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Top 30 Civil Engineering Interview Questions Answers

In today's era when you see your near environment, you see the different types of structures and this all is done with the help of the civil engineering department which deals with the structures building long storage building and the designing construction with including the maintenance. Civil engineering is a cool department that having a big scope and many of you just want to make their career in civil engineering because it is a platform where you can show your creativity towards the construction channel.
Most of the big companies hire the candidate for construction work and examining them. And when you go for the civil interview at that time the interviewer always asks you a set of questions and before going for such a position first you should to aware of basic questions.

Here we are describing the best civil engineering top 30 questions that are asked by an interviewer at the time of taking the interview. So the question is following as,

Please tell me about civil engineering?

Sample Answer - According to my, civil engineering is a kind of department in which we deal with the design construction and the organization as well as maintenance. It is a professional decision in which we focus on the construction of different-different departments like airport bridge dam’s buildings and all the structural mechanisms. Civil engineer tries to make a good structure at a very economic price.

Kindly tell, what kind of different departments of civil engineering?

Sample Answer - If we see there are various departments of civil as below,

  • Construction Engineering department
  • Coastal Engineering department
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering department
  • Urban or Municipal Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Material Science And Engineering
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

Tell about the software used in civil engineering?

Sample Answer – There are the AutoCAD and 3DS Max are most popular and it widely used software in a civil engineering department and it is very much accommodating for us to make the 2D and 3D designs and to envision the real structure. And there more one type which is is the types of software are used to calculate load and it makes calculation easy for us.
Most of the work nowadays done with the help of software this software makes us visualize from a different perspective as well as to see the project in a realistic way before going to construction. Nowadays, all the constructions are done after the analysis of the project in the software.

Kindly tell how you could calculate the unit weight of concrete?

Sample Answer - We have its standard formula which will help us as below, For example, if the weight of concrete is approximately 150 pounds per cubic foot. Its formula would be as like way- Weight of concrete = Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) x Thickness (in inches) /12 x 150 = weight (in pounds).

Please the formula for calculating the unit weight of steel, what it is?

Sample Answer - Here we can calculate the unit weight of steel by using a formula,
as the -> W= D^2/162.2 (kg/m) - (However, in this the' is the diameter of the steel bar)

Kindly tell us, what are the difference between concrete and the motor?

Sample Answer – The cement - Basically it is a required element or we can say that the necessary material is used in both of the mechanisms for making concrete as well as the water. The cement is the creation of limestone silica shell silica polish Aluminium iron and other ingredients.

In concrete - it is a mixture of sand cement sand aggregate proper ratio with water. It is a structure material component used for establishment concrete slab etc.

In the Motor - it is also building material collected of cement and the well sand with water. Motor work as a glue in between the bricks is used to make a strong bond between two bricks.

Kindly tell me about the workability of concrete?

Sample Answer - In the workability of the concrete is the quantity of work that is given by the concrete after the full compaction. It is the property of the fresh actual which is simply defined.

Kindly tell me about the slump test?

Sample Answer - As the slump test is the kind of test that is used to check the consistency of the fresh concrete.

Please tell the meaning of the m20 grade of concrete, what it is?

Sample Answer - Here the m20 means here and is stands for mix and the 20 stands for 20 Newton per mm square.

Kindly tell the density of steel?

Sample Answer - There is the 7850 kg per meter cube is the density of the steel.

Kindly tell what is the minimum diameter of steel in the column?

Sample Answer - There are the 12mm is the minimum diameter of steel in the column.

Kindly tell the initial setting time of the cement?

Sample Answer - There is the standard initial setting time of the cement is half an hour.

Kindly tell what is the minimum number of bars used in a circular column?

Sample Answer - There is a normal six number of bars used in a circular column.

What is the absorption of water in first-class brick, kindly tell?

Sample Answer - As there is the absorption of water for first-class brick is 20%.

What are the number of bricks are required in 1 cubic meter of the cube?

Sample Answer - As there are five hundred numbers of bricks are required in the one cubic meter of the cube.

