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Sell Me This Pen Tips Script and All

Sell Me This Pen - Tips, Script and All

Let’s have talked about how this article plays an important role in between employer and candidate and why the employer asks this kind of question in the interview “Sell Me This Pen”. Nowadays none of the people is going to give you a job by watching your CV for your qualification certificate because most of the good candidates having good qualifications but they don't have much skill and they are very nervous about doing their work.

Why asks the employer to sell me this pen?

At the time of the interview always be there is a two-person first recruiter and the second is the interviewer. So the interview is a conversation between the two of them. There will be some of the general questions asked by the recruiter here are followed,

Above mentioned some questions are some general questions that are asked by a recruiter at the time of interview for the first round. Or it might depend as per interviewer as well.

So let's discuss how the questions according to the topic sell me this pen. Sell me this pen is in a different-different way by a recruiter at the time of the interview. Like,

  • How to sell this pen?
  • How you will sell this pen to sell me this pen?
  • How you can increase sales by selling this pen?
  • How you will convince others to purchase this pen?

Above mention questions are the different ways of the same questions which are asked by a recruiter at the time of the interview.

Here is the list of qualities that are checked by the recruiter while giving the answer to the recruiter by an employer.

Confidence - Confidence is one of the most and important points that is seen by any interview at the time of taking an interview that how confidently he present himself while selling the pen or by selling any product of the company because of confidence. It should need a candidate or a sealer to sell any of the products whether it is a pen or any other product of the company.

Communication skill - If the candidate communication skill is very much good then he can communicate with the next person and sells a product very easily he has to know all types of languages first of all English is the basic language he should know and if there will be possibilities then he should know the regional language also.

Convincing power - It is the one and the most important factor without this any person who wants to make their life for a career in the sales. The salesperson should have good communication skills and convincing power it is important and the mandatory factor which is checked by the recruiter at the time of the interview.

Presentation skills - While asking this question the recruiter's pointer presentation skills at how did you present the product in front of the customer because behind every sale of the product there is is the presentation skill who plays a very important role.

Positive attitude - Positive attitude time of interview if you get to feel to explain yourself for giving this answer sell me the pen then and we should show the positive attitude and you have to give the answer of next question in a very confident way because it plays a very important role at the time of interview the recruiter tries to find out that the employee should be e a good learner.

Best way answer - sell me this pen?

The best way to answer the question that sells me the pen is that you have to show all your skills in front of the interviewer you have to show the good communication skill and the presentation skill in front of recruiter you have to you think for a 2-3 minute about the product as according to the question here the product is pen then you have to think about the pen is qualities and how the product is then you have to give the answer. You have to try to convince the recruiter to purchase the pen you have to mention all the qualities of the pen and the comparison between the other pan that how this pen is different from the others and what will be the advantages if you purchase this pen. Only the convincing power and the communication as well as the presentation skill this three-factor plays a very important and the major rule while giving the answer or we can say that by selling the pen or any product of the country company in front of the recruiter as well as in front of customer in the field if you want to make your future in the sales department.

Few best examples of the best answer

  • This is a very smooth and very good pen it is used everywhere with a good cap and the stylish look it is having a crucial also that will help you at the time of writing.
  • This pen is a very old manufacturer company used at the time of writing and examination because it helps you to write in a very good way.
  • This is a brand new company that has launched a new pen it is having stylish look and tested by many testing centers and we are coming to the fact that it will help you a lot at the time of writing with his smooth cello gel refill technology.
  • It is one of the most and the important pen which is used by every student and the time of examination due to his fine grip every student love to write it will help a lot at the time of examination.
  • It is a non-dry pen with a very comfortable life and available in a different color it is a very user-friendly pan.
  • This is advance fluid gel technology which will help to scriptwriter to make their script very beautiful handwriting and top-selling pen of the year around the world.

Best tips for answer

The following are the best tips for selling a pen.

Quality - It is the first factor in which every customer wants to see about the quality first of all talk about the quality that how is the quality of the product.    

Refill - If we are talking about the difference then we have to mention that it is a very worldwide used pen you can easily find this pen refill.

User-friendly - This pen is user-friendly used to measure online that it is used by every human generation of the person whether it is old or child.

Comparison - If we talk comparison is the most important factor you should mention because without comparison you cannot prove your product different from others and it will help you a lot while selling the pen an increase sales of the company.

The advantages you have to you tell about the advantages of using this meant that it is a very durable eco-friendly and used by any generation of people This pen is very much good that is used by every student in the examination because getting good handwriting while writing with the pen.

Avoid these mistakes while answering

Lack of confidence - You should ignore this because if you are having good qualifications and having a piece of good knowledge about the product but at the time of explaining you are having a lack of confidence then it will be a big drawback for you.

Avoid the fumble - Here we should at the time of explaining any product you should not repeat one sentence, again and again, you should not try to explain about the product you should mention only the highlights of the product and try to convince a recruiter or customer because no one has enough time.

Never lying - Before selling any product you should not tell anything to speak about your product you should always tell the truth about your product it is important to factor because some of the candidates tell right towards customer and sell the product this will create a bad impression for the candidate as well as it is not good for company also.


Here we have tried to cover all the points in the article and we conclude this that how to face this types of questions or we can say that how to deal with these types of the question at the time of the interview or at the time of working in a company in front of the customer. What should not do and what should we tell, we have mentioned all the points that you should avoid at the time of giving the answer to this question and we have also given some samples that how you can express yourself in the front customer and the recruiter. We hope this will help you a lot. For the different types of samples and the answers you can also go through LinkedIn, then you will get a different way to represent your answer.

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