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Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship Your Best Answer

Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship? - Your Best Answer

In any college, school when we are in the final year course, then that time we always do the internship because the internship is the mandate for every one student. And you people can't get a final degree in your stream until you will not complete your internship. Most of the education staff always advise and ask to do an internship from a good company and place to get the knowledge in the duration of the internship program, because they like to see their all student with some practical knowledge, live working culture. A more important thing we would like to tell you, by doing an internship we could get practical knowledge after reading the theory in the college. With the help of an internship we can get a good environment and the working process we get to know that after the completion of graduation how we have to work on how we have to keep ourselves with the company work culture.

As a fresher, the student faces many of the challenges while searching for the internship and facing the questions asked by the recruiter while hiring for the internship. So let's discuss the important facts and the questions which are faced by a fresher student while going for the interview and what should we keep in mind and how to give the best answer from the side to get hired for an internship while going for the internship in any company.

  • What is an internship?
  • Why you have applied to our company for an internship?
  • Why should you be hired for this internship, please tell me?
  • Why do you want to do an internship in this department?

These types of questions are asked by an interviewer at the time of the interview but you have to give the answer to the single question that why should we hire you for the internship because all companies or organizations ask questions about why we would hire you for the internship. So let's see some of the examples which will help you to answer these questions at the time of interview for the internship or we can say that here we have mentioned the example of why should we hire you for the internship

Sample Answer - Currently, I am pursuing the final year of civil engineering and the duration of my course is around 4 years I have all the theoretical knowledge which I studied in college and I want in structures so I want to analyze my theoretical portion to become a real structure. I want to face all the practical challenges in the field.

Sample Answer - I am very much thankful to be here and I got this opportunity to answer this question as I am a very strong, skilled student in my college and want to experience the practical appearance of the theoretical knowledge I am here to work with your company as an intern program that's why I have applied for the internship.

Sample Answer - During my school time, I was very much attracted to graphic design and I want to be a graphic designer that's why I have joined the graphics design School. I also have good skills in software graphics design tools and it is very easy for me to familiar with the software. I want to work in a company as an intern because I want to convey and learn more in this graphic designing field.

Sample Answer - While pursuing the commerce graduation course I started to focus on the data and after that, I just got interested in data the section and now I want to see the real experience of the data entry work. That's the reason I have applied for the data entry internship. Also, I want to learn new data analytic skills from my internship program.

Sample Answer - I was much passionate about the machines from school time only and I want to know about the mechanism of the machine that's why I have applied on your manufacturing company for internship job and pursuing my last year course from college and now I want to learn about the manufacturing part of the company and I ready to use my real skills course basic concept and it will help me to work at the time of the job.

Sample Answer - As I am a fresher student, it is a chance for me to answer the question that why should we hire you for the internship as I am fresher’s want to learn and use more and more in a field I am a very quick learner skills and my thinking power is very much strong so I have applied your company for an internship because of I want to learn something advance in the company itself which will be beneficial for me in the future.

Sample Answer - I am having a good plan, and tendency to work and I always give my level best in my work in which I get involved I use good skills in studies having good mass and before this internship I have done some freelancing work which would help me a lot to explore my knowledge and this internship will help me to express more and learn something new in my field.

Sample Answer - From my childhood only I love to capture the images and want to make my current in photography as an intern I want to learn the basic skills and the important concepts from you. I am looking for a good platform that will help me in the future to express myself in different-different places to explore new things.

Sample Answer - By the way, it's a very good question and I think I am ok and I am right student, and also I deserve this internship profile because I have a good analysis research about my course degree about my knowledge and I have gone through your company also and my knowledge will help your company and your company experience will make me e good at my department which will help me a lot in my future and my knowledge will help your company to create a new thing.

Sample Answer - After going through the different-different types of website on the internet and having good knowledge in web designing basic concept I have got interested in the web development and due to my interest, I have come to your company to do an internship in web development because your company is the best web development company which will help me to improve my creativity and you can take my knowledge which I have with me. It will help me a lot in my career if I got a chance to work in any module of a project of your company.

Sample Answer - Nowadays the data science is very much important and it is having a very high scope, good career opportunity and in my last year of this course and according to the suggestions from my seniors and due to submission of the project in my college, I came for an internship in your company because the company is best and here I can experience the different type of environment which will help me to work in the office and I want to see the real work of the data the science that how you extract data from the unexpected data it will become a different experiences and make me learn a lot about data science.

Sample Answer - I am a fresher and I am interested in online digital marketing. I love to read and write so I want to make my career in digital marketing because here we have to be very creative and create new content that will help us and others to understand anything. If you would give me the opportunity as an internship it then I will definitely increase the productivity of the company and it will help me also to face the different-different types of challenges in digital marketing.

Sample Answer - As I being a fresher I want to learn practical knowledge work and looking for a good opportunity in a good industry I am a good learner, punctual about the time. With the help of my good memory skills, I am very much good at accountings I want to make my career in account section I love to play with the numbers and want to work as an intern in your company and want to gain experience in the accounts section.


From this article, we have come into the conclusion that internship is very much important at the time of graduation because it provides us the different experience and gives the working environment as well as help to know about the practical work we have to do in the company or the firm. We have mentioned some of the internship examples which will be very much helpful for fresher. Also, we have covered here some of the important departments in which they have to definitely do the internship and they are searching at how to give the answers at the time of internship questions. The basic departments where we face the question like why should we hire you as an intern in graphic designing, intern in web development intern in data science, etc are the on-trend and this departments types of very much good and they need an internship to see the practical appearance of the work.

The internship will help you in college also to get good marks if you perform well in the internship then you will able to write a good answer in an examination of your final year, and very much helpful for you and for your examination also.


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