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Top 10 Mistakes to avoid during your job interview

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Job Interview

Competition Across the Globe has been huge for the desired job, career and profession. Today in the age of Global Digitalization wherein everything is connected with technology and mobile application even the Professional career and the Jobs in the reputed Multinational companies are not lagging behind were due to higher advancement in every scope and vertical there has been a huge increase in the competition in corporate jobs where students after completing their studies and college are aiming at the corporate jobs with the bigger brand and higher CTC packages. Corporates are looking for the best talent from the market for their respective job opportunities which they provide to the fresher or the experienced candidates.

With the advancement in technology, there has been high focus kept in the hr function basically referred to as human resource function which is considered as the backbone of any company or the corporates as they help a company by bringing a fresh pool of talent for the respective position in the company.

They hunt for suitable candidates with the desired skills, qualification and the ability to match their company criteria. Today companies are focussing a lot in terms of acquiring fresh talent for the companies who are work as the face and the brand for the company which essential for any company or business success.

While companies and their human resource department are focussing on getting fresh and the desired talent for the companies through various modes of recruitment such as Portal, Advertisements, Referrals, Headhunting, Consultants. On the parallel-ground, the employer or You can say the interviewer starts their preparation for applying at the job of their desired skills and qualifications.

Most Important Things You Must Avoid in Job Interview are

  • Going Late for the Interview
  • Casual Dress
  • Body Posture
  • Updated Resume
  • Interview Results Follow Up
  • Wrong Answer
  • Poor Communication Skills 
  • Being Angry
  • Sharing Too Much Information
  • Flirting and Other Inappropriate Behaviour

Before applying at the relevant job through Job portals, Walk-in Interviews, Newspaper Advertisements, Colleague referrals, and various other sources as while preparing or applying for the job you should know these 10 common mistakes to avoid while attending the interview or applying for the job.

1) Going Late for the Interview:

You shouldn’t be late for an interview. It’s definitely is not the best way to make a first impression. It shows a lack of respect for the hiring manager’s time and even a lack of preparation for the interview process. We do realize that things happen.

You can get stuck in traffic or in a subway delay. If something like that happens, do what you can to get in touch with your interviewer & inform them that you will be late as that will clearly communicate your ideas and intentions regarding the seriousness of a particular job.

Nowadays it is quite common that due to busy schedules and mismanagement of time or maybe traffic issues in tier one, two or three cities the candidates are unable to reach the interview venue on time. The day the interview has been aligned by the companies the hiring managers expect the candidates to be on time as in front Line profiles Like front line sales, Operations, Call center Inbound and outbound, etc.

All the respective line managers are aligned for the interview during the specific time given to the interviewer so the managers expect that the candidates should be reaching on time in case if the candidates are unable to reach on time for the interview it is better to communicate or inform the hiring managers through professional emails or Calls or other modes of communication.

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2) Casual Dress:

The dressing is considered Very Important either the interview is conducted for Fresher, Mid-level or senior level profile since it is often been told dressing sense of an individual reflects its personality as it creates the first impression of the individual in the mind of the employer and the hiring managers. Beware as not to wear a casual dress during the job interview for Corporate Mnc as it reflects a friendly attitude which is not acceptable when the interview is Professional skill-based.

Men should ensure to wear business suits if possible even blazers can be worn with dress slacks or nice khaki pants and during interview  Wearing a tie is a requirement for men in a business professional skill-based profile. Sweaters worn with a shirt and tie can also we considered as an option  Women should ensure to wear business suits or skirt-and-blouse combinations.

Business attire has changed quite a lot significantly over the years, especially in the last 2 decades. Nowadays Too many people have forgotten why proper wearing proper business attire is important in the corporate world. Some companies may prefer to allow and ensure to encourage its employees to dress freely or casually for the comfort of working in-office hours.

As this tends to work well and more effectively in more creative work and office environments Whereas, other companies will typically encourage employees to wear a more defined and professional dress code in the office to sustain for a professional image of themselves and their business. It is more relevant in the companies where employees on a daily basis interact with prospects, clients, customers, and their business partners.

