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Top Likes and Dislikes About Your Job

Top Likes and Dislikes About Your Job

It's a very important question that asks by the employer during a job interview. How to answer this kind of question is a tough task for some of the candidates or they think like this. With the help of this topic here, we will tell you some tips and do the discussion on how you should work on it. Also, we will help you to explain, how you should be very tactful while answering such a question. This question mostly asked by hiring managers to check how effective the candidate is and correct for the organization or not. Also, the interviewer wants to check your approach towards likes and dislikes.

What did you like and dislike about your job? Sample answer

Here we are going to discuss some questions about likes and dislikes about your job so that it will help you to answer it in the actual interview. You have to always prepare for such type of questions. You have to avoid the negative thoughts in your answer. In firstly discuss what do you like most about your job answers,

  • When the recruiter asked about likes about your previous jobs – then first you need to connect your think with your new job role that you are looking for the respective company. So that they can check as there are no negative thoughts you have about your previous company.  It is very simple when you need a new job and that job requires working in a team, that time you have to tell the hiring manager how you were good at teamwork in your previous company, with the help of any short example you can show your skills in between them.
  • I liked the team members of my previous organization and everyone was supportive of me, and we all worked together as a team, especially. I always try to learn new things with the help of my team members.

Here we are going to discuss how will be your dislikes about your job interview sample answer when interviewers ask this type of question at that time you have to be aware while giving answers to this question.

  • You need to ensure should not give any negative points answer while answer dislikes about your job? And somewhere you can give example for the sample answer as you were working with a large organization, and where you were doing co-ordination with different-different departments, hence it was not possible somewhere to get connected with other people, so this kind of situation not show any negative point and will not concern your career on your new job.
  • For an sample answer, you can say that where you worked with your previous company it was small industry and there was less opportunity to prove your skills in work and you were looking for new things and want to learn more technologies and no more scope was there hence you have decided to quit your work from that company and look for another opportunity work.
  • I have worked with long years companies till and but I didn't find further scope and stability over there. But in general, all the things were good.

What do you like about your previous job? Interview question

As this question could be asked as similar below-mentioned way as well,

  • Tell me about your previous company work what did you not work in that company role.
  • What you didn't like in your past job?
  • What was the dislike in your last job?
  • What was your like in your last job?

It is very quite a tricky question that would be asked by an employer while taking an interview in a different way with the same intention. You keep attention over here whatever will be the problem regarding the previous job you have to be very positive in your answers.

The best answer you can say about the environment of the previous job, professional attitude and the environment which was you have made there. You keep note there the company really thinks about future growth and professional progress and that's the reason they have concern answer what you like and dislike most about your job your answers.

How to answer - What do you dislike about your job?

When an employer asks about dislike about your previous job, you have to be very careful while telling the answer about such types of questions; it could affect your career that you looking at that particular company. Always first you should tell your answer in a positive way.

Kindly note the answer to this can be prepared from yourself only if you know the very well your previous company's work culture and daily routine. Like as a sample - You may tell the company has the same work cycle all day, so there is no scope to show the latent. 

Things to avoid while answering about - job likes and dislikes

Whenever you have to answer about job likes and dislikes that we have already discussed, we have to be very careful while answering about your likes and dislikes. It could make a positive or negative impact on employers.

  • Need to take care, do not say negative things about your previous organization.
  • You may tell about how well your previous job with honesty. Instead of telling negative things. Because the employers only want to know, this candidate will fit for this job or not.
  • You may show your likes and dislikes in a resume can show positive things or it could be negative words but you have to make a good and positive impact on your career so you can always write your likes and dislikes in a very optimistic way.
  • You need to keep attention, do not tell the employer a dislike which is the same in the organization with your interview.

conclusion, here we have done a discussion to understand likes and dislikes while giving an interview and also discuss how to give a negative answer in a positive way. We have mentioned some tips in this article about what to say or not in the interview about your previous job. It will help you to give an interview and if you are a fresher you can make practice for the interview and you can handle such tricky questions during the interview.

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