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Top Tips For maintaining body language during interview process

Top Tips for Maintaining Body Language During Interview Process

Today in the Internet-savvy world where the company and the other websites do try to show the reality of various companies in the forms of reviews and rating so as to inform the various reader about the work culture, environment, perks, salaries and other details to the people through the blogs or their content as the same is necessary as in this blogs we would like to inform you about the process during the interview as how the candidates should maintain the positive body language during the interview process so as to ensure that there are able to crack the interview through the below mentioned steps since in competitive world body language or posture is definitely one of the most noticeable features which any hiring managers or the company do look out for during their hiring process for the potential employer.                                    
Since there are many details mentioned on the internet regarding the same but we have designed these blogs specifically to cater to the requirements of our readers so that they are able to maximize the benefits of reading the below-mentioned details of the blogs which would certainly help them during their job search process. Since many candidates in this era are still not clear when they get rejected in an interview since irrespective of the industry It, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Bpo, Hospitality or any other domain in spite of clearing the technical and hr round of interview most candidates tells that they got rejected in the interview during their managers round of interview but in many cases, it is found quite common that the employer ensures to keep the body language of the candidates in mind during their hiring process since it basically tells about the attitude of the candidates which might be in a positive note or a negative note.
Below are the points which any candidates should keep in mind regarding the body language which is again being judged by the respective employer during their job search hunt.

1] Body language
2] Body posture in body language, during an interview
3] Body poses in body language
4] Facial expressions in body language
5] Gestures in body language
6] Handshakes in body language
7] Breathing in body language
8] Body motion in body language, during an interview
9] Other physical movements in body language
10] The importance of body language in job interviews
11] Types of Body Languages
12] Positive body language
13] Negative Body Language
14] Understanding interviewer’s body language and how to read it
15] Paying attention to extreme behavior
16] Judging on the basis of differences
17] Connecting the gestures
18] It is about their own body language too

So in the above-mentioned points, we have mentioned the points which any candidate should keep in mind during their hiring process so that it helps them to crack the interview in their job hunt process.

Body language

This Point is certainly considered to be the epitome of multiple examples since any candidates or the interviewer often misunderstand these questions but it symbolizes good gestures or eye movements for some people whereas for others it is solely related to facial expressions as the main part of the body language judgment. This kind of incomplete information during the interview can cost you a job which can make you flustered and very much nervous (during interviews) which is definitely considered as the most hazardous and in order to avoid this sort of mess in mentality, it is very important nowadays for the candidates to know everything about the body language.

Body language is a type of judgment in which the interviewer judges the non-verbal communication of the candidates in which physical behavior and as typically opposed to words, is mostly used in order to express or surpass the required information to the hiring managers. Physical behavior often typically includes gestures, eye movements, body postures, facial expressions and certain other parameters which mostly the hr or the hiring managers judge.

Body poses in body language 

If we talk about poses in body languages, then we give the poses to photographers for a good photo or when we click our (selfish) or any other kind of poses all the time. Our body poses are more serious than they look in a face to face interview. An interviewer can be defined as an assumption of a particular attitude or stance. However, poses should be alike that especially impressing others and proving ourselves capable of that.

Have you check or noticed yourself in the way you stand or how you put the position of your hand in a certain position while talking to someone senior/authority/Interviewer. As the reason behind it and you subconsciously want to prove your worth to that person and body postures are about our limbs and their positioning while the body poses includes whole body stance.

Facial expressions in body language

 In a body language, this is the one best and important common way to identify, analyze someone's intentions. There are many ways to show facial expressions to the interviewer at the time interview we use to get our message across. Or in our daily life routine, we are expressing our facial expressions such as anger, fear, fatigue, joy, confusion, etc are the examples. The facial expression makes or play a very important role or impress your image in front of our interviewer at the first impression. We should have to take care of the fact of this expression in our life as well.

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Gestures in body language

Yes, it's a gesture role is produces language or it can be defined non-verbal communication through your body actions which you want to express through your mouth or to speak or either replace it. I mean to say gestures include the movement of body, hand or face and they are quite common in all our activities. For example, when we go for an interview at that time then we want to say something to the interviewer that time we use gestures, we move our head from right to left and vice versa.

