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What Keeps You Motivated Your best Answer

Remember one thing, your future depends on your skills and everyone on this earth is distinctive and they have their intention. And motivation skills are the key to success in everyone's life. Without having motivation, no one can achieve anything whether you are doing study, work, or preparing for the interview.

One of the best things we would tell you, the motivational skills no one will give you. It is yourself hidden power only you could just understand it, and you could observe it in your work as per your doing the past activity.

In the initial hiring process of the step, the interviewer always asks the distinct types of questions to the candidate and one of the remaining questions important questions - What keeps you motivated could ask you. In the interview, if you want to achieve your dreams goals then for that purpose you should be very motivated during the interview process.

The main reason behind asking such a question of the employer is, they want to understand why motivation is important for you. From the help of this answer, how you would help them to meet the organization's goals. And how you are more beneficial in their work, and what kind your responses will during work, understanding, thinking, how you can handle the things and how you are as a person, and your behavioral activity, etc.

Your motivated skills always show your strengths, what kind of behavior you have. If you people want to make an impression from your motivate answer towards the employer then always you should be very honest in your wordings and always you should try to give answers according to your job profile work. With the help of this article, we will discuss the major points and give you sample answer tips to respond to question.

How to Answer - What keeps you motivated

When a recruiter asks you about what is your motivation for applying for this job.

The main reason behind the interviewer asking such a question at the time of the interview is that they want to specify your career goal whether you are capable of the desired opening profile or not. So, always you should think before answering this question. For more descriptive answers you can visit the online company website, and do some research about the company.

Forgiving answer on such question is dependent on you, for which profile you are going to apply. We have made a few sample answers which would help you to get more Ideas accordingly. But first, you should know why this question gets asked and then answer the question in that way.

Sample Answer - I am a BE-IT Engineer student and having a strong knowledge to handle a technical issue in a very good manner and always accept any kind of challenging work and having an ability to resolve any kind of bug issue. I always feel very motivated when I handle the technical issue in a given deadline time duration. It is my motivation for applying for this job.

Sample Answer - I always like to work in a team, and I like to work to achieve set goals along with my team members. I always like to love doing cooperation and doing possess new things part of team members. I always feel very motivated teamwork performance and to drive my team members in a very smooth way.

Why Hiring Manager asks this question

The hiring managers ask questions about what is your motivation in life. And when you will answer this at that time they always monitor your answer in a very close manner and try to relate to your job application.

The hiring manager asks this question, to know whether you are enthusiastic and ready towards your work in daily activity or not and how you could complete your work within deadlines, how you could overcome various challenges, how you would add the new creative thoughts for their companies.

 What motivates you - Sample Answer

Here we are going to discuss some sample answers to what motivates your questions. Following are some answer which will help you in the interview- what motivates you to answer example,

 What are the things which motivate you to come to work every day?

Sample Answer - In this type of question, you can say that I always like to see and face the challenges to motivate yourself. My challenging work always helps to give build new skills during my work. In my work, I always like to do calling in my job, during a call conversation with the customer I find somewhere challenges work for me and that always gives me motivates and helps me to find new working, learning skills, and help to build confidence at my work.

What motivates you?

If you are from an educational environment like you are a professor at the university, college, school and if you get this question during the interview that what motivates you, that time you refer below sample answer.

Sample Answer - I always like to work as a professional professor and it helps me to give every encouragement to do my work very dedicatedly and knowledgeable, and this my career always helps to learn new things, help me to keep update as per the student's needs. When I help the student in their career snap and provide the best solution from my end that work keeps motivating me.

What not to Say when HR asks "What keeps you motivated?"

Most of us when they go for an interview at that time they lie and hence they forget their honest answer so, always do not use such practices. Always you should give your answer in a very honest way and try to make a good impression on them. The following are some points that not to say when the interviewer asks you - What keeps you motivated.

  • Never say, your salary packages are your motivation because it would create a bad impression towards the interviewer and they would feel you are not much interested in your work profile.
  • You should never try to lie in your in answer otherwise you would be in trouble during interview process steps.
  • You should take care and give an answer according to your applied job application and never change your answer if you are not much suitable for that particular profile.

Tips to Answer Motivation type question

Here are some tips which will help you to understand the motivation. Following are the tips to answer the motivation type question, what motivates you at work,

  • Always, tell the truth about whatever motivates you at work and so it would help you to give the opportunity in your career job.
  • You should never say that you don’t know mostly which things motivate you at the time of the interview; it could be a bad impression on the interviewer.
  • You should show enthusiasm and power in your answer; your voice should be very active, self-confidence should be there while answering this question.
  • Before going for an interview you should always do preparation in yourself and comprehend what keeps motivated you. You can question yourself to get thinking in your real-time or past time examples. And from that, you can easy to find a way to this question.
  • In your answer, you should always use powerful words and try to show the employer you have very creative ideas and they will hire you then you would help in their organization.
  • You should always keep prepare from yourself, might have the recruiter would ask you to question what motivates you to be a leader if you have applied for team leader job application. So your answer should be very strong, the sound should be very confident and try to tell them a good leader always motivates from the quality of their work and meeting target within the deadline.


All these tips will help you in the interview when the recruiter or hiring manager asks about your motivation. All the descriptive information would help you in the interview. Even if you have cracked all the interview process steps and if you are unable to answer what motivates you to succeed in life accurately then the employer would have some worry in your applied job profile.

There are some tips we have discussed in this article that would help you what to say avoid and what important things you need to take care of at the time of the interview. It will help you to find a simple way to tell your motivation.


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