Conflicts do arise when employees want to dress comfortably or in the most fashionable styles rather than realizing the importance for them to showcase themselves in a more professional or conservative manner for the brand of their respective company. The fundamental reason why in most corporates dressing in proper business attire is considered quite important for every business professionals the major reason is that it represents a visual image and communicates a message that the employees are very much professional in their company.

Another major reason why dressing in proper business attire is important in the corporate business is because you never know when you are expected to meet with someone from outside your company. Your professional image of this outsider will be the image remembered for your company. Incorporates this image and message needs to be professional to the outside whereas, In reality, that image could indirectly mean the difference between getting a new deal, contract or sale and or else losing the opportunity to make that deal successful.

3) Body Posture:

Landing the desired job is about more than just your experience skills and achievements mentioned in your resume. A big deciding factor in your interview is how well you interview understand your nonverbal communication which includes your posture, body language and, perhaps very important is your eye contact as Appropriate eye contact would speak about your confidence and self-esteem - as the same is considered as important assets in any good employee.

Below are some of the important points to be kept in mind while attending the interview:

  1. Handshake
  2. Sit all the way Back in your sit '
  3. No direct eye contact.
  4. Use hand gestures while speaking
  5. Plan your feet on the ground.
  6. Nod your Heal while you are listening to the questions.
  7. Don't Slouch
  8. Don't Touch your face
  9. Do smile

4) Updates Resume:

After sending out countless resumes to the various companies, you’ve finally got an opportunity to land for a job interview with your dream company as for the same it is very important that  You’ve picked the perfect outfit, tucked ample copies of your resume into your folder, and ensured to practice your answers over and over for the same.

And then suddenly it happens that You realize the interview was at 11:30, not 1:30 and moreover you have spotted an error on your resume. Or you make some other totally avoidable mistake which you came to know, backward and forwards, that you should never ever make as an interviewee while attending the interview.

No matter how thoroughly you are prepared, mistakes can still happen during the job application in the company and interview process. But, they don’t always mean game over for you — yes, even imperfect people tend to get the jobs. If you’ve made one of these most common blunders while attending the interview, a few key steps which can actually help you make the best of all the happenings even in a bad situation.

It’s actually a very good idea for you to have a different version of your cv for each position you apply for in the company(or at least, a couple of versions of resume for different types of jobs and positions), and moreover especially if you’re applying for the complicated jobs that tap into diverse types of skills and professional experiences.

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It is actually considered Very important as This Of course—results in having 45 documents which are titled as some version of “Resume” saved to your desktop, and it puts you at more risk for sending the wrong one to the company and in case if it happens what are you going to do?

If the resume which has you submitted to the company was only subtly different than the one you wanted to you can afford to let it go. But, if there’s a glaring problem (say, you’re applying for a particular sales position and your entire resume is about training and communications), that’s another big story.

We need to ensure as try to recover the same by sending an email to the company (as soon as possible) or on immediate basis stating that the resume which you have submitted was not the appropriate one and the most relevant one to the position, so would be ensuring to attach the correct document.

If you are able to crack an interview (even with the wrong resume), send the correct document to the hiring concerned person as prior to your face-to-face meeting, and ensure to distribute the hard copies of the same to the interviewers when you meet them in person as there is no need to point out your blunder as ensure to just smile and inform the interviewer or the hiring managers that I brought you a hard copy of my most recent and updated resume.

5) Interview Results Follow Up:

Many job seekers attend and leave the interview with no perceptions and ideas of what will happen next after they tend to attend the interview and the Employer’s hiring process. They also don't know who the best person to contact us as well as when and how to contact that person.

Are you afraid that you didn't make your best impression during the interview process? or  Are you confident that you are able to ace the interview? Either way, be sure to follow up with a thank-you note as reiterating your interest in the position and the company.

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Finally, even if you do fumble during the interview as ensuring that don't take it to heart as I don't think that there is anyone hasn't blown out an interview or two or more over even  If it happens it just looks like that it wasn't just meant to be, learn from your mistakes and ensure that you move on quickly to the next given opportunity.

6] Giving Wrong Answers:

Make sure while attending the interview, that you are listening to the question and answers of the interviewer and ensuring that you would take a moment to finally ensure gather your thoughts knowledge and basic skills before you actually respond to the interviewer or hiring managers. Most  Likely the following candidate will ensure to knock himself out of contention if they give the wrong answer.