Also, sometimes we express our feelings fully, properly through gesture, speechless (us shaking head to agree or disagree!)

Handshakes in body language

While we see how our routine life activities have a lot of hidden signs for a particular kind of body language. Like, Handshakes are the major factor and it indicates the complete way type of person to the interviewer when they do the first time handshaking each other to judge the candidate or right person. Or an interviewer does shake hands with a group discussion or in panelists. It is the best welcoming or introductory ritual.

However, tell you the Handshakes are not the identical gesture as it differs from person to person. As every person has their courtesy to do handshakes in their professional. If we talk as a self-confident person will always give you a firm grasp of their hand while doing handshakes while a nervous person will not grasp your hand firmly.

Breathing in body language

Deep breathing is always advised by doctors or Yoga experts, Not only does it regulate our blood flow and it helps us in taking important decisions subjectively or to avoid the disturbances and keep our mind calm and help to concentrate, focus on the interview in front of interviewer. Also, we control our breathing by including the usage of diaphragm and abdomen regions and that is helpful in the interview.

Body motion in body language, during an interview

Body motion and the movement of the whole/parts of the body, movements like abduction, adduction, extension, flexion, rotation, and circumstances are included in this category.

How we move our specific body parts in front of the interviewer, their directions and the repetition of the same can tell a lot about our body gestures.

Other physical movements in body language

Mostly, excluding all discussed given movements there might be some other body languages.

Such as, candidates always keep their hand on mouth,

1.Finger tapping or drumming,

2. Placing Fingertips together,

3. Open palms, facing upward,

4. Stroking the chin or beard,

5.Ear Pulling,

6.Catapult posture,

7. Excessively touch or rub their noses,

8. They rub their head or neck by hand,

9.Chewing something into the mouth in front of interviewer between their conversations,

10. Candidate touches their hair, wipes the sweat does shows some expression wrinkle on the forehead

11.Shows our self uncomfortable in an interview

12.Gives an expression of hiding something important while interview

13.Unable to make Eye contact interviewer

14. These are activity generally showed insecure and self-conscious for the people.

15. Keeps handkerchief in hand,

16. Biting of nails,

17.Hand on the cheek,

They are the major factors that combine to form our body language; we should be dealt with care for the same.

1. Why is the body language so important in job interviews?

Most of us think in our lives, to have a fine job with a good company, with a good salary package, with good designation and also another additional facility, etc.

2. But they don't know how we can pass the first steps?

As this is too important role play. Your resume speaks out a lot your qualifications, talent true but the utmost your personality is too important.

Let's come with your body gesture.

Recruiters are so smart, well-trained on their working panels that play an important lot of attention, dedication to our body gestures and postures.

For example, Mr. /Ms. ‘X’ has good academic scored % in which is great! A confident smile can assure the interviewer that Mr. /Ms. X is attentive and interested.

Hence, scoring great marks is always appreciable, but in order to guarantee a job further, you need a good personality and a good body gesture, language.

A candidate should have to think about his body language and an important factor in maintaining body language during the interview process.
As the below-mentioned Fact might not is the exact number but it telling us the fact of body language matter and most.


A study from the 1960’s states that 55% of communication which lands up an individual a great job is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken.

We are hope, after this detailed explanation in blogs of your body language and its ways of manifestation, you all would have understood the concept. The age-old saying of “First impressions matter’ is not some idle talk, but a clause which seems to be holding the ultimate truth of job interviews, meetings, and presentations.”

Kindly Attention, the Interviewer is looking for you when you go to the interview!

Let’s talk about on same activity and alert!

1. The moment you arrive in the reception area, you need to keep your posture perfect.

2. When you entering the reception door, always be aware of your body position and avoid angling yourself towards the door, it will look like you’re in a hurry and planning a quick escape.

3. When you ask a question or any other conversation, kindly sit upkeep your posture forwards a little, it gives a sense of curiosity and engagement.

