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Why Do you Want to Work in HR Example Answers

Why Do you Want to Work in HR - Example Answers

Human Resource is the department that is responsible for recruitment, selection,  planning, training, compensation promotion and development and involves various specialists work in organizations. The HR should have knowledge about the person is perfect for which position this is the important work of HR. If you know how to place a person in a perfect position then it will help a lot to an organization and organization will run properly. So, the HR position is the case sensitive for every company.

Below are the few things mentioned that are the need for HR or key skills for HR that are,

  • Being on time
  • Communication skill
  • Effort
  • Body language
  • Energy
  • Attitude
  • Passion
  • Being sportive
  • Doing extra
  • Being prepared
    If that person implements the all mentioned skills then the person will be a good HR profile.

What is human resource management?

The meaning of Human resource management is the process of manage employees in a company and work for recruiting, selection, etc. The HR department is responsible for the all hiring process and for all recruitment.

 It is the combination of three words that are Human, Resource and Management. HR always tries to manage all the power of employees for the development of a company. Then that company will develop in a positive way. So, HRM is a very important department for an organization.

Benefits of working in HR

There are so many benefits to working in HR.

  • Every day is full of challenges so that you can learn many things.
  • The salary growth will be increased after some time. Your organizational skills will be implemented here.
  • HR is the medium through which all training is provided, because of training you can learn how to teach anyone.
  • HR always tries to in a low budget how to do more work; from here you can learn in the low budget how to do more things.
  • They are always tried to improve employee skills and employee performance.
  • Because of HR an individual works in the right place.
  • HR always tries to improve an employee’s turn over.
  • From the above points, you can learn all organizational skills.

HR always to leads as a person who is responsible for improves an organization or down the organization. It is a responsible job.

Sample answers for- why do you want to work in hr.

If you are hired for HR to any individual there are many questions will be arises. Here I am discussing how to answer all the questions what the interviewer will be asked. This answer should be logical. If you answering about any question two things always remember. These are

  • Always speak confidently.
  • The answer is always logical.

If you implement these two things then the interviewer can understand your mindset and your personality. Then your hiring chances will be higher.

In an interview one fundamental thing you all are should be remember, the interviewer always tries to know about your personality, your skills, your attitude and how much you are interested in your work or towards the organization. In a person, you can know judge about 1 percent any and another 99 percent all depends upon your interview. We have discussed the answer to an asked a similar question in different ways.

Why do you want to work in an HR interview answer?

My point of view is that HR position is a very important or very sensitive profile/ department in an organization. This career should help me a lot to improve myself. I have the skills that are helping an organization. Because of this, I want to work as an HR.

Why do you want to join the HR department?

To be honest, this HR department is a platform where every day different challenges come. Because of that every day you should give your 100%. I have those potentials that help a lot in this department to do my best.  So, I want to work as an HR department.

Why do you want to work in HR?

I want to work in HR because the Hr profile is the case sensitive profile. I think I have all the potential and all the skills to work as an HR. And this is the best platform for myself to gives support or builds my career as a workaholic person. I am always excited to face every challenge. Hence, I want to work as an HR. Thank you.

Why did you choose HR designation as your career answer?

If you tell about the HR position, HR is leading to every career objective. HR, always higher and select candidate for all department employees. So, from my point of view, HR is the best career objective to explore. So, I am select as an HR position as my career perspective. 

Why work in hr question

The meaning of this question is why you want to work as an HR- The answer should sound good to the interviewer. Hr is a dynamic position; HR has to change its policies, activities regarding the organization's needs. It is not very monotones and this platform is a more interesting, more challenging job for everyone.  HR is cooperative networking.

Why I love working in hr

HR protocol is different and varies from company to company. HR always does statistic management. They always try to maintain benefits for the company. They actually give growth to any company. Because of that I love working in the HR department or I love to work as an HR.

What interests you about the field of hr and being a human resource assistant.

There is much reason to choose HR position that is,

  • Every day will be a different workday.
  • You can explore yourself in many different areas.
  • Every day will be challenging for you.
  • HR is the real thing because of them the company growth will be improved every day.


HR position is a very important position for an organization. All growth of a company depends upon the HR. They are responsible for all recruitment process, all work done by human resources. So, always try to do your best in every interview and always update yourself regarding society. If you choose Humane Resource Management as a career objective then it is a good option for you. You can discover new things about yourself. HR profile is so much curious profile for everyone. Once, you are comfortable with the job there will positive sign for you to enjoy your work. If you want to develop your company or organization you should develop your HR.

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Anna Collins
Aug 17, 2022 at 07:34AM

I manage an advertising company, and we're currently on the lookout for a new HR executive to recruit since one of our board members resigned recently. It's good that you mentioned how HR is in charge of recruiting and hiring employees for the company to help with the development of the organization positively. I'll keep this in mind when I get in touch with an HR executive search firm soon.

May 26, 2022 at 01:58PM

The pandemic elevated the role of HR to a status of great demand and importance. What's in it for them in 2022? Here's how the changing role of HR will witness great differences.

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