For example -

The interviewer had completely described a critical sales and marketing position to the candidate whereas. He/She emphasized that cold calling and finding out the prospects were the most important skills and experiences which are actually needed for the position.

The candidate responded to the question of the interviewer about what he/she did or didn't like to do in the profile of sales and marketing with these words: "I hate to do cold calling and finding out the prospective clients  as  I'm not good at it." That response will confirm and make sure that he/she wouldn't get the job!

7] Poor Communication Skills:

Most jobs would require the candidate to have very good written and oral communication skills and knowledge for the desired position. The oral communication becomes very much important at the workplace and is in fact considered very vital and also supersedes the written communication in many ways as  (unless of course, you are applying for a writing position). Focus on the problem-solving attitude and your communication will go automatically in the right way.

Starting from appearing for an interview to interacting with your hiring managers, good communication skills can make or break your chance of getting that job or getting the desired job promotion. In most cases Let’s see the different areas in your career where communication and oral skills are of very much importance at the workplace.

  • The first telephone interview 
  • Face-to-face interview
  •  After the interview process Negotiating salary after the job offer
  • Interaction  with your boss
  • Interaction  with your colleagues
  • Presenting projects before clients or customers
  • Requesting promotion
  • Persuading to work part-time or on flexible work schedule

If you are interacting with clients or customers, or even employees and management of an organization on a daily basis, then your poor communication skills can even cost you your job at the workplace.

It becomes very much prevalent in today's technological advancement world where we see the employees moving globally form one place to another well from all over the world and many a time if the inability to communicate well can lower your overall on the performance radar.

Well, Try to focus on and ensure to improve on the soft skills on a regular basis in the workplace. You may take courses and certifications on public speaking (which very often your company may reimburse), and ensure that you are a part of the Toastmasters group which would actually encourage you on a  good public speaking and presentation skills through regular interaction and effective evaluations by your respective team members.

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And often just get out of the cubicle and while interacting with your colleagues as not only within your cultural network but also with others who totally present a different working and speaking style. A multi-linguist culture is the norm of the present work as making the best of it is by learning from all and trying to improve on your communications skills which is an essential element to your career towards progress and success.

8] Sharing Too much Information:

Sometimes it often happens that people have a whole-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth mindset in a job interview n costs your job during your interview process as it is professionally recommended to only share the information or answers as required during your questions and answer session with the requisite hiring managers!

We are not recommending to tell any lies to the interviewer, but we are recommending that you avoid boring the interviewer and giving an opportunity by sharing too much information since  If they want more details, they'll ask with you regarding the same.

9] Being Angry:

If you were laid off,  fired from your current job, or ended if your last job experience was unpleasantly then you may feel very angry for the same. You may be angry over a horrible commute to the interview, or earlier fight with your kids or spouse, or anything else which might have happened. Whatever may have been the reason, dump the anger before the interview, at least temporarily as it would help you focus during the interview and crack the same.

Angry people are not the people companies want to hire. People Filled with Anger are not fun to work with. During their employment in the company, they may frighten co-workers and/or customers or clients. This may result in abusing both people and equipment (computers, cars, etc.).

To Avoid:

Stop being angry before you enter the employer's premises, as kindly ensure to take a few deep breaths as kindly focus on the opportunity that awaits you at this potential employer or the company, as ensure to put a smile on your face, and do your best to switch gears mentally so that during your interview you are not "in a bad place" in your mind and can fully focus on your interview.

10] Flirting and other inappropriate Behavior :

Unless and until you are interviewing for a job as a comedian or host/hostess in a social club, or any such entertaining company doesn't try to entertain or amuse interviewer as well as ensure not to flirt with anyone, including the receptionist and the security guard of the company.

To Avoid:

If making them laugh isn't a requirement of the interview process, take the interview seriously.

Don't chew gum during your hiring process or bring food or drink into the interview. Mind your manners and ensure to behave in a very disciplined way, like your Mother taught you, and be polite to everyone you meet there out during an interview. The interview is an "audition" for the job where it is required to show them that you are the best asset for them.

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