in your work?

  • Sample Answer - I would use to apply my advanced strategies and the skills to complete my target according to the situational. I always keep and use my presence of mind. I have knowledge of sales and marketing very well where I can do anything to achieve my target. I would like to tell you about my previous organization where I have been used my skills and best strategies to complete my task.

According to you what is the term telesales, please tell me about it?

To get an Idea about telesales you can find telesales interview questions and answer free of cost.

  • You may answer on - The telesales word is related to a telephone. Most of the companies are selling their product with the help of telesales or another way of communication as well. The help of telesales no need to go anywhere for sales or outside the field for marketing or sell any product or services.

According to you which skills you should have to get a job in the sales field, please tell me that?

The employer would ask you the question if you are fresher in the sales and marketing field. You can also give the answer or this question as doing the job in the sales field is the not easy task if we want to do your job in a sales profile field then first I should very passionate about in my sales fieldwork. I have a very good presence of mind quality. I have very good patience while doing my work in the sales and marketing field. I have a positive attitude towards my work as well.

Are you ready to make cold calling to sell products or services or not?

If you looking job in the sale then you should show your interest in this and always say 'Yes'

I have good skills to get generate good targeted leads for any kind of product and I have strong communication and convincing skills which are mostly use in calling. I have knowledge about cold-calling and with ready pitch, script to use with the customer for sale products.

What are your strengths and how you can use them in your job?

It is a very important question for you which is asked by an interviewer at the time of the interview where you need to show brief your strength.

  • Sample answer - My strong skills are that I have much confidence in my strengths which are mostly used in any kind of sales and marketing work. I have the spirit to work in any kind of environment or any challenging type.

What is your weakness? What you are doing to overcome it, kindly tell?

 You should never start answer on it from your weakness, always try to give a positive answer while telling your weakness

  • you may answer - As my weakness is that where I am not good at written English and for improving such skills I am writing some stories, articles and using reference, watches new updates so I  could overcome my weakness.


This article will help you to get a basic idea of sales. The question and answer this article would help you in the preparation of the interview. This will also help you to get a job in your dream company of sales. This will also help you with the entry-level interview question and answer means if you are fresher into this sales field this will help you for preparation. This will also help you to know what is the common question interviewer can ask if you are fresher or if you have any experience. This will also help with the preparation of sales and marketing interviews. 


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