Kindly tell what is the Shear force?

Sample Answer - Shear forces and type of force in the beam which is acting upright to its longitudinal direction or we could see the longitudinal axis.

Please tell, what is a mean of bending moment?

Sample Answer – In the bending moment at any point is equivalent to the area under the shear force diagram up to that point.

Please confirm what is the size of a standard BRICK?

Sample Answer - As the updated knowledge the standard size of the brick is like 9cm into 9cm into 19cm.

Kindly tell what is the beam?

Sample Answer - A beam is the very important element or the horizontal element of structure is known as a beam and the beam always keeps loads of axis.

What is the mean of the column?

Sample Answer - It is the vertical element of the structure is known as the column.

In how many days the concrete achieves its full strength according to the IS code, please tell?

Sample Answer - According to the IS code Four hundred and fifty-six within a twenty-eight days concrete can achieve their full strength

What is the minimum grade of concrete used for the RCC work, please tell?

Sample Answer - As there are the minimum grades of concrete used in RCC work is M20

Please tell, what is the minimum number of the bar used in a rectangular column?

Sample Answer - As there is four number of the bar used in a rectangular column.

Please tell what is the full form of JCB?

Sample Answer - It is the name Joseph Cyril Bamford is the full form of JCB.

Please tell me the test which is to be conducted to determine the bearing capacity of the soil?

Sample Answer - There are the plate load test is conducted to determine the bearing capacity of the soil.

Kindly tell me about types of load?

Sample Answer - Here are the types of load following as,

Dead load - It is the permanent components of building like beam column slab I having their self-weight it is known as dead load hear all the equipment or you can say that the goods like ok furniture chair table Excel are kept on the floor is considered as a dead load.

Live load - In this the all moving structure like a person is moving on the floor which is not stable at a place is known as live load

Wind load - In this the load which is caused by the speed of the wind and it affects the tallest building

Snow load - It is the kind of load that is caused by the snow itself it is having some weight which damages the roof of the building.

Please tell the types of the beam?

Sample Answer - Here are the following types of beams which are mentioned below –

  • Simply supported
  • Fixed beam
  • Overhanging beam
  • Continuous
  • Cantilever beam

Please tell the final setting time of cement?

Sample Answer - As per standard, the final setting time of cement is ten hours only.

How to check the strength of the brick site, please tell?

Sample Answer - As the field test of the cement on the side is following as, Water absorption - In this process, majorly comparison arises between a dip the bricks in water and the average weight of the dried brick and accordingly the average dip of brick water should not twenty percentages of dried brick.

Brick during the visualization - Brick should not uniform it should be the uniform shape and should not be a break from the corner and the ages should be sharp and rectangular in shape.

Brick size dimension and Soundness - You could check the dimensions with the help of tape it should not be more or less than by the defined dimension and about stuck to bricks with each other then this should not be a break and the clearing sound should be produced.

How to do the field test cement on the site, please tell about it?

Sample Answer - The field test of the cement on the side is following, First of all, take a pinch of cement from the cement bag and put on water and it should be float on the plane of water went the strengthen is of good superiority. You should dip your hand in the cement bag and the temperature in the cement bag should be cooled. When we make a feast of cement then it should not be compact with each other and should not create a lump in between them. When we compress the cement within a pinch then it should be very much soft.

What kind of precautions should a civil engineer take on-site, please tell?

Sample Answer - A safety is more important for the civil engineer or any kind of worker on-site, First, you should always Hard core Helmet, you need to wear a safety site glasses and keep your hearing protection, etc


We all know that civil engineering is one of the important and core departments in the engineering field. Many of the engineer students are the person whom you have their own creativity and they want to make their career in this and by the help of this article we have tried to cover all the important questions which are asked by a recruiter to a candidate at the time of interview. I have tried to cover the important questions related to the buildings like important questions on concrete as well as in bricks I have also covered here the important questions of the concrete. This article will help you a lot to face the different types of motion and let you understand that what is the important section in which you have to focus at the time of the interview question answer and this will very helpful to you at the time of the site.


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