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Top Questions for Flight Attendant Interview

Top Questions for Flight Attendant Interview

In this world, everyone is running towards their career goal, and every people have their own unique goal and someone wants to make his career for a flight attendant position. Let us see which kind of interview questions will ask by the interviewer for the position of flight attendants and what things they should take care of giving their answers so that they can be successful in their career.

Here are the topmost questions asked in the interview for flight attendant Interviews.

  1. Please tell me about yourself?

Firstly in every job interview, the question asked by the interviewer is that first tell me about you and it is the very basic question asked through every employer.

  1. Kindly confirm how many languages do you speak on the intermediate level?

If you want to make your future in the flight attendant then it is not compulsory that all the persons you meet at the flight know the English or Hindi so it is the important and the basic question which is asked by every interviewer at the time of interview that how many languages you know at the time of intermediate level and for being a good flight attendant it is very good factor that you know many languages at your level.

  1. Have you ever flown in aircraft and where how you feel in the cabin crew?

Many interviewers ask about your experience in the aircraft because they are actually want to know passion to work in the aircraft. Because the interview you are attending which is related to the flight attendant.

  1. How do you believe that you can be a good flight attendant?

Here you can tell communication skill management skills tell about the languages which you know and you can communicate with the different region types of people on the flight.

  1. Please tell me about the duties of the flight attendant on short and long-distance?

You can tell here, the first thing is very important customer satisfaction as the main duty of the flight attendant, second communication skills should be good and you can tell you always understand duties about this position and responsibilities. You always respect the customer.

  1. Where do you prefer to work in a team or alone?

Here, actually interviewers want to know whether you a team player or not so you can give an answer like - you prefer to work with the team due to if you want to work with the team then it will be easy for you to manage all the things. It makes work easy.

  1. What you will do in an emergency situation?

Everyone has to prepare this answer because it related to safety - You can say that all the emergency instructions you will give to the passenger which you have learned at the time of training and you will also so apply for all the necessary help at the time of emergency accordingly you will react for the same.

  1. How do you feel comfortable in a new environment?

You should aware this answer because every time when you will work with the different culture of passenger, or you can give an answer like - I have chosen a career in the flight attendant job because you will get chance to meet the new people and learn different -different types of things with them.

  1. Why did you decide the flight attendant as a career option?

For this answer is depend on you or you can tell - you love to travel a lot and meet the different peoples to share the different experiences and take different experiences.

  1. What you will do when the passenger did not follow the instructions landing and takeoff?

Your answer should be like - at the time of the landing and takeoff when the passenger does not follow the instruction then and I will request her that if you don't follow the instruction then we will take strict action against you.

Different types of flight attendant interview questions

There are different types of question asked by different airlines they are:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • How could you handle the customer?
  • Kindly tell me the responsibility of a flight attendant.
  • What will you do, If you have a problem with your co-worker then?
  • What do you know about the flight attendant? Please tell me about your knowledge.
  • Kindly tell about the experience if you have any in this field?
  • Please tell, is there any disadvantage of being a flight attendant.
  • It is your personal decision to choose this field. Why?
  • As for how much long time you would work with me?
  • Do you scared about this position?
  • How could you handle, if you are facing the same problem?
  • Kindly tell me about your strengths and weakness.
  • What do you like about this job?
  • Kindly elaborate on the responsibility of the flight attendant?
  • What do you know about the experience of customer service?
  • At how much time you will be a part of the flight attendant.

Follow these tips for flight attendant interview

We should know about Industry - you should know before you are going to attend an interview, first of all, check about the company and take out some details because every interview asks why you joined our company.

Always keep your social account very professional - Most of the employer goes through your social references if you have kept any details on Resume. So, you should not keep anything that is not good for them.

Practice talking about yourself - When you are going for an interview please prepare for the questions for the desired position.

Always read the sample interview questions of airlines - when you go for the interview you have to read all the sample interview questions. It will help if you read all the questions before attending the interview because it will help you to face types of questions

Be very presenting your professional appearance - when you are going for the interview then you should wear light color clothes and you should take the entire compulsory document which is required for the interview.

Maintain body language - You should always try to make eye contact while giving the answers you should not see here and there some of the candidates see upward and some of the candidates the other side while giving the answer it gives a negative impact while giving the interview. So, you need to take care of this.

Situational questions for flight attendant interview

  • What do you do in the situation when the passenger was arguing and disturbing the travelers?
  • What do you do when the passenger in the flight claimed that they were sick and told you for emergency landing?
  • What is the major mistake you have ever done when dealing with the people?
  • Tell the time when you have pressure in the work.
  • What is the biggest mistake you consider how to deal with other people?
  • Suppose your colleague is sick and there is an urgent job and you have to take their shift, and they were asked to you that you work on my behalf then what would you do.
  • How would you find the correct people sit at the emergency exits?
  • How would you ensure the maximal possible customer satisfaction in your daily job?


If you want to make your career in flight attendant then you should well perform at the time of interview and you should show all the best to them as you can work for the flight attendant position. Here we have tried to mention the interview questions answers which will help you a lot to crack the flight attendant interview.


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