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What is Your Greatest Fear How to Answer

What is Your Greatest Fear - How to Answer?

INTERVIEW, it is the word by listening to which many of the intelligent and the weak student or we can say that the candidate who is going for a job is getting afraid. It is a big problem nowadays that it after listening the word interview most of the candidate just think that they will get failed in the interview and does not attend and this is also happening that sometimes most of the candidate attend the interview but they are not having confidence that they will get pass in the interview due to which they do not put the real effort in giving the answers. The fear of the interview is becoming the biggest problem between the student as well as in the youngster also they don't have confidence on themselves and their preparation sometimes some students and the interviewer are having good preparation but also due to the fear of the interview they don't go or if they go for the interview that doesn't select because of the lack of the confidence.

Biggest fear meaning

Fear the biggest fear of anyone in this world is the getting failed in their examination as well as in their life. In other words, we can say that whenever anyone in the world whether it is a student or interviewer is going to give the interview for any purpose whether it is practical for the students and the interview for the job then and they are having little much hesitation in themselves. This is because the candidate always thinks that their preparation is not completed and if some of the candidates have completed their profession then they always think that how they will perform in the interview because they are having lack confidence in themselves. Every fear candidate who is having fear of the interview is going to have a lack in their confidence and it doesn't succeed in the interview this might become their bad experience and if they are trying for the next interview then they will get more afraid in the name of interview.

What is your greatest fear - how to answer these HR questions?

Here we have mentioned some of the important questions which are asked by a recruiter at the time of the interview.

  • What is your greatest fear? 
  • What is your greatest fear why does it make you afraid?
  • What is your biggest regret and why?
  • Tell me one of your biggest fear?

If you have to answer these types of the question then and you have to answer the question in a negative way but in the positive sense.

You have to describe the answer in this way that your negative point will be the benefit for the employer.

Here we have mentioned the list what kind of skills exactly interviewer wants to know in candidate and what is the reason for the asking of this question,

Confidence - Confidence is the first and the important point which saw by every recruiter when he asks you these types of questions because he wants to see that how you deal with the certain type of question in which you have to tell negative about yourself only.

Communication skill - When you are to deal with the types of motion in which you have to tell about your fear it means your to tell about your negative habit but in a positive sense then recruiter wants to see your communication skills also that how much your vocabulary is strong and how fast you can reply.

Convincing power - Convincing power is the one of the most important factor which plays a very better route while giving the interview because most of the person having the good skills but not having the convincing power which will not be good for a candidate the recruiter always try to find that the candidate should convince the next person because it is the important factor which they are finding in their candidate.

Presence of mind - The presence of mind is a very important and a battle factor which plays a very important role by giving the answer or tell me your greatest fear ear the recruiter saw your presence of mind and your strategy that how you deal with the question because you have to tell about your negative point but in a positive way which will help you to crack the interview as well as it will help the company to grow.

Behavior - Every person's behavior differs each other, Behavior is the important factor which plays your work as a mirror while giving the interview cause when you give the answers whether it is a general question "Tell about your greatest fear", then that time employer is trying to find such activity in your how you will react.

Physical appearance - Sometimes the candidate try to give answer but their physical appearance is not that much fit and somewhere they are mentally absent this happened because at the time of interview they are thinking something else but they are present or we can say that physical presence at the place of interview but mentally they are thinking something else. If the employer is feel something in your answer then definitely you will not be processed for the further round.

What to avoid in this answer?

Here is the following list that should be avoided at the time of giving an interview or while facing the answer to the question what is your greatest fear,

Fumbles - It is one of the most important factors which is done by the lack of the confidence at the time of giving answer of any question which is asked by the recruiter because at the time of interview there are only two-person one as recruiter and one is you while giving answer most of the candidate does preparation but they fumble while answering, because of low confidence.

Excess repetition - This is one of the most important factors which creates a bad impact while giving the interview because if you repeat the same sentence or the same words, again and again, that will create a negative impact in the front of the recruiter.

You should avoid the repetition of words because if you repeat the same sentence and the same word, again and again, you only get to know that you are not getting selected for the interview it will waste both of the time of both the person.

Nervousness - If you have prepared for the interview and it has good communication skills convincing power as well as good will power but if you have anxiety this factor then it will create a bad impact in the front of the recruiter.

Some sample answers for greatest fear,

  • I am having good graduation but I am a little weak at communication skills so I am having the daring to talk in front of the public I can handle the team also.
  • I am very lazy so I complete all work as much as possible.


From this article, we conclude that how we can give answer what are the important strategies for giving the answer tell me about your biggest fear or us can say that tell me about your biggest regret why I year I have also covered all the points that what should be kept in the mind while giving the answer and what you should avoid while giving the answer of this question.

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