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Top 15 Data Analyst Interview Questions and Answer

Whether it is your own business or any other organization, every organization needs a lot of its data analyst person. A data analyst plays a very important role to understand the problems faced by the organization and explore the data in various ways. Data Analyst always helps to show data reports in a very meaningful type which is very helpful for an organization.
So, whenever the interviewer hires any person for the profile for Data Analyst, that time they take the interview on very closely and ask the question at in advanced level because it is directly associated with a business for every organization. During the time of the interview, the interviewer always checks some skills inside you, such as the ability to solve mathematical problems at a high level and solve any type of data work, and problem-solving skills, etc.

Through this article, we will see the most common, important questions that will help you at the time of the interview when you go for a data analyst profile or who want to make their career in the data analyst. Here are the following questions and answer,

Q. Please tell, about the data analyst?

Sample Answer - Data analyst is a process it has a huge number of data resides and we need to analyzed data very thoroughly, on that data and we need to identify what type of data it is. With the help of various tools, a data analyst needs to prepare a report with correct accuracy for the organization's requirements. It helps to match their goals.

Q. Please tell your understanding of data science or what it is?

Sample Answer - Data science is a versatile field essentially it uses the logical types of the method there are some process and the algorithm of the system from where we have to take out the facts and we have to construction from the unstructured data on we can say that we have to extract the data from the unpredicted numbers.

Q. Please tell me the type of challenges you faced as a data scientist? Is it easy to extract data?

Sample Answer - As a data scientist, we are having a big responsibility and we have to be very punctual about it because lots of the work are dependent on the data so we have to be on time. Whenever we get the unexpected data they are very much Messy and very much shuffled in each other and to take out the actual data according to the requirement it is very much time taking and little bit challenge but I always love to handle the challenges and I just extract data from the unpredicted one and submitted in on time.

Q. Kindly tell the roles and responsibilities of data analysts?

Sample Answer - Following are the roles and responsibility which is held by every data analyst,

  1. We should provide the support of all the details and it is our duty to organize between the customer and the staff of the company.
  2. It is our responsibility to analyze and identify complex data.
  3. It is our responsibility to resolve all the business issues and main performing the audit on the data.
  4. We have to supply understandable data as well as the filter data from the composite data and take a review of the report.

Q. Please tell what is important knowledge should be required to become a data analyst?

Sample Answer - Here are the required knowledge we should be important for becoming a data analyst,

  1. They should have stronger skills and they should have the ability to extract big data with accuracy.
  2. They should know about the data mining as well as the data models also.
  3. They should have the technical knowledge and should know how to design the database on how to manage the segmentation techniques

Q. Tell about the various steps of analytics projection which is very much important?

Sample Answer - The following steps should know and it is including in analytics project,

  1. Problem definition
  2. Data exploration
  3. Data preparation
  4. Validation of data
  5. Implementing and tracking.

Q. Please tell some important tools which are useful for the data analysis?

Sample Answer - The following tools should know by the data analyst while analyzing the data,

  • Tableau
  • RapidMiner
  • OpenRefine
  • Google Search Operators
  • Solver
  • NodeXL
  • Wolfram Alpha’s
  • Google Fusion tables

Q. Please tell your opinion on data mining?

Sample Answer - Data mining - data mining is the meaning of the report it focuses on the direction of usual records chain discoveries relation holding between different for the several types of the attributes cluster analysis, etc.

Q. Please tell me about data profiling?

Sample Answer - Data profiling- Data profiling is the analysis of individual attributes it gives us all the important information about the different attributes like value range about it the frequency of occurrence of the null values its data type its length etc.

Q. Please tell the data validation methods used by the data analyst?

Sample Answer - Here are the below methods which is taken into use while doing data validation,

  1. Data screening
  2. Data verification

Q. Kindly tell what are the criteria of a good data model?

Sample Answer – There are some good criteria of a data model as below-

  1. A good data model is consumed.
  2. It gives the predictable performance.
  3. If the model is very good then it can adapt all the changes very easily if we change anything in requirement.

Q. Please explain the n-gram?

Sample Answer - N-gram is a sequence for we can say that the continuous sequence of a number of items from a given sequence can be a text what can be a speech. It is a probabilities language the next item of the sequence is in the form of an (n-1).

Q. Please tell, about machine learning data science?

Sample Answer - Machine learning is a processor we can see that it is the collection for the set of rules to complete any of the tasks on the system. It is the very basic and primary council or we can say that it is a building mass of computer science this only helps us to well-designed, resourceful code it help us to design and to maintain all the data processing and all the preparation.

Q. What is an outline in the data analyst, please tell me about it?

 Sample Answer - The outliner is a cause that is very much different about all the rest of the data which we have in our content. This data can be low or very high depends upon that dissimilar from the other values. It can make the standard deviation seems Larger than it really is.

Q. Define time series and why we use it?

Sample Answer - Actually, in the terms of a data analyst, that time series is a set of or we can see it the collection of data which is collected on the basis of time is known as time series. In other words, we can say that on the basis of time the collected data is known as the time series.

We use the time series to see the behavior of the data as well as the performance it totally affects the company and it is the data analyst's responsibility to check ok the time series regularly on the basis of requirement.


From this article, we conclude that data analyst is very important for nowadays most of the person want to make their career in the data analyst it is a very advanced field every company needs a data analyst to extract the data we have also covers. Here is the mentioned important questions which is asked by every recruiter at the time of interview of data analyst We have covered here the difference between data scientist, data science and the data analysis all the big data analyst interview questions as well as the big data analyst question which is asked by a recruiter at the time of the interview.


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