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Top 20 BPO Interview Questions and Answers

Top 20 BPO Interview Questions and Answers

Today's era is of information technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Nowadays we are also looking into our life how the BPO sector is growing day by day in the market. We all have lots of opportunities for career growth with the help of the BPO sector only. With working these industries you people can improve your skills and keep yourself very much productive in any kind of work environment, the one most important thing we could deal with various people with different skills and learn new various think from them.

If you people looking for a career in the BPO sector then it is a very good career for you, it would give you work opportunities in the technical, non-technical, back office, various calling customer support services department. Even you people can apply from these anyone profiles for your career and aspirants can join various sectors of BPO and you could also earn a very good salary monthly.

There are benefits for you where you people can be a part of MNCs BPO industries, learn their work culture, etc. As the company culture, you people could improve themselves incorporate and professional skills and learn many languages, client handling skills as well, and which will be a good successful career goal for you.

Getting a job in the BPO industry is not that easy because for that you should have good communication. There are jobs in technical BPO and Non-technical BPO also. There are two types of BPO sector which are Domestic BPO and International BPO. There are many types of BPO from which most of the people are not aware of. For the domestic BPO sometimes there is no need for fluent communication English skills but if you are looking to do a job career in international BPO then you should strong communication in English with fluency and good ascent as well. For domestic BPO they provide day shift but for international BPO there is a compulsory night shift. There are many MNCs who work as BPO like Wipro, HCL and this article will also help for Convergys interview questions.

BPO Interview Questions and Answers

According to you what is the BPO sector?

Sample Answer - As per my knowledge, the BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. One company outsources the process of business of another company and works for that company as a third party. There are two processes in BPOs like domestic BPO and international BPO. There are many types of BPO also.

For the answer to this question, you may refer to any interview of BPO or MNCs like Wipro BPO question and answer PDF which is available in free.

Why did you choose BPO as your career for you?

Before going for an interview first you should search for an industry or company where you are going for an interview. 

You may answer on - the BPO is the fastest-growing field. It has lots of opportunities for a career. This field also gives you an opportunity to grow and develop your personality and communication skills. The current market survey also tells the fast growth of this industry. Which will help me to grow personally?

What is your understanding of the inbound and outbound process?

Sample Answer - The main difference between the inbound and outbound process is that in the inbound process where customers call you to ask the queries and you have to solve the query on call only. You do not need to call them. In the outbound process, you have to call the customer and ask them for service/query/request/complaint if any.

Can you work night shifts?

The night shift is mostly for international BPOs as the clients. This is applying because you have to work for a different time zone. If you want to work in BPO especially for international BPO then you should be comfortable for night shift or rotational shift.

Sample Answer - Yes, I am willing to work in the night shift or rotational shift because I have to do my career in the BPO industry only.

What are the different types of BPO, please tell those?

There are so many people who don’t know what different types of BPO are. Many people have the misconception that BPO means only calling or call center. They don’t know many types of BPO; they only know call centers and back offices.

Sample Answer - These are types of BPO. But the outsourcing process has many types that help for personal as well as professional growth. Administrative Department, Purchase Department, Selling Department, Back Office, Call Centre these are five types of BPO.

What do you think why do companies outsource the business?

These questions ask you to know what you know about BPO or how BPO business works. While you are going for an interview you should research companies or how BPO works. 

Sample Answer - I would like to tell you the outsourcing the business is companies outsource because it is very cost-saving and easy to get an output very easily with the help of outsourcing.

Why do you think are you capable of doing this job?

Answer to this question shows your mindset towards the company or job profile. When interviewers ask this question then you could tell them I have experience in BPO and I have good communication skills and I am interested in this field because I like to connect with new people and talk with them.

Do you have all the computer skills?

The employer asks you this question because the data or customer tracker you have to maintain daily for that they require the person with at least basic computer knowledge.

Sample Answer - I have basic computer knowledge like MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint, etc. I can maintain the tracker on excel. Also, I know the advanced feature of MS office.

