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Top 5 highest paying jobs of the 21st century in India

Every individual desire a job with a lucrative pay package. A high paying job not solely provides money stability and sensible fashion however conjointly earns respect from peers and society... This article is focussed on listing the prime five highest paying jobs in India and quick steering to qualifications and certifications needed to pursue these jobs.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs of the 21st Century in India

1. Business Analytics Professionals

Analytics Jobs like data scientist is tagged as the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century. It is the very best paying job in the Asian nation as of 2016.

While the breakthrough in Big Data such as Hadoop combined with cloud computing and data visualization made significant progress in the technology front, more important are the people with the right business analytics skills to place these technologies insensible use. The demand for such skill-set individuals conjointly referred to as a data scientist is in serious shortage.

The demand for Business Analytics professionals is projected to increase exponentially across the globe. India as a number one IT service hub with the largest IT skilled base has the potential to become a global hub for business analytics services. To pursue a career in Business Analytics, in-depth coaching in analytics ideas, relevant tools are needed. This article gives you steering to pursue a career in Analytics.

  • Job Level Salary (in INR per annum)
  • Industry Average 13,66,332
  • Entry Level 6 – 8 lakhs
  • Mid Career 14 – 18 lakhs
  • Senior Professional 24 + lakhs

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2. Management Professionals

Management Professionals are important in managing organization resources, the method to deliver business price to the purchasers. The role levels vary widely from trainee management consultant to CEO of the organization.

The entry-level roles are difficult as a junior skilled obtaining work is done isn't a simple task. As you claim up in the ladder of management roles, your skills get horned and you learn to control the business environment to get the work done. The salary increments as you move to the next levels are the highest in the management career path.

  • Job Level Salary (in INR per annum)
  • Industry Average 7,84,364
  • Entry Level 4 – 7 lakhs
  • Mid Career 12 – 17 lakhs
  • Senior Professional 35 + lakhs

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3. Investment Banking 

A career in investment banking involves increasing equity and debt capital for companies, and it is an inviting option for freshers or experienced professionals. Investment bankers start their career as an analyst once you get some expertise with higher education you'll be able to become an Associate.

Some will enter as associates if they have related experience in other organizations. Competition for these positions can be absolutely strong and this profession becomes a great option for young professionals seeking to earn more in addition to experience.

  • Job Level Salary (in INR. Lakhs per annum)
  • Industry Average 7,16,174
  • Entry Level 6 – 8 lakhs
  • Mid Career 10 – 16 lakhs
  • Senior Professional 20+ lakhs

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4. Marketing Professionals

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any organization. As an entry-level promoting skilled, you'll be doing discouraging tasks of routine promoting activities with low regular payment levels. As you learn the art of promoting through mastering the tools, techniques, and channels of promoting you'll command a remunerative package. 

Marketing demands creative professionals to do explore unconventional marketing ideas and techniques to increase the return on investment of marketing efforts. As we have a tendency to see the trend, a senior govt, who gained in-depth data of promoting, maybe a consequent chief operating officer of the corporate.

  • Job Level Salary (in INR. Lakhs per annum)
  • Industry Average 6,31,156
  • Entry Level 2 – 5 lakhs
  • Mid Career 9 – 12 lakhs
  • Senior Professional 25+ lakhs

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5. Software Engineers

Software jobs pay levels don't seem to be terribly exciting because it was a decade past. Particularly in the Asian country, a hub for IT resources, the pay hikes past four to five years weren't therefore satisfying. Big Indian IT firms are conspicuously into all software development skills as code development services, code maintenance and support domains of code trade, wherever the pay levels are significantly low when put next to code research and product development. 

Past few years, prime Indian firms are fast moving towards development and professionals engaged in such assignments are drawing considerably high salaries.

  • Job Level Salary (in INR. Lakhs per annum)
  • Industry Average 6,27,187
  • Entry Level 2.5 -7 lakhs
  • Mid Career 10 – 14 lakhs
  • Senior Professional 15.5 + lakhs


*The information for this study springs from so. in and at the side of analysis reports from Gartner and Gallup.

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