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What makes you unique best sample answers for an interview

What Makes You Unique?
Best Sample Answers for an Interview

Word “Unique” itself indicates the meaning, which is being the only one of its kind or you can say unlike anything else. An interview is the basic and main part of every job to get it. Many times interviewer asks the candidates like, “tell us what makes you unique” or can you explain to me “what makes you unique”.It is normal to question many of the interviews. The reason behind asking such a question is, they just want to know about your personality and nature or you can say they want to know about your quality or spirit. They want to check out your talent to do something and your characteristics and what are your thoughts about the job that you are applied. Asking such questions is the way to figure out the difference in you as compared to the other candidate so that it will help the company do the progress. Many interviewers ask this question to discover innovative and productive candidates. 
Answering this question is a good opportunity to impress your manager and it shows that you have the imaginative talent to do something better which is very important in every type of job and in every company. Answering this question helps the candidates to identify creative skills. A candidate should thus make sure that he answers the question in an assured manner and positively.

Why an employer asks – What makes you unique?

Every day manager interviews the lots of candidates with a very high degree related and very much alike experience and eligibility, skills, qualities, so this question helps them to investigate or discover extending very far into how you tell the difference or differentiate yourself from all the remaining candidates. Many times manager asks this question to check out the innovative and productive candidates. Interviewer frequently and usually asks this question to figure out what are abilities and intelligence or traits that execute you a correct fit for the role or the position from the other candidates they may be giving the interview. Another reason behind asking this question is to find out what you value in yourself. The manager is searching for extraordinary and remarkable courage or soft skills which you may not have admitted in your resume but will help you do sufficiently well in the work.

What makes you unique – how to answer on this?

You may say that you have to tell something to the interviewer a powerful and energetic explanation so that they will hire you. You have to give an answer that catches their mind and concentration and seat or post to you a leader who will be the advantage the company no one like others. Having a different set of skills and techniques makes you unique while getting your dream job in your dream company. At the time of answering this question keep the following things in mind: 
You should remark your proficiency and your intelligence that is recorded in the job description.
Try to present or implement examples arising out of your experience and circumstances. Remark your previous achievements that you have done or completed successfully from your previous positions.

Try to create your answer fascinating and irresistible.

  • A candidate shall thus make assured and confident that he answers the question properly in a positive manner.
  • Try to introduce or add your leading and decisive identity and natural attributes that will acknowledge you to hand over the complementary outcomes in the time to come.
  • Tell them about all other experiences, soft skills, or knowledge and proficiency that you have the straightforward work experiences that can make you a good correspond for the position or company.
  • Try to establish and determine your perseverance and steadfastness which is more dominant and effective than only using that as a word that modifies the noun. You shall explain how you are stubborn and constant in your path of career and the conclusion of that.

Avoid these mistakes while answering what makes you unique.

Answering proper and correctly will help you to impress your interviewer and to get your job.
While answering “what makes you unique interview question” try to avoid the following things:

  • You shall try to avoid sharing in additional things. Try to talk about related competence and features; it will show your rectitude and expertise.
  • Do not be more-common and general. Describe the aspect that actually and absolutely makes you get upright. And also try to explain how that will execute you beneficial and invaluable.
  • Do not be confused and spread out. Preserve your answer concentrated, succinct and to the main point. [ What is your work style ]
  • Avoid being dishonest and make sure that your answer shall be truthful and authentic.
  • Try to avoid speaking away from the job. Be mindful and appreciative of giving an answer that is at variance with the companies’ position and job description.

Don’t get more suspended at the apex of the word ‘unique’.

  • Avoid talking about something that is inappropriate or beside the point or cause no advantage or price to the position that you have applied for.
  • Do not be negative. Answering this question is not a moment for you to communicate ridiculously on the other job applicants who have applied for the same position or in the same company.
  • Do not talk aimlessly on or do not waste time speaking about irrelevant things or characters that have no things to do with the job or the company that you have applied and interviewed for.

Avoid talking endlessly outside or apart.

All these tricks and misunderstanding and miscalculate raised may be avoided by pertaining to attention and speculation about the question in front of the interview and determining how you will answer it if it carries out to approach up.

Follow these tips for – what makes you unique?

  • The most outstanding area to begin along with the job description. Go over the proficiency, techniques, and experience required coming into possession and all-encompassing understanding of what is a requirement from a candidate.
  • We need to think about whether we can implement or bring to the role that the other candidates may not be a specific experience, or you may have useful supplementary skills that have not specified in the job description.
  • Summon into mind to consistently retain it relevant to the position that you are interviewing for., so your singular strength and talent shall be that you have brought to coordinate with the aspects needed for the role.
  • Review in reverse above your former experiences and recognize or analyze the opportunities that you persist especially outstanding and rewarding at a job in Previous Companies or were admired or exalted by your manager.
  • You are able to also recognize or examine good looking and pleasant identity and natural attributes and manners that colleagues or people have perceived and known in you. Assume around the direction and ideas so that these features and peculiarity could help you to shine and come through in the work.
  • Target to a greater extent on displaying that you are an exclusive and particularly appealing and fair candidate by satisfying them something entertaining and thought-provoking, and to the purpose and compatible, that cannot come up at different speck in the interview.
  • If possible anywhere, use a distinguishing and precise illustration from your previous work experience to demonstrate and emphasize how you have passed down your uncommon understanding and power to act advantageously and helpfully. These will help you to end up your answer, preparing it numerous trustworthy, respectable and decisive.
  • Try to familiarize yourself more with the job role and job description; that will help you to answer the question of what makes me unique.
  • Manipulate this favorable chance to go into detail on appropriate and significant aspects and features that make you a good fit for the role that you are interviewing. By creating a truthful and honorable, descriptive and enlightening answer, so that it will help the manager to identify and understand the valuable properties in you to take to their company.

What makes you unique – Sample answers examples.

Answering the question “what makes you unique” is a little bit complicated. Answering this question positively will help you to come over other candidates. Below are some illustrations of “What makes you unique sample answer”

  • You can say that the unique quality in me is “I am able to convince the people all at once around an ordinary purpose of an action.
  • The unique thing in me is “As I am an expert in stimulating and instigating the peoples all over me.
  • The unique thing in me is “I have good communication skills and talent. So I am a good conversationalist.”
  • I need to check which thing makes me unique like I stay and ensuring steady and keep quiet in high pressure and according to circumstances.
  • The unique talent in me is that “I am a merciful and responsive and thoughtful listener and it helps me to pertain and disclose to other people.”
  • The unique thing in me is “I love and like learning fresh and advanced stuff and I gather it up on new artistry comfortably and conveniently.”
  • The skill that shows my uniqueness in me is “I can observe and distinguish when an applicant or purchaser is happy or despondent and I can immediately conclude and regulate the plan of action and approach to the speech of formal gathering and their involvement and interest.” And it makes me feel unique.
  • My unique thing is “I do not get nervous and scared to endure deliberately planned exposure and uncertainty for the benefit of an undertaking work or the activity if required.”
  • The unique thing in me is“I am motivated to carry out and achieve pleasantly, and finish the undertaking assignment given to me, to be consequences of how problematic and challenging that can be.” this makes me unique.


If you have determined on the unique skill you desire to communicate near an amount and be in possession to reach or approach up with few extraordinary examples to show and manifest it inactivity and in movements, applying and conveying your answer so that it reflects talkative, authentic, positive and self-assured and satisfied. You shall try to give the “Best answer to what makes you unique.”

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