How much salary are you expecting?                                          

The answer to this question shows you are interested in salary or profile and work. If you are fresher then you should answer them like; salary is not my concern. I wanted to work for my growth. But as per company norms, you can provide me with a salary.

Why did you want to leave your latest job?

Sample Answer - You can tell them the answer to this question like, the current company in which I am working is a very small scale company and I started my career in that company to learn all the things. I learn all the small things for the last 1.5 years. I have all the knowledge regarding this profile now I will use that knowledge for my personal as well as professional growth. That is the reason I want to change my job.

According to you what are your strengths and weaknesses, please tell me?

The answer to this question you can find yourself because no one knows you better than you. You have to find your strengths and weaknesses.
You may answer - I have strong communication, computer, and analytics skills and I have all the knowledge of advanced features of excel office. And my communication skills always help me talk without fear in front of anyone and not listing properly is my weaknesses but now I am trying to listen first then conclude.

Would you be comfortable handling customers on the phone, how?

Sample Answer - If you are applying as fresher then this question surely comes to you. Sample Answer - There is not any challenging work for me to handle customers over the call, and I can handle it very well and also I will try not to disappoint anyone customer from my side. It improves my communication and it also helps to remove my fear to talk with new people.  

Where you would like to see yourself after three years in the BPO sector?

Sample Answer - The best answer to this question is I want to see myself at a higher position like a team leader position where I would handle many team members in my team or I can handle a team so I would guide them for the growth of team member and I want to achieve my career goal.

Is there any difference between BPO and Call Center and what it is?

The answer you can also refer to the Call center BPO question and answers for fresher.

Sample Answer - It is yes, the BPO and call center have differences like BPOs is the fastest growing sector which includes outsourcing of front office and back office. Whereas call centers are part outsourcing which includes front office where there is direct contact between the company and customers. The BPO is included technical as well as non-technical vertical services.

What is the difference between the Web-chat process and the Voice process, please specify it?

Sample Answer - As the BPO has two types of processes like the Web-chat process and the Voice process. In the voice process, as the name recommended, Communication between the center of BPO or customer is done over the call or phone to solve the queries whereas in the web-chat process communication done between the center of BPO or customer by the web-chat like email or online mode types and other tools.

How the BPO industry and other corporate industries differ from each other?

Sample Answer - As I told you BPO is the fastest-growing field that provides a lot of growth for the career of youth but it required lots of flexibility in people. BPO provides night shift and rotational shift also according to the client’s time. But BPO provides growth and helps to improve communication or helps to interact with new people.

 Are you willing to work in the rotational shifts and as well night shifts?

Sample Answer - I usually prefer night shift work only, because I am too comfortable, flexible in any kind of work shift and I am willing to work in any shift.

What do you know about this company, please tell me?

The answer to this question shows what do you know about the company and what you have research about the company? You can tell them the sample answer like, this is the company that has US clients and which works in the night shift according to the client’s time zone. This company’s other branches are in India as well. This company has 600 employees who are working in this location.

 We are not providing a cab facility so are you willing to relocate to a nearby location?

The employer is looking for flexible candidates who are willing to work at any location and at any time. Your logout or login time may be at night then you should be prepared for that. 

Sample Answer - Yes, I am willing to relocate nearby company area and I am very much flexible in relocation as well.

What are the different inbound and outbound call center services which you know?

Sample Answer – As there are many inbound and outbound call center services like; Customer Service/Support, Inbound Sales, Help Desk Services/Technical Support Service, and Order Booking/Order Processing these are inbound call center services. Lead Generation, Customer Retention, Customer Survey and Appointment Scheduling these are outbound call center services.


This article will help you to know what BPO is and what the types of BPO are if you are fresher. If you are looking in MNC’s like HCL this will also help you with HCL BPO interview question and answer for fresher. 20 basic questions could be asked by the interviewer this will help you with the interview preparation. You will get an idea of how to crack the interview with BPO. Which questions could ask by the interviewer and how you have to communicate or present yourself at the time of the interview? This article you can use as a reference to get a job in BPO. There are so many international BPO interview questions and answer PDF which will help you to crack the interview. If you refer to this article there are many chances to get selected.


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