4.As you don't want to sit there tightly clenching but due to nervous your body language posture indicates such attitude. For that, you should be confident and avoid nervously.

5. Keep both feet planted firmly on the floor to avoid the temptation, fidget and improve your confidence level.

6. All your personal gestures should be open and expressive.

7. Keep your shoulders relaxed and facing the interviewer.

8. Keep your expression interested, your posture confident and your head high.

9. Show you are actually paying attention and engaging with the situation with eye contact.

10. More tips and tricks on body language while interviewing,

11. Be comfortable in your space.

12. Minimize movement that distracts.

13. Be inclusive in your actions.

14. Keep Eye contact with the interviewer.

15. Pace yourself too much the other person.

16. Keep an open space before your upper torso.

About Body Language,

We all are aware of our human body speaks through the conscious and unconscious movements, postures, gestures and facial expressions, eye movements, and touch. Body language can tell a lot how a person feels and a body posture can demonstrate a lack of confidence or boredom. Every physical movement of body parts seen as separate words and could be translated other by human beings with communication.

Please check out some important maintaining body language tips and tricks during the interview.

Types of Body Languages

Body language can very well be called a subject in itself, as psychologists and scientists have found numerous ways to figure this puzzle out!

According to this, there are two types of body languages, namely:

A. Positive body language

This kind of body gesture which is appealing, receptive and easy to confront is called positive body language.

It places us in a condition where we are comfortable and likable.

Mentioned are some of the ways in which positive body language can be employed.

1] By keeping the body posture straight and relaxed

2] By taking up the right amount of space

3] By breathing slowly and steadily

4] By taking notes

5] By performing an appropriate handshake

6] By smiling (and not grinning)

7] Good Sitting Posture

8] Equality Handshake

9] Negative Body Language

This kind of body gesture which consciously or unconsciously expresses negative feelings through the movements of a body is called a negative body language.

Negative body gestures and postures are the biggest enemies of any interview candidate since it can cause the interviewers to believe that the candidate is arrogant, nervous, unlikeable and grim.

There are various signs which indicate negative body language such:

  1. Avoiding Eye contact
  2. Staring intensely and eagerness
  3. Crossed arms, separateness, discomfort, or defensiveness
  4. Nervousness, excitement, or mania
  5. Frowning sadness, sympathy, discontent, or anger
  6. Looking at the watch, phone or any other object around you for a long time
  7. Poor posture, slouching, bending and crossing your arms
  8. Sweating, touching your face and hair and making unnecessary movements
  9. Understanding interviewer’s body language and how to read it
  10. We have touched upon the importance of body gestures for you as an interviewee.
  11. Now, we would be coming back to how to read the interviewer’s or expert’s body language,

B. Paying attention to extreme behavior

Interviewers while a judge on a general basis, most of them are cautious enough to understand that every gesture does not imply the same thing for every person. Pay attention to their expression and note when they react to your responses. Interviewers are leaning back with hands clasped behind the head that time they want you to convince them or they are not much confidence in you somewhere or they are looking more confident level, conversation on the same. Interviewers are too clever and they are completely insight with their requirement for judging correct people in the interview.

C. Judging on the basis of differences

There is a strong chance that the posture of a person changes in the course of the interview and they are trained to judge you on the basis of these differences that occur in your personality. Interviewers always pay attention and hire high-quality candidates with good communication and notify, check the applicant's body gestures and healthy candidates for the open positions.

D. Connecting the gestures

Crossing arms doesn't always mean that the candidate is arrogant; it might mean that he’s feeling cold. So, don’t worry too much about it. The interviewer looks for strong and always consistent with your eye contact, somehow they leaning forward while candidate talked with them, or a good sign if they are smiling, generally upbeat.

It is about your own body language too

As we all know, listening constitutes a significant part of our daily communication but body language is plays their role. They are aware of the fact that they are not special humans and they can make mistakes too. They aim to give you a good experience because their company’s reputation comes at stake too.

I hope all with this information, sure to have given you a complete resource of body language and its importance in interviews. If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below! If you have some doubts about this topic, let us know in the comments section below and keep following this space!

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