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Video Interview Tips

We all know that an interview is the main step in order to get any job. Generally, interviews are taken in different ways by a hiring manager like telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and Skype interviews or you can say it Video interview.

So in this article, we are going to talk about Video Interview tips.

How do you introduce yourself in video interview?

I know that you have an idea about self-introduction. It is the main overview and the first part of every interview. Introducing yourself confidently is the main key to get selected for the next round of an interview. Therefore here I am going to tell you tips for how to introduce yourself in a video interview.

You just go through the below points:

  • As I already told you, introducing yourself with confidence is the best key. Hiring executives judge you by the way how you speak, what you speak, expressions on your face at the time speaking means how you introduce yourself. So always keep in mind, the time of introducing yourself is professional and speaks clearly.
  • Second thing which I want to tell you is that our conversation has also had a great impact on our interview. Before you introduce yourself First thing is a greeting. Give your interviewer greetings, it will show respect for them. And then introduce yourself.
  • Another most important thing at the time of speaking is maintaining professionalism. At the time of giving a self-introduction, begin with a smile & give details about you.
  • Don't forget to speak about your educational particulars and about your project in brief.

You may follow the below sequence for your introduction as well.

  • Your Full Name
  • Living place
  • About Education or Academic
  • About family Introduction (if required)
  • Profile details
  • Explain the project
  • Work responsibilities
  • About your goal or Aim
  • Good Skills
  • About Hobbies

What questions are asked in a video interview?

What questions are asked in a video interview that comes to everyone’s mind?

Don't worry here I will give you a solution for it. And we will also give you a list of the questions.

Below are video interview questions which are asked by the interviewer generally:


  • Tell me about yourself? or Please introduce yourself.
  • Please tell, why you want to join this company.
  • Kindly tell us about our company, and which service we are providing in the current marketplace.
  • What is your long term goal, and what you want to achieve in the future.
  • Please tell your soft skills.
  • Kindly explain your work responsibilities in your previous organization.
  • Please explain your educational project work responsibilities.
  • Another question is, why do you want to switch your current job?
  • Kindly tell, what do you like about this Job?


How to do a good video interview?

I have an idea that people generally ask each other or they search on the internet for how to do a good video interview? And if you ask me the same question then I will say, doing a good video interview is not a big deal, it’s not impossible also if you follow the following tips.

Let’s go for it:

  • A time schedule is a must. A day before the video interview, verify the date and time so that you can answer or pick up when the video call comes in. It helps you to get ready and prepared for the scheduled interview.
  • Make sure you know the video call application to be used during your interview. Such as Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, and Outmatch, etc.
  • You should prepare yourself for at least 10-15 minutes. Try to avoid technical issues.
  • Be ready with your formal dress code, so that you feel comfortable during your video call.
  • Make use of headphones. Avoid the noise-related place for your video call and keep professional background.
  • Take breakfast before going for an interview. Before attending the interview keep your mind clear and cool; don’t confuse while answering.
  • Try to be comfortable because it is important to look confident. Do practice. You can practice with the help of a recorded video interview.
  • You first listen to the interviewer and Pay attention cautiously. Don’t speak until the interviewer finishes their question.
  • Keep attention, If you are unable to listen to the question, ask the interviewer again. And before answering the question take some time to think.

What employers look for in a video interview?

I know that you all are thinking, what employers look for in a video interview? What do they actually see? So you not worry!

Here I am going to see what employers look for in a video interview. If you are an interviewer and looking for how to conduct a video interview, the following tips will definitely help you. Below are some which will help you to crack the video interview:

  • Make use of professional software or apps for video interviews. Nowadays there is various software available for video interviews.
  • Similar to your dressing sense and body language, confidence in your way of speaking and your speaking tone is also important. So wear a professional dress and try to be professional at the time of speaking. 
  • Find a balanced shot of your head and upper body and Show a clear image of your face. 
  • Try to make eye contact. To make perfect eye contact in a video interview, directly look into a video camera connected to a computer or application.
  • Do not make any physical movement and maintain body gestures during the video interview, which would help to give you confidence.
  • During the video call you to maintain vigilance on your toning.


In the conclusion of this article, I would like to say, today's era is relate to technologies, and everyone does not have enough time, so many organizations are putting a lot of emphasis on video call interviews. With the help of such type of interview, they are getting very good results.

This article will help for doing a good video interview. If you want more information, then you can take references for video interview examples you will get more ideas about it.






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