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Skype interview Tips Questions and all you need to know

What is a Skype Interview?

A Skype interview is also known as a video interview, in which the complete interview is conducted with video chat on your computer. On the base of technology going on and some advanced features basis more interviewers are looking another way to conduct an interview like Skype and video interviews. In a Skype interview, you are able to conduct the interview from the comfort of your home. That means you have a lot of time to prepare an interview without having worry about to get ready things like traveling time and worry about traffic or searching for the location. On the other hand, you should make no mistake, this is a job interview you should not treat with the professionalism you would with any other.

Tips to follow before a Skype interview

We need to know the Skype interview process and below tips to learn many things before the interview

1. Check the lighting

You should check the lighting to be visible without being too bright. You should get your face to appear as natural as or you can by adjusting the camera's settings, you should adjust the room's lights and the window cover.

2. Need to prepare the room

You should prepare the room like no one to disturb the conversation during the interview. You should avoid using your bedroom and your bed in the background is too personal. Do not put a basket of laundry on your sofa behind you it’s not looking good .when you prepare the room for Skype interview avoid the above things.

3. Choose the Silent mode
You should always put your phone and your desktop notifications on silent during the interview. You should also inform your friends and your family member before starting your interview.

4. Dress up yourself with impressive
How to dress for Skype interview as your outfit is extremely important your presence is the first thing that the interviewer is going to notice regarding you. You should dress up formal as you wear during an interview face to face. You should remember don’t dress up like visible half of your body during an interview.

5. Professional Skype profile
You should create a Skype profile with a professional username and indifferent profile. And you should add the interviewer's Skype contact unless they ask to add yours first.

6. Need to keep necessary documents ready
You should always keep your professional documents such as a copy of your resume, reference list, ID cards, work-experience certificates, etc. These will help during the interview.

7. Always Research the company background

  • Research to determine your market value, what is market value exactly.
  • You have to find out the market rate for your role or intended one.
  • Research the reviews of the company, using sites such as Glassdoor.
  • As would like to tell you every company looks for a potential employee so that the company always informs you about the company values and it plays a very important role in us.

Tips to follow during the Skype interview

Here are some tips you should follow when you are in the Skype interview.

1. Camera, not screen
You should look directly into the camera when speaking you should not look at the screen while speaking. This is the only way to reproduce eye contact over Skype.

2. Body language 
In the body language the way you carry yourself, your expressions, your hand movements, etc. acknowledge more about you than you know.

3. Facial expressions 
Your face tells a lot of your thoughts. Simply ensure to smile warmly every now and then, and you should maintain a calm and aware expression at all times.

4. Use headphones 
You should use headphones it will not reduce the background noise but it will help both of you to listen to each other with clarity.

5. Handle problem with grace 
Sometimes we may face the problem, such as network issues, technical problem, etc. If this happens, you should politely apologize for the problem, and try to find a solution to it. Or you may request to call them back once you have fixed the problem.

6. Keep it professional 
The professional way is too important and it brings you one step ahead to be at the desired position is chosen you for that.

  • You should talk about your knowledge and experience in your field.
  • You should speak with confidence and with clarity

7. You should know who you’ll be speaking with. 
You should be a lot more confident in your Skype interview or video interview if you know about little information about the interviewer. So first find out their name you should ask the person who scheduled your interview if you don’t already know.

Make sure you’re doing the research when preparing for a Skype interview. For example, you should check do they have more technical background knowledge. This can help you with the type of questions you can expect. For example, a Software Manager is going to be able to ask a lot more on the technical details .you’ll be more confident on the Skype call and prepared for their questions.

8. You should practice delivering Your answers
Skype or video interview, you should get as much practice as you can. Find a friend or family and you should conduct a mock interview.

You should practice your, body posture how you seat, your tone how you talk, and other things that can help you. As well as you should practice with other people or with your friends and family, you should also practice on your own so that you can work on your confidence.

9. Manage your time
Skype interviews are usually shorter than face to face interviews — however, it is depending on the interviewer, it can take as little as 15 minutes and as long as an hour. Preparing for your Skype interview, you should write yourself a note to ask how much time is giving for the video call.

You could also email the manager whoever scheduled this interview for you and you should ask how long it’s scheduled for.

May your Skype interview can go longer or shorter than planned. But when you asking how long the Skype interview is scheduled for, you’ll at least an idea about the amount of time.

10. Use headphones
You should use your headphones during a Skype interview or video interview. Many people refuse to go by this point if you carry a headphone set together with a talk-piece and you should use it mainly in public space. A computer or laptop picks had lots of background noise.

11. Don't use skype on your phone
You should not use Skype on your phone, your phone may be good for a lot of things, but they are not ideal for having an interview on. If you have no other option then you can use the phone, but go with a computer if you can. The bigger screen will make it easier for you to see your interviewer during the interview.

12. Thank the interviewer 
You should thank you at the end of the interview. After the interview is complete, you should tell the interviewer that it was nice to connect with him, and also thank him for his time.

Tips to Follow after Skype interview and Follow up tips after a Skype interview

What you can do after the interview,

1. Study the interview 
After the end of the interview, you should immediately write down all the questions the interviewer asked you and you should check your answers to those questions. Also, think about the interviewer's responses. And also you should make a note of all the points you forgot to answers in your interview.

2. Thank you email
You should send the thank you mail as soon as possible your impact or impression is still acute in the interviewers' mind.  There are some benefits of doing this such as the opportunity to add a link to your online portfolio, or simply it shows your professional side to the recruiter.

3. Follow-up inquiry
In case you didn’t get any reply about your interview, then you should send them an email with your query.

Skype interview don't

You should avoid the following certain things in the Skype interview it will help you perform better.

  • Do not be late for the interview. You should always be ready at least 5 minutes before time.
  • You should seat properly.
  • You should not get personal or emotional.
  • Should try to avoid using long sentences, unless assuming necessary.

Interview on Skype – Common Questions

Let’s see some common Skype interview questions–

1. Describe yourself briefly? 
Describe yourself
do not tell complete history. Instead, just keep simple to describe yourself as a good fit for the job role.

2. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
Here is a good question that makes your impression on the manager. You should not tell all your weaknesses or you should not say that you are perfect. You should talk about your weaknesses in such a way that shows you are ready to try to improve yourself.

3. Tell about your biggest achievement?
Tell about your all best achievements confidently. You should not talk about any personal achievement. Should keep it professional, you should talk about achievements which are related to the job.

4. How do you deal with unhappy customers/managers?
This question is only to determine how you act under pressure and stress.

5. Tell me about your short term and long term goal?
Interviewers ask this question
tell about your short term and long term goals to see whether anyone is motivated to work and in your home.

6. Tell about your hobbies?
You should tell your hobbies related to your job role this question to check whether you are good at their workplace.

7. Why should we hire you?
This question is giving you the opportunity to put your best.


Let's have talked on an ending overview of conversation which is the conclusion, and we should know that motive is to introduce you and shortly review your professional background. A Skype interview, in which the complete interview is conducted with video chat on your computer,

On the base of technology going on and some advanced features basis more interviewers are looking another way to conduct an interview like Skype and video interviews. In a Skype interview, you are able to conduct the interview from the comfort of your home. That means you have a lot of time to prepare an interview without having worry about to get ready things like traveling time and worry about traffic or searching for the location.

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