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What is your dream job Best answers and tips

What Is Your Dream Job  Best Answers and Tips

There is a lot of difference between ‘your job’ and ‘your dream job’. A job is a part-time or full-time work that the individual performs to earn money. A dream job is also a part-time or full-time paid employment in which the individual does work in the field of interest. In simple words, you can say that “dream job” is the job in the field of your interest, where you love working. Finding “your dream job” is important for our career and future.
Many people do not have any idea about their dream job or you can about their career. Peoples are thinking like, “how I find my dream job…?” at the time of finding your dream job, keep following things in mind….
First think about your previous designation, your roles and responsibilities, and your experience.
Do cross-question to yourself, like exactly what you want from your job?

What are your expectations for your job?

  • Ask yourself whether the job profile in the company will make you happy or not.
  • Then investigate which jobs will give you the same feeling or experience.
  • Think about the advantages and disadvantages of that job in your career.
  • Then figure out your commercial and personal needs.
  • Then think about the characteristics, which you are good at. and also about your hobbies.
  • Then do a search about that job and what are the positions open in that field. Go through the requirement for that position.
  • Then check out their educational criteria.
  • Search out the companies and locations where you can apply.
  • The most important thing is your resume. Make sure that you have added your experience,
  • previous projects, your skills in your resume.

The main thing is you should have a focus on your career. Focusing will help you to achieve your dream job and what you want in your career. You should have the confidence to uphold your provisions. It will assist you to get a good initial opportunity.

Why the interviewer asks - What is your dream job?

When you go for the interview in any company, interviewer or manager in that company who is taking the interview, many times they ask the candidate like, “what is your, The reason behind asking about such questions is, they just want to know that, what are goals in your life about your career or job, whether you will be comfortable or not in the job, what things inspire you. The interviewer wants to know about your ambitions for your future. There should be a difference between your long-term goals and your short-term goals. Several times candidate answers like, my dream job is… becoming a manager, becoming CEO of any company, becoming a team leader, etc…; and the dream job of every individual is different. 
The answer to this question varies according to the company and the post for which you have applied.

You can answer this question by following ways:

At the beginning of answering this question just give prevalent information or details about a job. Tell the interviewer features or qualities about your dream job. Avoid using certain job titles. While answering make sure that there should be some connection between the characteristics which you want in a dream job and the qualities of the job for which you are interviewing. You should go through the companies’ website and read the job description for which you have applied. It will help to answer this question. Try to show the interviewer that you have read about them and describe why you want that job. It will help you to impress the interviewer. Tell them about your strengths and skills to achieve your dream job.

Explain how your goals are connected with companies’ goal

Every company has their own goals or objectives to meet the expectations, their needs, to improve performance. There is a powerful connection between companies’ economic performance and their goals. It helps the staff of the company to know what they should do, how they can do or achieve it well and what is the need to do it. Sometimes manger asks the interviewer like “describe your dream job.”

At the time of answering “dream job interview question” in order to achieve or get your job and to impress your interviewer. It is important to tell them how there is a connection between your aims and the companies’ goals. So can tell them like.

  • How you have taken efforts to achieve your goals or targets in a previous company.
  • What knowledge do you have about you’re your role?
  • What you have done in your previous company. How was your performance?
  • Tell them about your projects, your leaderships, your skills.
  • Tell the interviewer about your experience in the previous role and previous company. You should show your interest in the profile.
  • Highlight skills that you’re good in and try to give a philosophical answer. 
  • You should also explain your moves that you will take to achieve your goal.
  • To impress your manager, you can say that like, working with your company is part of my goal.
  • Try to show your interviewer that working with that company will give you a good turn to attain your goals.


How your future goals are connected with this position

Your career goals are that, which will help you to move forward in this competitive world and which will help you to achieve the things that you want in your career. You must tell the interviewer about your future goals connected with your profession and company so that, it will be easy for them to find out that whether you will be comfortable or not with the post and company.

Having an idea about the post for which you are interviewing, companies’ culture, business projects, and partners will help you to tell how your future goals are connected with the position. You will get all the information on the companies’ websites or companies’ home page. It becomes easy to “get your dream job”. 

You can say this: 

Working with a multinational company having the fastest growing sector or industry. I want to become a good employee.

  • I want to improve my professional and technical skills for this job.
  • I want to gain knowledge, more experience in my career in my domain or industry. I want to lead the team or I want to become the best performer.
  • I want to become a knowledgeable or in skillful person in this domain or field.
  • What to avoid in an answer about your dream career?

To “find your dream job” is necessary in order to achieve something in your life. So explaining about your dream job, your career goals, your plans to achieve it properly is the foremost thing.

Must avoid the following things at the time of answering:

  • Avoid using any certain job title or subtitle.
  • Don’t shy. Do not try to restrict yourself with any professional things.
  • Avoid giving fake and false or obvious answers.
  • Avoid talking about your dreams and goals related to your personal life.
  • Do not go for the interview without doing any research about the company and your designation for which you applied.
  •  You should avoid showing your nervousness in front Of the manager.
  • Do not tell them like you have not read about the company and like you do not have any idea about your roles and responsibilities.
  • Avoid using those words whose meaning you don’t know.
  • Avoid talking negatively about your early companies, your staff, and your previous role and designation.
  • Do not say that I am perfect. It looks like dishonorable.
  • Do not show attitude.
  • Avoid explaining the things which do not any connection or relevance for the post for which you have applied and interviewing.
  • Avoid discussing the goals related to earnings and salary.
  • While telling about your goals or plans avoid discussing things in deep.

Examples of an answer - tell me about your dream job

Every one dream job is different according to their qualifications, their experience, their knowledge, their skills and their field of interest. There are so ways to answer the question “tell me about your dream job...”  By following ways you can answer the question:

You can say in an interview when a question is being asked that My dream job is to  Work with a top multinational company having a global presence with a good working environment and culture standardize environment. The company will value my skills & which will allow me to improve myself.”


“Becoming an assistant team leader is my dream job. I want to work with a group on a certain project so that I will get an idea like where I am, and I will get the experience of the new role.”

If someone is interviewing for the post in the research field, “My dream job is working with the top Science research center and becoming a great scientist. I want to do the research on ______ topic. I want to know more things about research and research papers.”

If you have applied for the post of teacher, then you can say that “My dream job is becoming a principle of my school. Motivate the students for their career and doing improvement in them.”

If you have completed your MBA in marketing, then you can say, “As I have done my MBA in marketing. I have knowledge and experience in marketing only, so becoming a marketing manager of a company is my dream job.”

Sometimes someone can say like, My dream job is becoming a successful businessman like _(name of any successful businessman) _. I want to earn more money and I won't buy my own car, own house ….etc.…;

If you ask about me, then ‘my dream job writing is’ like, “as I have experience in recruitment. Working with a big MNC having a good recruitment firm.”


First, single out completely what you want to do and what you have to gain from your career. The dream job is the field or domain where you can make your career bright. Having a surety and confidence about your career plan is the key to your brilliant future and success.

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